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Why are Starfire and Blackfire using guns instead of starbolts?

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Does anyone know where the idea for the name "Omega Men" originated? I mean, does the name have any special significance or meaning behind it for the characters? I know Omega is the last letter in the Greek alphabet, though since the Omega Men are all space aliens from the Vega System I dunno if its original earthly meaning has any significance.

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@BecauseISaidSo said:

So if there was no Oracle then she was always Batgirl and nobody else took the mantle. Also they're saying that the Killing Joke did happen but Babs was like "meh" for 3 years in her wheelchair...not even to help stop crime??? Now that I look back if there was no Oracle then there was no Birds of Prey with Huntress and Black Canary. That really sucks because I loved how she helped Stephanie Brown become the new Batgirl and for Wendy getting her life back on track. I'm all for new ideas but this...this is just taking 2 steps back. I also hated the fact that they're going with she got her outfit instead of creating it, that's like buying a costume instead of feeling the pride of making your own outfit. Other than that it's a shame that there is no development to her character persona.

I agree wholeheartedly. Personally, I always liked Cassandra better than Stephanie, BUT, having Babs return to the Batgirl persona & erasing both of her successors from DC history is a serious step backwards. Babs hasn't been Batgirl for YEARS and she still continued to be popular BECAUSE of her skills as a superhero info broker as well as the Birds of Prey leader. Her becoming mentor to the next gen Batgirls also made perfect sense & increased her street cred. I realize finding an excuse to keep her chair bound in a world full of super science & sorcery was difficult, but they could have thought of something, PLUS, she was a role model for disabled people in real life, taking names and kicking ass WITHOUT her legs. Oracle was awesome, her place in the DC universe was important & unique, she did not need to be Batgirl again to be cool...Not to mention, she's a grown woman last I checked unless they de-aged her to teenager status, bit old to call herself Batgirl again, & there's already a Batwoman on the block.

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@darthfury78 said:

The problem with the constant reboots is that it looses its meaning. I never know why DC chose to do it in the first place. Crisis on Infinite Earths was something that should not have happened either. And look where that led to: A very big mess that took almost 25 years to sort itself out until they decided to come out with DC's new 52. Now Marvel wants to do the same as well just to get more kids to by their confusing garbage. At least Image Comics has stayed the course. But I wished that Jim Lee never sold Wildstorm to DC Comics as I miss the old Gen 13 and Wildcats. He should have left it alone as an independent company.

The wildstorm & Vertigo characters don't seem to mesh well with DC in my opinion as well. Especially "Helspont" and his "Daemonites," I mean, actual demons exist in DC, so aliens with hellish themed names kinda seems silly and unnecessary. What species would call itself Daemonite?

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If Emma was possessed by the Phoenix, then why would she be arrested? If she was possessed she can't be held accountable for what the Phoenix did in her body (otherwise jean grey would have been serving life for all the damage she did as Dark Phoenix, right?).

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@IllyanaRasputin said:

I honestly don't think it's that big of a deal. I know harsh for me to say. But the PF had been slowly corrupting all of them - Emma was manipulating Namor at the time, and like she said "Our smallest ideas are ticking bombs, all primed to go off." She wasn't in total control of what was going on -- and like she said in issues before she needed help because she knew she wasn't able to control the PF and Cyke just walked away.

I'm not happy with what happened - I love Cyke and Emma together, but I honestly think it will just blow over and the two will get over it and stick together like they've stuck together this last decade.

I hope so, if she was possessed by the Phoenix Force at the time then she wasn't in her right state of mind. If Scott was able to forgive Jean for all the drama and destruction she caused as the Dark Phoenix, he should be able to forgive Emma for having an affair while possessed by the phoenix as well.

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Ugh. I like Emma and Scott together, so I hope whatever the hell is going on they find a way to work it out (they balanced eachother out well). Plus, I like Emma as an X-men rather than just another villain.

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@divingfalcon713 said:

Preboot I would say Grayson. It's unfortunate that that became a focal point of how she was written. I think it's refreshing to see a take on her that's not all kinds of mopey every five seconds because he's not with her. She's her own strong independent lady, her life doesn't have to revolve around him. She may be with Roy in the New52, but I don't think there's enough evidence to really tell if he's her true love.

I could live with her moving on to someone else, but I don't like the new, cold Starfire (the one who honestly considered leaving her home-world at the mercy of an alien invasion out of spite towards her NOT evil sister...A DC universe with a benevolent Blackfire and a petty Starfire...Sigh...).

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@wessaari: Hopefully if they meet again Grayson will pry her away from Todd and Harper XD (guess it depends on how exactly the two of them broke up...Dick can be quite an ass depending on who's writing him lol).

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I've always been a fan of the Kori/Grayson pairing, they're honestly better together than apart (I dunno why DC is so afraid of these two being together when so many fans support the pairing). Kori is great as her own character of course (the original version before the New 52 messed her up), but she and Grayson just make a fun couple that compliment each other well, definitely a more interesting pairing than Grayson hooking up with Babs or some other member of the Batman family (plus, Kori pretty much saves Dick from ending up lonely and miserable in his old age like Bruce is going to be XD, she saves him from the Batman family curse lol). However, if Kori DID find a new true love...I really hope it wouldn't be Roy Harper, especially not New 52 Roy Harper >_<