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As Good as the "Adjectiveless" SPider-Man Movies 0

I'll cut right to the chase. I'm comparing this movie, to the original Sam Rami Spider-Man Movies.Yes, I know it is a reboot. Yes, I know the the 3rd movie bombed,. Yes, I know it unfair to compare. But keep in mind. Those Spider-Man movies help bring back superhero movies. It was one of the highest grossing movies made. The real problem I had with the 3rd one (outside of dance scene) was the rushed climax. I think Marvel may have jump the gun to reboot the series, all too soon. I mean, X-Men ha...

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It's like SPider-Man & Indiana Jones In One Movie 0

Today I have seen Captain America: First Avenger, and I have to say: It was a fun film to watch.   When it first starts out, I kept having this odd feeling I have seen this movie before, and when it was time for Steve to take the Serum, it dawned on me: It was like Spider-Man! I kinda felt like it was cheap of Marvel of not having the Toby McQuire Spider-Man be part of the Avengers plot, as (the way I see it) that the Spider-Man movies help brought back the Superhero Movie Genre,   and we wouldn...

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Not the brightest, but not the darkest.... 0

This weekend, me along with my Dad and bro pulled a double feature at the local mall theater and catch “Cars 2” and then “Green Lantern” and we both greatly enjoyed the 2 movies.   The Green Lantern movie started out a rocky take off, but it then it took off as a great experience, with some slight turbulence. One thing I noticed in the film that it is very fast pace, with very little to no going too deep with the characters, and sometimes having to fly with little to no explanations (leaving to ...

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Bring on the Thunder!! 0

I haven't read alot of Captain Marvel/Shazam comics, but from what I can find about this comic and the characters, I became a fan of it. I mean, whats not to like? A young boy says a word and becomes a grown-up with Superpowers, with a completely unique cast of supporting characters and villains. This is why I was relatively peeved how they basically put the Marvels on the sideline in the last couple of years. After Infinite Crisis, Billy inherited the role of Wizard which had do hardly anything...

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The Kid has gone a long way 0

Like I said before, Superboy got me into comics, and I am happy that he got a solo book again, as we see him grow as a person rather than a team-member since the ending of Infinite Crisis.  I like this issue because mostly everything before this issue, including his chapter during the re-launch of "Adventure Comics", was build up. Here, we actually see Superboy growing up since being a egoistical teen fresh from the cloning-tube. Here, we see him actually going the extra mile of helping people t...

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Why is Hal on the Cover? 0

This would be a 4 star, maybe even 5 star comic if this was a one-shot, as it just focuses on  Atrocitus and no one else or the other Lantern Corps. Basically this what the last few issues of the comic should been done, each Corps member finding their entities in one shots, but no, somehow, they wanted Hal cover all the bases in the last few issues prior to this one. I am still waiting to see how the whole thing with Hector becoming Ophidian! He wanted power to fight Hal, he gets it, and he has ...

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Going To fast. 0

Okay, I am getting a bit of whiplash from all these entities that are just popping out. Not that I find them not cool and awesome in their own right... but there is no build up. The last couple of isssue has them appeared and then dropped off. I mean, we had some build-up from the Predators for the Sapphires and Ophidan for Larfleeze, but then they sort of disappeared... compared to how much a big deal with Parallax and Ion (come to think of it, how did the Guardians came across it in the first ...

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It deliveries what it promises. 0

It took me awhile to get to see this movie, as I wanted to see it with a friend with a different daily planner than me. This movies does deliver what it promises, showing us the awesomeness and the harshness of being a "crimefighter" in the real world, though they do seem to alter some rules of reality just a smidge (like a 8 year old girl has the stregnth to cut a limb in  a single blow, or how Kickass still be somewhat nimble after having metal braces and implants in him ), and the way they k...

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My word on the most hated movie 0

Okay, this movie has been ranted on by every critic, nerd, and causual viewer around the world over. But none of them seemed to mirror my feelings for the flim.... ture I hated it, but non of reviewers that I looked up, let alone the one review on TGWTG was (which WAS pretty awesome on several levels)   When I first heard about this movie in productions back in high school, I thougth there were just rumors (one of which I heard that Toriyama was kicked off the project due a contract loophole so ...

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A good start. 0

Okay, after establishing Chris's and Thara's characters in the last bunch of issues, the two step out of secret and begin their roles as Superman's substitutes. And since their official roles as Earth's heroes, they need their own arch-enemy: enter Jax-Ur.   Overall it is a decent first issue, basically the raising action before the start of a roller-coaster ride, slow at first, but tension build and you try to grasp what's going to happen next.  The one problem I had for this issue is that for ...

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A "Meh" issue with short amount of awesomeness. 0

  As much I love the Simpsons Super Spectacular, having all of favorite Simpsons characters running around as heroes while parodying everything about comics. I love every issue of this series, but this one just averages out. As usually, we get three stories, compress into 30 pages, in one issue, all for the price of 2.99. As the added bonus, there are no ads in the middle of either of the stories.  There is one gaping between the first two, and two for the last pages, but nothing that interrupt...

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A Shell-tastic Movie 0

This movie not only appeals to fans of the Ninja Turtles, but of animation as well.   The art styles of the Turtles, from present, 80's cartoon, and the 80's comic are stand out and are on the mark. The art work for the 80s cartoon turtles seem to come right from the cartoon itself, and you can not help but chuckle at on the culture conflict between with old show and the new one, like how the 80s Turtles would "improvise" with their surroundings (stalactites and garbage-cans) to win the fights w...

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If "Lost" was comic.... 0

Okay, I have read this issue, and for a awhile, I hard to to think of it. I found that the concept of the DC Universe going to hell mirrors how the bad the comic book itself has gotten, a sort of an artistic kind of thing you can expect from Morrison,  but it still seem rather empty with a hype and exceptions of almost 2 years in the making. I still feel like Morrison wrote himself in corner, expanding his ideas while forgetting the 7 issue limit (which I feel is an insult to the first Crisis ev...

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Okay, it is official, I forgive Spidey for One More Day. This issue has change my opinion of Spider-Man. Sure I still think he's a whiny little idiot who never learns his lesson, but this issue reddems him and almost makes OMD worth it... almost.  Harry is in super-suit and starts wailing on his Dear Old Daddy and Spidey talks him out of it. That's the story in a nutshell, but it has HUGE depth to it.  Joe Kelly is always a hit or amiss for me, while he writes some deep stuff, he also likes ot c...

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Almost there.. 0

I was never much a reader of Spider-Man, I loved the cartoon show back in the 90s and the movies too. But I was starting to buy them when they had Spidey reveal his secret Identity.... so you can imagine how much I hated One More Day. Not only they recton one of the biggest events of their big event, but erase over 2 decades of Spidey-History and expect us to believe things were better off, sure they brought back Harry, but they got rid of almost everything else except how Gwen Stacy made out wi...

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The Boy is Back in Town 0

Superboy is the reason why I am in comics today. I love him in the Reign of Superman and I grew up reading his series before it was cancel after 100 issues, even when it got a bit weird at the end with Joe Kelly and Didio. When he died in Infinite Crisis, I was sad, but at least they send him off with a bang, saving the entire, then they brought him back in Lo3W and I was happy as can, when I heard that he's going to have his own series again, I exploded in shere joy.   So far, we Superboy being...

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Gamma Vs. Omega 0

This has the best story so far in the comic's run. I liked the first issue, but many other panned it, and I felt the same way for the 2nd issue. But this was worth it.In the Archie-Verse of Sonic the Hedgehog, E-102 Gamma wasn't destroyed in after his epic fight with the upgraded Beta and has spent this entire time, knocking off Eggman's bots all over Mobius. But after doing a job solo job for so long, Gamma is started to run down. This why Commander Tower sends Shadow in order to recruit the ro...

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A nice round of stories 0

This issue had a decent amount of character with their own stories and foreshadowing that will lead to something later in future issues. We have Mon-El trying to fit in as a regular cop (or as regular as you can get in Metropolis) protecting the city, which goes for the same as his Superhero Persona. After getting a lecture of trying to better job switching between identities by Jim, a mysterious military man watches over him through a secret camera.Later on, Black Lightning takes out a bunch 3r...

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Super Scourge lives up to the name. 0

This issue was basically about Scourge in his Super form and pwns everyone in sight, which is about it, but don't be fooled, it's pretty awesome. There was a brief moment when Shadow had to take care of Metal Sonic, but that will be cover in the last issue of  "Sonic X" and the "Sonic Universe."Also we deal with a personal dilemma for Sonic, facing somebody else who is Super while he's normal (but he did fought his Super-self in space, but that's another story). And personally, I was a bit disap...

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And somehing happens........... 0

We're at the half-way point now and nothing seems to happen so far, just the aftermath of the Anti-Life Equation set on the world, the surviving heroes and villains, more Barry and Wally moments, and Darkseid's return.I seriously doubt that Final Crisis can be summed up in seven issues, unless evil truly wins in the end as the promo stated. "Crisis on Infinite Earths" lasted for a full year and by this time in Infinite Crisis, the big twist already happened. But so far, the bad guys plan has bee...

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Penultimate to Big Showdown 0

This issue pretty much has almost every hedgehog known in the Sonic franchise. Shadow's appearance came out of nowhere, but I suspect it will be explain later on, but Scourge's reaction to him was priceless. I like how they introduce Silver into the series while, at the same time, reintroducing an old hedgehog from the Penders-Age of the series, the ye Olde English speaking Rob O' the Hedge, sort of balance of new and old to the fans of the both the games and comic.It was cool to see all the Hed...

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Leading up to something Good. 0

Once again, another great issue from an overlooked seiries.Ian Flynn is definitely leading to something big since issue 189 with the evil counterparts of Moebus and their invasion, something I hope as Big as Enerjak Reborn, if not bigger. For the last couple of issues, we've been introduced to some of the new characters. Boomer is a like a guy with a muscle car with his 'implants.  And Miles is definitely a little scheming boy genius. Patch has been establish as old school Antoine, being smug an...

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A good ending for the Kid. 0

Superboy was the first main stream comic book series that I bought. I started around Karl Kesel run on the second half of the series and I loved it.  Then Joe Kelly took over and it was okay. Not bad, but not great except for a couple of issues. Then Palmiotti and Didio gave the Kid a job as a super-attendant for slum apartment building and I didn't much care for it. Sort of like how kid actors in popular shows winding up in dead end jobs in their adult lives.But this issue finally shows Superbo...

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A Wieringo tribute? 0

I was hoping to get the previous issue of this series, but I couldn't find it my bookstore before this issue came out, so I am not up to speed of the entire storyline.Basically, Logan made a deal with the High Evolutionary to take his Animal nature while a lemur-man named Prosimia had turned Shadowcat into a... cat.Overall the story is very basic, the writer seemed to rush the story too much, giving most of the characters little depth and very quick turnarounds. If the this story arc was at leas...

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The Calm before the storm... 0

After reading Infinite Crisis, 52,  and Countdown, you know that this issue is basically the first step of what's to come.They have the main characters ready to be influence the events that are going to happening  in this issue. I may or may not spotted some clues what will happen in the future. My first thoughts on Final Crisis is that it's been about two years since the last Crisis, and I wonder what's going to be in store for DC Universe dning and after this. I just hope that they don't pull ...

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A great story that lives up to Narnia. 0

I have been tempted to buy this volume since last summer and couldn't buy until after the school. At first, I was disappointed that it didn't really live up to the months of waiting (got so desperate that I found out the major plot twist but not the entire story itself).Story: Even though the story sort of takes place in between and we're not given everyone's back story, but the story's plot and development makes up for that, even though they don't give out all the answers. So I gonna buy the 'T...

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THIS is a Archie comic? 0

DUDE! This comics is so way past cool. It had everything that a good comic story has. Laughs, action, suspense, and tension. IS this a Marvel Comic? DC? Image? No, it's Archie! Freaking Archie!When I was the kid, I used to enjoy the old Sonic The Hedgehog SatAM show, and this comic really speaks to me. The story arcs so far have been better than most of the recent Sonic games that came out. This the kind of comic that really applies to all ages and can still deliver what you expect from classic ...

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