Can't beat old school.

Who would be my picks?

Max Mercury: If speed is my game, the first dude I would see is Max. If he could teach Bart anything from his Impulse days, then I should be no problem. I would learn speed trick that would make everyone's heads spin

Jim Harper, the Guardian: He was Superboy's mentor during his Campus days and he was everything cool. A War Veteran with great agility and fighting skills, with some fatherly advice on the side. Who would push me to my limits at a steady pace until I reached greatness, wit or without powers.

Obi Wan and Jaga: If I want a mystic tutor of sword and magic who can guide me from beyond the grave, the two are tied up on top of the list.

Professor X: The greatest superhero teacher ever. Nuff Said.

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Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

Ain't no school like the old school

Posted by cjhanz

max mercury and the gaurdian mean bro there some kick ass characters  i rekon they should have like a brave and the bold team up or sumthin like cos max can bounce through time have them both team up when there young or sumthin

Posted by DHU

I would love to seem them all as a team!