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I think its been largely overlooked & forgotten because Tamaranians being descended from cats is one of the sillier aspects of her original origin, they downplayed it greatly even before the reboot came along. Starfire looks nothing like something that evolved from cats & there is already a sentient feline species in the Vega System, the Karnans like Felicia & Tigorr. Basically, I think its something they came up with to make her seem more alien but decided to disregard it once they realized how silly or nonsensical it was, Starfire & her people, despite being clearly alien, are too humanoid looking to be descended from cats.

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I'd prefer he just wear a hood.

I'd be cool with that, though then he'd be more worthy of the name "Redhood" than Todd XD

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Red Volcano left a pretty big impression on me in the sadly short lived Young Justice TV series, a truly intimidating & formidable foe for the heroes of the show. Personally, I think Red Volcano would make a fun arch nemesis for Cyborg of the Teen Titans/Justice League, being a powerful robot mastermind with a disdain for humans, he'd find Victor Stone to be an abomination in his eyes, a "meat bag" augmented with cybernetics. I also realize he's traditionally an enemy of Red Tornado however, so I'd like to ask you guys....Would Red Volcano make a better arch foe for Cyborg or should he remain Red Tornado's nemesis instead?

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While I consider the Justice League War film from a while back to be one of the worst DC animated movies yet, if not THE worst >_<, it did introduce the idea of Cyborg's creation being tied to nanotechnology....Which is both interesting yet at the same time troublesome, to me at least.

Now yes, to be fair, the idea of Cy's mech body being born from experimental nanotech would explain why Stone style cyborgs are not more common in the DC universe, i.e. he's one of a kind and the procedure done to save his life was VERY risky, & it also explains how he could survive the extensive surgery required to save his life if it involved a more exotic treatment than merely attaching mechanical parts to his ravaged body. However, nanotech is often used as an excuse for crazy stuff like self-repair/regeneration, assimilating other technology borg style, & so on and so forth...basically, stuff that would make Cyborg a bit too OP, especially against other tech users. Plus, part of Vic's struggle & part of what makes him interesting is how he has to repair & maintain his own tech to keep on living & better his odds against the baddies, as he once said in the TV series, "its a natural part of being unnatural."

So I'm of the opinion that nanotech works fine as the means by which Cy survived his accident and became Cyborg, but that the nanites used to create his biomechnical body should go inert afterwards to prevent him from being too OP, or at least they have limits to what they can do, like internal repairwork for minor damage like a Beast Wars transformer character, as opposed to the more radical stuff like absorbing lab equipment or other people's weapons etc. Granted, his old origin with no nanotech involvement still works too >;3

What do you guys think?

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@oompers said:

It's just another case of someone being written wildly out of character in order to make Jason look good. It's been happening to Kory, Roy, Tim, Bruce, Babs, etc. It's like bad fanfic-level writing. The most positive character growth he ever had on another character was when he died.

I know what ya mean, I HATE how Kory went from being a respected hero to a vigilante working alongside Jason Todd, someone who in the past was never a friend of hers...Plus, Star's had way more exposure outside of comics than Todd, same for Roy Harper, so why does Jason get top billing? I used to think Jason could work as an anti-hero, but lately I think Linkara from Atop the 4th Wall is right about Todd working best as an enemy for Batman & other heroes to overcome instead, an example of why they cannot cross the line & kill their enemies wantonly as Todd does.

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@mercy_ said: looks terrible.

Not that keen on the vest thingamajig either.

I agree, I HATE the hat, just can't take him seriously with that thing on, just looks stupid >_<

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Well, the first incarnation of Roy Harper I've ever been able to take seriously was his Young Justice incarnation. He could be a jerk at times but took his work seriously & cared about his friends & loved ones (I like it better when Grayson has the sense of humor & Harper is the grim one, but within reason of course, no psycho anti-hero crap lol). Ironically, if Harper acted more like his YJ self, I MIGHT be able to take him & Kory seriously as a pairing, rather than being annoyed by it XD (I still prefer Kory & Grayson as a couple of course, or maybe Starfire/Cyborg for something new lol). Oh, & bring Lian back, seriously DC, Harper being a dad was one of the things that made him unique in the DC universe.

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If DC Comics did another reboot, I think Artemis could make for an interesting addition to the Teen Titans, that or a new Young Justice team.

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I dunno if this was intentional on behalf of the Young Justice writers, but did anyone else notice that Mammoth's sister Shimmer ALWAYS lost? And when I say that, I don't just mean that she never won a fight with against any heroes, I mean she always got knocked the heck out with relative ease, even after she finally gained super powers...Was that an intentional inside joke on behalf of the writers like how Kenny always dies in Southpark or Waspinator always gets blown up in Beast Wars? Or was it just an amazing coincidence that she always got singled out for a quick KO?

Kind of a pity really, they go to all the trouble of including her on the show & giving her a more menacing redesign (though one could argue the Shimmer name doesn't make much sense with her looking like a goth/punk gal now lol), but she never manages to do much besides get her butt kicked (though at least she was the one who turned her bro into a monster lol).

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In the Young Justice cartoon Despero was depicted as being a wandering warrior who challenges the greatest champions of various alien worlds for sport, taking what's left of his vanquished foes as trophies, kinda like The Predator mixed with a gladiator sort of vibe, he lives for personal glory & the hunt. However, in the comics, as far as I know, & in the Bruce Timm DC animated universe he's more commonly an alien tyrant hellbent on galactic conquest.

Which version of Despero do you guys like better? The Hunter of Heroes? Or the Space Tyrant?