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Lately, I’ve been trying my best to try to find a good deal on Kamandi comics on eBay, huge bundles in one bid for a good price (wish some of the comic book sale-sites have this). So far, there are a couple of bids that cover all 57 issues, with the exception of at least half-a-dozen missing or extra copies of issues, under 20 bucks + 10 dollars for shipping that would still be less than the price for the DC Archives collections. Unfortunately, I have been either out bided, or I’m short of cash to even start a bid. Since I have no day jobs, and I can only visit home every other week to do grueling chores for a easy ten, sometimes twenty; my timing window for the most of the bids are not much. Worst still is that there are less and less bundle set sells and more single issues bids that start at least $15! So far, I only have the first ten issues that came with the Archive series, and I have yet to get Vol. 2 (maybe for Christmas). There are bids that haven’t sold yet, but they’re the ones that over $100 or $200; I do want this series badly, but not that badly. If I had a job, then I would take it. But I have to make my 20’s last for the months when I buy what’s in what in stores now, not mention covering for fast meals and family.

But enough of my problems, let’s try some solutions. When I was kid, I notice a certain ad in my comics; it’s said to recycle comics. Not to put in the bins, God no. But let you’re friends borrow them so that the fan-base can grow. This has given me an interesting idea for today’s generation. To any comic book nerds who have a scanner, a job, and fat wad of cash that keeps on coming, try to look up some old comic series that haven’t been turned into Graphic Novels or have been almost forgotten, on sale on online: buy them, enjoy them, scan them, and sell them again at affordable price or  someone who is a big fan who also has a scanner burrow them. I believe that most comics, not counting OMD, deserved to enjoyed and appreciated; and by doing this, we keep an almost forgotten series in circulation for others to enjoy, all the while we have readable scans on our computers for our personal use; meaning no instantly putting them all online, we don’t want a lawsuit or anything else from of favorite publishers.

I have a complete set of Superman & Batman: Generations III back home. So when I get home, I’m going to scan them onto my computer and then resell them on eBay. There are no Graphic Novels of this series, and I think that’s unfair since the first 2 of the Generations are and the third is just as good. I’ll consider the price once I figure what shipping will would cost. I would also do the same once I get copies of Kamandi. I’ll blog again with the eBay-Seller-Name once I figure things out with my old man; he might disagree with me using his account.  Till then remember to recycle your comic online so others can enjoy them.

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Saw this on the page for issue #3 of G3. 
How's the comic recycling coming?