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With zero build up, this is such an astonishingly bad idea, propelled seemingly only by the desire to put SOMETHING out to prevent Marvel from owning live action super heroes.

With a track record of botching everything but Batman, I dunno how they expect to put ALL OF THE CHARACTERS they've failed to establish individually in a film and have that magically work. So frustrating. :(

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@HexThis said:

Frankly, I didn't even like the original. I always found it depressing, it was almost as though it didn't matter Robocop was brutally murdered...there didn't feel like there was any loss to his transformation.

Really? I very much disagree. I think there's a palpable sadness to the character in the original film. That's what I suspect will be lacking here. This just looks like they're making a AWESOME CYBER NINJA YEAAAHHH!! and less like they're taking into account the tragic nature of the lumbering, mechanical shadow of a man that the original Robocop was depicted as.

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The insane thing is that Marvel have *sssooo mannnyyyy stoorrryyy arrrccssss* that would make sense as animation, and instead they have CG blobs wrestle robots for an hour and a half.

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Can't wait to not watch this for a "feature length" of time.

This looks infinitely worse than any of the Marvel vs Capcom 3 trailers. The new reliance on chunky, stilted CG blobs for our "animation" is incredibly worrysome.

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Sure, ostensibly it's confusing and all seems to blend together, but upon closer inspection they will all individually have a thing going that you either like or don't like. At the end of the day you'll end up reading the book - or books - you enjoy, regardless of the title stamped on the front of it.

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Th...those are the costumes? :O

I hope they are.. uh... lit differently in the film.. or something.

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I'm not a paying member so I don't have the right to complain, I know, but FLIPPING HELL, the god damn Black Ops 2 ad is driving me loopy.

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This seems by far the most sensible way to make it a good show, too. Character development is so important to Whedon shows, and I'd hate for there to be a pre-determined mold for the characters to fit into.

This also kinda answers the question "why we would care" about the show. Turns out it's probably gonna be mostly for the same reason you care about any show - you connect with and invest in the characters.

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NetherRealm's Batman design looks weird to me. It's like they're not accounting for his head being inside of his mask--helmet thing. If he takes it off I expect it to be King from Tekken-levels of impossibly tiny.

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The moustache thing STILL bothers me to this day. Reading Hulk and looking for clues as to who Red Hulk was was so fun, and then it's this insane, stupid leap in logic that allows completely screwing over anything that would feel earned. It still bothers me to the point where I've a hard time liking Red Hulk, and at the start of McGuinness/Loeb's run I really did.