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@war_killer said:

The fact that Wolverine is never able to go full on violence is something I feel harms the character in a sense. I know we can't have gore and the like in a PG-13 movie, but I still feel that it makes Wolverine appear less threatening when he stabs a person only for the to simply fall down, as if they weren't just slashed by three unbreakable claws of steel.

I'm glad to know this continues on from X-Men: The Last Stand as I feel they better explained Wolverine's past (in X2) without fully explaining it, giving you an idea of what lead to the transformation into the man he is today, but still keeping that mystery that surrounded the character for so many years.

Hopefully, this will simply be seen as a continuation of the original X-Men trilogy and not simply a Wolverine movie, giving it the idea that it's part of a bigger world and plays a role in building Fox's X-Universe they're trying to build. And despite the negative points, I still feel that if it's better than the monstrosity of X-Men Origins, I will be happy.

You'll be extra pleased to know that there's apparently gonna be an unrated version when it comes out on Blu Ray.


THE WOLVERINE Will Receive "Bloodier" Unrated Cut Says Director James Mangold

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Yeah, the art is mostly really sloppy. I especially dislike the over-reliance on silhouettes, which rob key moments of real expression, and just feels like a way to cover more ground - pages wise - with less effort. Very disappointed in that aspect.

I can understand and respect missing Clint, but I didn't think it was a problem personally. I think following Kate makes perfect sense here, and as with the previous issue's perspective, it adds an extra dimension and depth to the book.

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If an X-Force movie doesn't mean an awesome movie Psylocke, they can keep it, for all I care.

Honestly, when I first saw this rumour my whole HOPE CENTRE in my brain just shut down. Lights out, everyone went home. Didn't even let myself think it was possible.

Then sites plant the idea, against my will, Inception like, in my brain that it IS possible. My sole, mantra-like thought was MOVIE PSYLOCKE, MOVIE PSYLOCKE. :O :O

I mean nobody will hold the cameo they set on fire against them if they decide to bring her in proper. Loads of characters have already been cameo-ed and then featured for realsies. Ape-bertooth was basically a supporting character whose representation was completely replaced, for the better. Liev's Sabretooth is like the single okay thing about X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

But then Liefeld takes to Twitter and reminds me that X-Force was this unironic Expendables once. Rarely have I felt that something awesome was SO CLOSE, and yet so, so, so, so, so far away.

I mean OF COURSE they're not gonna do a proper, team-leading, strong-yet-flawed-and-interesting movie Psylocke. OF COURSE THEY AREN'T. And of course it won't be this surreal, dark, fantasy/sci-fi thing that Remender's run established. It's gonna be manly, buff men going around killing stuff. Blargh.

Wake me up if I'm wrong. Wake me up if there's an awesome movie Psylocke.

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Maybe they watched Amazing Spider-Man and how Webb and co. turned Peter Parker into a bit of an asshole that not only immediately breaks the promise to a dying man, but chuckles "they're the funnest ones to break!" - deciding that to top that you have Supes kill a dude?

Maybe super hero reboots generally wish to humanise these iconic heroes by turning them into dicks? I dunno. It's a bizarre trend of going so completely against what makes them compelling in the comics. I'm just happy people seem to react strongly to this, whereas Spidey got a total pass.

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I literally have no idea how this could possibly live up to the hype these trailers generate. They hint at themes that are so incredibly strong, and such fine tuned handling thereof - and in your mind they're allowed to SEEM perfectly executed, but will the film itself actually follow up on them in a way satisfying enough to meet your expectations?

I just... literally can't imagine how it could.

If it does, though? Oh boy.

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@the_stegman said:

I just don't understand the whole "I don't want these amazing powers, I just want to be ordinary" mindeset. I can understand that he has been through a lot because of his mutation, but getting rid of it won't reverse what has happened to him, why would he want to give up near immortality for a chance to be a lonely and fragile human?

I think the idea is that if you live forever, you soon stop grasping on to things that are finite, and lose a fundamental aspect of being human. As little as we think about being "mortal", we do to an extent value periods of our lives, or bonds to other people, because we know they will come to an end. One of the strongest emotional reactions we have is to the notion that we won't get to experience a particular thing again, or at all. If you live forever, your experiences are all crushingly insignificant in the broader sense, and that's not necessarily something the human psyche - inherently prone to attachment - is capable of dealing with.

But I think it's an abstract philosophical subject that has turned into a pretty generic genre/storytelling trope - one that somehow has made it more difficult to relate to than it actually is. I feel similarly about the trope of "not turning into your parent". "You're not your father!" and so on. It permeates all fiction, and I can't even count the times where it just falls flat, when it's actually a deeply relateable theme. You don't need a super villain/vampire/monster mother or father to identify aspects of their personalities that you dislike, but share, and to an extent fight to overcome.

As for this movie, I think this trailer makes the problem more clear than previous trailers have. We just don't really know what it's about - what the actual meat of the story is. This trailer sets it up in a more linear way than the rest have, and you can kind of follow the thread to where it just abruptly ends, and they cue CG blob samurai and train fights. It makes it look like it's literally written as a set up where he's moping around, loses powers, and "then there's some fighting". That's hard for ANYONE to be excited about. Unless you just wanna see Wolverine stab things, which seemed to be the entire basis for Origins, basically.

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I think I'd be less annoyed by this if it was a decision made by people who've consistently shown they get the material in the first place. With FOX it's just a thing where.. they seem HELL BENT on getting it wrong. This is not what would or would not be wrong with a Fantastic Four movie in theory, let's face it. You could probably do a satisfyingly Johnny Stormy black Johnny Storm. That's almost beside the point.

The frustrating thing is that if FOX opened their minds up to doing something even remotely faithful, something that plays on the strengths of the material they're adapting, they could've had an exciting, vibrant, cinematic Marvel universe going right now. Instead they keep making short term decisions informed by the whims of where movies are currently at and what is hot, and they end up with baggage like Halle Berry as Storm because there was a brief moment where everyone thought she'd be a big star.

Before FOX show that they can get their shit in order with all of these movies, they haven't earned the benefit of the doubt when casting characters this way. It's gonna put up a red flag, it will be interpreted as FOX still not getting it - and that'll continue to be a fair assumption.

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@simonm7 said:


The default in a post Nolan-Batman world, however, is definitely to try and play down the outlandish aspects to the point where it *appears* seamless with "reality".

See, I was hoping that in a post Avengers world that filmmakers wouldn't be so scared to embrace the source material and all it's "silliness".

I'm not going to write this movie off completely. As Katzman said, we don't know any of the story details yet and even assault rifle toting Foot ninjas could potentially be implemented in a satisfactory way.

That said though, I'm not expecting much from this movie. If it turns out to be good, it'll be a nice surprise. If not.... well, at least the cartoon and comic are still good. It's just a little disturbing at how desperately the film industry seems to be trying to run away from anything that could be viewed as "childish fun".

I wholeheartedly agree, and I believe you're entirely correct, but it cogs turn rrrrreally slowly in the movie industry. Amazing Spider-Man and Man of Steel were both set in motion when The Dark Knight was THE template, and lessons gleaned from Avengers will only become apparent in the years to come. With ASM2 ostensibly going for a more cartoony version of the costume again, and implementing a lot of the "cinematic universe" ideas that the lead up to - and Avengers itself - proved to be successful, I think we may already be seeing a turning tide.

I'm not sure when this movie started development, but I seem to recall hearing about it at least as early as 2010.

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@k4tzm4n: Baxter was my first thought, too, but I guess he's been black across the board since that 2003 cartoon? Fichtner is really good when he gets to play up these semi "ticks" and odd mannerisms, though, he's a bit like Jeff Goldblum that way. He would make a pretty terrific mad scientist.

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