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If there was ever to be a Beast Wars reboot, what beast form would you want Megatron to take on? T-Rex or Dragon? Or something new?

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I like both G1 & BW Megatron, BUT, I think BW Megatron may have been smarter, even when one plan of his failed he often managed to accomplish something else instead, managing to implement plans that had potentially universal implications with far fewer troops & resources than G1 Megs. Also, he had a decent excuse for putting up with treacherous minions, in that he couldn't afford to kill them off without giving the maximals an advantage...G1 Megs had a much bigger army & yet he was surprisingly, illogically, merciful for a tyrant. I mean, he didn't get around to finally killing Starscream until the animated movie (& by then he'd been transformed into Galvatron, same guy, but different name, form, & voice), & before then Screamer had betrayed him more than enough times to warrant serious punishment (as had a number of others cons). He was as ruthless as G1 Megs but more charismatic, much better at smooth talk & fooling others into thinking he was on the level.

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@sinestro2828: That sounds pretty cool. Helps that Tornado is a rather obscure character anyway so having Volcano tied to Cyborg instead would help him build up a rogues gallery.

Exactly, & while I like Tornado, I have to admit it may be more interesting to see Cy, a bionic man, & Volcano, a killer android, throw down as opposed to two similarly designed robots (since RV is basically the last & most powerful of the Red series androids). Volcano is also intelligent enough to build more robots to act as his pawns or repair himself even without Morrow around (not knocking Morrow mind you, but unless he himself becomes a Cyborg or dons a Mr. Twister suit, he's not much of a physical threat to Cy, just an intellectual one, whereas Red Volcano can be both).

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After re-watching Young Justice, I think Dr. T.O. Morrow and/or his most evil creation Red Volcano would make excellent arch foes for Cy, especially considering Volcano's hate for humanity, desire to create a world of robots/androids, & penchant for calling people "Meat Bags." RV would probably consider a fusion of man and machine like Victor to be an abomination, & a rival standing in his way to goal of a "Red Planet."

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Vandal Savage & Cyborg duked it out in Justice League Doom, one of DC's many animated films. A number of people on the forum have pondered the idea of Vandal becoming Cyborg's arch-nemesis, a bionic, futuristic hero vs a living fossil of a villain with plans for world domination (it is an interesting sort of comparison, & many great rivalries in DC involve an opposites attract sort of deal, like Batman vs Joker or Superman vs Lex Luthor etc). What do you all think? Would Vandal make an appropriate/perfect arch foe for Cyborg or not? If so, why do ya think so? If not, why not? >;3

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great video on Ivo & Amazo, though it seems to me that in his quest for immortality, would it not have been easier/made more sense for a robotics genius like Ivo to turn himself into a cyborg of some sort rather than engineering an immortality formula? Maybe remove his own brain & put it inside an android body like a Cyberman?

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@mutant_god: I'd like to see Cyborg hook up with Starfire too (Grayson's loss if he doesn't wise up lol), especially if it will get her away from those punks Jason Todd & Roy Harper XD. Though I will admit that pairing would be more interesting if their histories as Titans were still intact...Way to go DC >_<

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@sunman: I agree that Mammoth, Solomon Grundy, & Atlas would all make good arch foes for Cyborg.

1) Mammoth has been a long time foe of Cyborg since his teen titan days, & I like the idea of a mechanical powerhouse having a rivalry with a flesh & blood powerhouse. They may need to give Mammoth more personality to make their rivalry more interesting though.

2) Solomon Grundy is another example of a flesh & blood powerhouse, only with a supernatural edge to boot. Grundy usually isn't very smart, but I suppose they could change that, OR, simply play up his strength so its Cyborg's brains & tech vs Grundy's mindless brutality & brute strength. Supes & Bats have plenty of rogues, so I think they could spare Grundy to Cy.

3) Atlas was AWESOME despite only having one episode to shine, but the idea of Cy being rivals with a living robot who looks down on all organics could be really interesting, especially if they give Atlas a cool origin story, like he's from a future or other dimension where machines have conquered humanity, or he was an experiment gone wrong, perhaps a weapon created to counter metahumans by the govt or simply a villain's creation that became too willful to control, like Red Volcano from Young Justice. Question is, should Atlas have the same weakness as before or be smart enough to maintain himself?

Other villains I could see as arch foes for Cy include....

Livewire: I know she's a Superman foe, but as an electrical based villain who can control & absorb electricity & even become lightning & manipulate machines she'd be a major threat to Cyborg. Plus, even though she was created for & was lots of fun on the Superman animated show, she hasn't gotten as much love in the comics, so if the superman writers aren't using her they may as well pass her on to Cyborg.

Atomic Skull: Like Mammoth & Grundy, I like the idea of Cy having an organic arch foe to contrast his bionic abilities, & Atomic Skull is literally a walking biohazard with all that radiation he gives off. Either version of Skull would work, though the first one was a Star Labs scientist originally, so he could be a more mental match for Cy.

Indigo/Brainiac 8: Another femme fatale like Livewire, as an android of Brainiac lineage she could become an ideal techno rival for Cyborg. She could be from the future like before, or another dimension, or simply be a renegade living android built from Brainiac tech or something.

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I pick Teen Titans, I knew Cy as a Titan first & I think he has a stronger team dynamic & bonds of friendship & family with his fellow Titans than the league (the titans always seemed like a more well balanced team to me than the league, & every bit as powerful & heroic despite being younger than them). Cy certainly deserves a spot in the Justice League, but without his rich history as a teen titan he's just not the same hero I used to enjoy, & again, the Titans are just as epic as the League, so its certainly NOT a downgrade for him to return to his original team. On the Titans he's their definitive science guy & a tough fighter to boot, but with the league he has to share the tech wizard/gadget man job with Batman (though of course one could also argue the league wouldn't need Bat's stealth & detective skills at all with Martian Manhunter around given his skill sets...but I'm getting off topic, & of course, Bats is too popular to be replaced even if he's always playing the loner).

I was first introduced to the titans by the cartoon series, & while I don't like the new TTGO series, I still love the original & enjoy all the personality & badass abilities & chances to shine Cyborg was given. I honestly think if the reboot was unavoidable, they should have taken aspects of the comic book titans & combined them with the new material from the cartoon series to update them for modern times while also staying true to Perez's & Wolfman's characters...But of course, DC decided to erase all traces of their history & scatter our fave titans across the DC universe >_<

Besides, Cyborg & many of his friends began their heroic careers as titans rather than as solo heroes, so making a movie about them & how they came together to form a team for the first time would be easier than making a justice league movie.

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@avenging_x_bolt: Atlas would make a good foe as well, but how would ya rework him? On the show we don't learn much of his past, ya just have to assume he's a sentient fighting robot gone rogue (all ya really need to know I suppose for that episode, but he'd need a fleshed out origin in the comics...Like an army or gladiator robot with a mind of its own, or possibly a creation of his parents or something built using Cy's own tech...shrugs). Making him a cyborg would kinda take away from the neat comparison between the two, Atlas saw humanity as inferior even though he was dependent on a human to maintain him, & Cy's human spirit is ultimately what beat him.

I suppose the mechanic could be re-imagined too, so as to keep that unhealthy relationship they had going, the powerful but abusive creation & the proud but fearful creator etc. Heck, they could even make the Mechanic female & have a Harley Quin style thing going on, or just stick to the original concept. Fixit at least can repair himself :P