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Name: Simon Thompson

Aliases: Simon the Merciless, The Killer in Grey, Creature of the Night, The Sanguinary Soldier

Birth Date/Place: June 23, 1891 in Edinburgh, Scotland

Occupation: Part Time Mercenary, Part Time Serial killer, Part Time Murderous Vigilante. He'll do anything to feed.

Faction: Chaotic Neutral or Neutral Evil

Hair Color: Brown (In a Mohawk)

Eye Color: Yellow

Height: 5'10

Weight: 210 Pounds

Powers: Buffy Vamp levels in Supernatural physical attributes, Such as Strength and Speed, Razor sharp claws known to cut through pure steel (He often tips them in special poisons), Well Sharpened Fangs that can drain blood out of the victim, Slight Telepathy and Telekinesis (Nothing extremely major. He can read the minds of people willing, and he can lift about a pound with his mind.), Light Necromancy (He knows VERY Little, But with more training could become an expert), Immortality, A Very strong healing factor against items he is not weak against (See Weaknesses), and Mildly Heightened Senses.

Abilities: Has moderate knowledge in Sword Play, Knows very heavily how to handle firearms, Is a medium level hand to hand combatant with a few years of Scottish Army Training under his belt, And can improvise weapons very well.


  • Silver: The Pure touch of silver on his skin actually melts down all of his body, More then a few hits with silver ANYTHING Can kill him.
  • Oak Stakes: Any pointed Oak Object jammed into his chest will turn him to dust
  • Mistletoe: The feel of Mistletoe makes him pass out immediately
  • Religious Items: ANY Item, Holy or Not, Associated with any religion (From Crosses to Stars of David, From Statues of Buddha to Satanic Stars) Will cause him to burn immensely and turn to ash if within less then a yard.
  • Holy Water: Has the same effect very strong acids have on humans
  • Garlic: Garlic burns him mildly in most forms, But is very unlikely to kill him.
  • Sunlight: Direct Sunlight is his arch-nemesis, He combusts if in full sunlight, And in shines of sunlight it burns him like a flamethrower.


Simon Thompson grew up in a terrible broken home in the early nineteen hundreds and late eighteen hundreds, His father was an abusive alcoholic, Beating his wife viscously every day, And sometimes even Simon. Simon grew much gloomier, He spent his spare time torturing bugs and small birds for fun, Until one day he snapped. His father gave him too many beatings, too many times. In his anger he fought back, Smashing a vase over the man's head and using the shards of the broken tool to scar and torture him, Leaving him finally with a Glasgow smile. He liked the taste of blood on him, He enjoyed the wet sensation of the crimson liquid pouring across his hands. But he realized it was forbidden.

He had one choice left. He ran from home, Packing his bags and filling it with whatever precious or important items he could find, and there at Age 12, He walked out the door. He spent the next years of his life as a rebellious vagrant, Taking hobbies such as murdering hobos and pedophiles for fun and throwing their decapitated heads at the local nuns. Regardless he soon made a bit of money by doing jobs for local crime syndicates, Simple deliveries and thefts really. Soon he was able to collect enough money to buy an apartment by the time he turned 18, and registered himself in all of the ways necessary to become an official citizen of Scotland. A Year or two later, World War One broke out. Simon saw this as a way to make cheap cash and get that thrill he got from killing people. Within months he was shipped off to fight in the trenches of World War One, Battling against the Germans. While his comrades were sickened by their kills, Simon loved them. He was pleasured by them. He earned his medals and worked his way up due to his sickening brutality. He got promoted eventually to a position in a special team of commandos, and he met a teammate, One Darien Smith. Darien was actually a secret vampire, He offered Simon into the world of vampirism. Simon thought out his choices, but impulsively decided upon it. Darien sunk his fangs deep into Simon's neck, then slit his own arm and allowed Simon to drink from it. That was the day Simon Thompson Died, And Simon The Merciless was born. He no longer had to starve every day for food, when he could gain it by doing what he loved. He enjoyed his new found abilities and got to use them one faithful day. His groups had orders, Parachute into a huge German trench and clear it from the inside. They dead relatively well until an insane German fired off a rocket launcher at his own men, Blowing both his entire group (Save himself and Darien) and a dozen or of his own Germans. Simon was in shock as some of his few friends were reduced to meaty chunks right there. He and Darien took both sides of the trenches, Simon, Filled with rage, Out Numbered and Out of Ammo, Drew his trusty trench knife and ran through, Cutting and cleaning every last bastard he could find. He let a fountain of blood out as he used his supernatural powers to kill every last person in that trench, leaving a fountain of blood behind. But he still wasn't satisfied; He had to keep it up. He charged across The nearby Barracks in the Town uproar, And put every last person there in the ground without ever firing a single shot. His both body and mind was soaked in blood, It wasn't until the next day he realized the horror of his actions. He had killed men before, But not this many. This wasn't war, this was a massacre. He felt awful as he came to the realization that he had a body count of over three hundred men alone from that battle. There was no turning back, He was a war criminal. He shaved his head into a Mohawk that day, and fled across Europe for the next fifty years, only stopping to feed once or twice a day. He became your standard adventurer, until the sixties hit and he got on his first ticket back to England, Being his usual self. A Blood Thirsty (Literally) Killer for Hire and a VERY Loyal ally. Still, sometimes his past still haunts him every night...