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called it! :D

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halloween costumes will be in chaos!!

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the new thor is probably jane...

shes never mentioned in anything so far... and also, how else can she overcome cancer??


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because robin originally stood for robin hood, not necessarily robin like the bird. They wanted to engage the mythos. They wanted bright young colors to attract younger audience at a time. Basically for commercial purposes.

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Bats because although they are pretty even at skill level, and Iron fist does have his chi & fist (which he can only use once or twice), Batman has diversity in terms of weapons and is superior in terms of fighting strategy. If Iron fist had armor or other weapons at hand that would probably tip the odds in his favor.

In this case, batman can use his weapons with reach (whether or not he sees the iron fist, hell deduce that Danny Raid will be a close range fighter) such as gas, tazers, baterangs, grenades, etc to bring him down.

Sure it will be a close match, but I don't see how Danny can deflect that much arsenal without Armor or using his iron fist Multiple times (keep in mind that Danny can only use the iron fist once maybe twice before he gets exhausted).
Although they are matched in skill level, strategically Iron fist is not as sound as Batman...

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"faces his greatest battle yet against Spider-Man’s greatest nemesis. Bus is her ready?"

mistype :)

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sounds like peter will be back...

... but miles will be spiderman ;)

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omg when is that paypal donate site going to be fixed? its already 3 weeks broken!

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Guys if you can contribute please do. Usagi Yojimbo has been one of my favorite characters since i was a little boy. Esp during Thanksgiving weekend. I hope everyone can help anyway they can...

original msg and link to donation here below:

Even the most talented and prolific cartoonists can hit hard times.

Case in point: Usagi Yojimbo creator Stan Sakai is in need of some financial help after his wife, Sharon, who has suffered from a debilitating illness for quite a while now, had a long stay in the hospital. Sharon’s back home now, but she needs 24-hour in-home care and several costly medications. The Cartoon Art Professional Society, a group of comics creators, has organized an effort to help.

Comic creators who wish to contribute original art to a benefit auction led by CAPS Vice President Tone Rodriguez should fill out this form and send it to the address listed or call 310-365-8457 (the number on the form is incorrect).

The organization was also accepting donations, which Sakai fans and supporters could contribute to directly. It isn’t currently working, but we’ll update once it is.

In its nearly 30 years of publication, Usagi Yojimbo has been a shining example of an independent comic created and published following a single creator’s vision. Sakai’s influence on decades of creators can’t be understated, and his commitment to Usagi Yojimbo and his other works, such as the soon-to-be-recollected The Adventures of Nilson Groundthumper and Hermy, is unique in any industry.