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The whole concept of using the life equation with good intentions, but ultimately realizing that it's Darkseid-esque is a concept that I thought was executed better in Simonson's run on Orion.

Overall, I'm not sure how I feel about this event. Whilst I thought that the first two issues were explosive, and, in general, the main GL title and the Sinestro book were of a high standard, the other books weren't quite up to par.

Ever since his creation, I have been waiting patiently for Simon Baz to do something to win me over...and I'm done waiting now. He had no principal role in this event.

I also thought that the New Gods seemed a bit...dumb compared to how previous writers have handled them - particularly Highfather and Orion.

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A couple more for those that haven't visited the link yet:

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I've often thought that Michael C Hall would be a great choice:

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Owen Wilson certainly fits the part, though that may be a casting call that's about 5-10 years too late.

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March's theme of variant covers will be based on movies.

Personally, I adore the Flash variant based on North by Northwest.

Check out loads of variants here: LINK

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Unlike many of the other leaguers, Hal was chosen to become a hero. He acted against the natural order (Sinestro and the Guardians) when he knew what they were doing was not right. Also unlike the other leaguers, Hal had to come back from having his reputation tarnished following the whole Parallax debacle.

He's now leading the GLC, not because he feels he's the rightful leader, but because he knows that he has to.

He's put enemies aside to fight for the greater good.

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I'm surprised this thread hasn't been flagged after 4 years of discussing murder.

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Booch is taking over? AWESOME!

I dropped this book during the first couple of issues of the third year...characterizations of certain heroes/villains bothered me a lot, and at times it has felt like Taylor was veering into the realm of fan-fic

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Personally, my favourite show based on a comic book right now. Though I like Arrow and The Flash, it's way too CW with all the love triangles that they have going on.

Gotham and AoS aren't really my thing either.

Constantine has been quite faithful to the source material and has a solid cast (with the brilliant Matt Ryan).

Of course there are some things that need to be ironed out, but it is very rare that shows are flawless from their first season.