Personal Favorite Comics

-SilverZeo’s personal favorite Comics-


# 5: Sonic the Hedgehog. People here would know that I seem to like that annoy kid at school who repeats the same thing over and over

agin. But what can I say. I love this series. It originally started out a promotional joke comic back when the Blue Blur was 8-bit on Genesis, but over a small time, it went through the entire comic book evolution, with the exception of the extreme 80’s. It was one of the first mediums that actually gave Sonic depth. When you see chili-dogs, who comes into mind? It proves that American and Japanese ideas can work together in the right way. Not mention that it the kind of comic you can read to your kids without you having a bad taste of sugar in your mouth when your done, or have kid be completely desensitize towards violence, blood, and sex. Ian Flynn and Tracy Yardley have recently made the series more like a cartoon show that you can’t wait to see each month. Not to mention, it defiantly a good comic that both adventurous and fun, the kind of stuff that made us read comics in the first place.

#4: 52. This comic was a bit gimmicky, but it was fun to see what can happen in a comic book universe week by week for a whole year. With a wide range of cast of characters and events, it’s hard not to enjoy this series.

#3: Kamandi. A Jack Kirby classic. With a series that revolves around a naked boy, I am surprise no one has made any gay jokes. Seriously, to sum up the series, it basically an greta mix between Planet of the Apes and Flash Gordon. Another charmed to this series is that it the title character gets a cameo in everything, but doesn't seem 'ready' to get a new seires for today's generation, so it makes it a hobby to find the orginal seires online.

#2:  Invincible, because it is likes a good drama show. Usually I steer clear of over dramatic stuff, like Desperate House Wives or Lost. It’s not that I hate them, it’s just too much to handle. But Invincible is an exception. It’s well balance with the drama and the light satire of  the ‘normal’ teenage life that keeps it from going totally morbid.

#1. Superboy vol. 4 done bay Karl Kesel. You know how Countdown was to pay tribute to Jack Kirby’s work when DC killed the New Gods? While Karl did before with during his second run on this series, not mention laid the best character development for our favorite kid, who never became the man that he wanted to be. Not to mention it was the series that got me into main stream stuff today (so, ya. Favoritism)

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