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Yeah, having this sort of interior art is disappointing. I don't think it looks bad, stylistically, but this kind of very computer graphicsy style is very cumbersome, very static. It's the opposite of what I'd like on this book.

But it's a give and take, I guess. I love how open Marvel are to different art styles these days, and the way they rotate that stuff means they often rotate in things I love. This is just my time to be sorta dismayed, I guess. I'm gonna give this a shot and hopefully the writing is good. I'm gonna miss the sorta unfulfilled potential in the previous UXF lineup, but who am I to cry over spilled milk.

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Holy shit at that Black Cat. :O

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Gggod, just get in my... well.. eyeballs I guess.... Just get in my eyeballs, already!

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!? The thing just swallowed my post. :O

Agh. I can't write that whole thing again. Short version: Slott has said we'll see brand new corners of the Marvel universe - places not even the Surfer has seen. I wouldn't worry about it not being cosmic enough. It will, however, be fun and adventurous and quirky, so if you guys wanted a grittier take it's probably a pass.

Now please don't eat this post....

Edit: It didn't! Woo.

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I can barely breathe, I'm so excited for these new titles. This is probably the most excited I've been since I got back into comics a year-and-some-change ago. Silver Surfer is gonna be *awesome* and will hopefully slot nicely into the hole in my heart left behind by FF, and the pure class coming off of Noto's Black Widow has me trembling. Super excited for the new Punisher book, which I hope can grab some pages from Rucka's rendition of the character and then evolve that - and I'll follow Fraction to the ends of the earth, so when it involves Inhumans and Madureira I'm so on-board I'm basically part of the ship decor.

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I'm physically hopping around with happiness that this book "survives" the departure of Matt Fraction. I basically held my breath between the last issue and this one, prepared to scrutinise it for any drop in whimsy and/or delightful dialogue. I haven't read it yet, but this glowing review has me breathing again. :D

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Pulido. :( :( :( :(

I had to almost physically drag myself through the Hawkeye annual.

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He looks older "in action". He's actually one of the actors on Glee that frequently reminds you they're near-30 year olds playing 17 year olds.

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Man I love that round bowl design for Mysterio. In fact, I've always sorta loved Mysterio. In a perfect world, Spidey 3 would be Venom-less and a Raimi Spidey 4 would be Mysterio. God dammit, why can't *real life* have alternate worlds you could move to just to see the movies you want. :>