Big News for Sonic the Hedgehog comic fans

 I came across this news early today.

I don't know how this will effect the comic itself, as over half of the comics countunity and material was set up by Penders, Julie-Su, the Dark Legion, and so are were his creations. But now they need his okay for the character and storyline to be used in the comics.... this may hinder some of the comics build up...


There is a Difference?

I doubt things will REALLY change that much. I mean, for years characters are constantly being giving good times and bad time, sometime there are given good times just to have it epically explode in their faces, like Black Adam in 52.


All depends on the material...

Like most things in the entrainment, it can  fly or sink depending how it it is handle. We don't want to see our favorite heroes geting killed or mualed, but life tends to have some parts that are... well, cruel and devastating.

Fro example, lets take a look at the Alan Moore classic, Killing Joke, and how it left the most famous Batgirl, Barbara Gordon, crippled from the waist down.  The way it plays out, from the moment that Babes opened that door, we knew the worst was yet to come.  When she got shot, we knew it was serious when an ENTIRE page consisting of her looking surprise, getting shot, and falling down on her back; which really empathizes on the seriousness of it SO much that writers today LEFT Barbara handicap, while many other characters who died simply coming back to life.
Most of the violence in comics today seem to LACK the grim aftermath of such things, like how Steel or Batman got stabbed in the same general area as Babes, but they manage to walk it off and act like it never happened at all. So even though Roy gotten his arm torn off in bloody fashion, the fact we didn't see HOW it happen and Roy just walks in with it, kinda left me thinking it sees more like a cheap marketing gimmick. Which is a shame considering that
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WMG Dispute Over?

Not to long ago, I made a Superboy AMV with Linkin Park's "What I've Done" because it seem to be alot like the Kid's story from birth, Cadmus, Young Justice, Teen Titan, death, and rebirth. I worked for almost whole year, i would posted it soone rutnil I found out the due to an error in the music, I couldn't finalize the video. When I did manage to offically finish the Comic Music Video and posted it on YouTube, it was muted due to WGM. That really ticked me off. I left it on there so I can embedded the video with a AMV with the same music (only not muted). But about an hour ago, I got a comment on my video, when I went to my video to mae a reply. Surprise, surprise, the music PLAYED! It played. It happen once before, only to a glitch. This time is could be the same thing. So, to test this. I shall post it here. Enjoy it if you can hear it. And please Rate and Review.


One team that comes to my Mind....



They're the DC genetics pros. Be it an illness or mutation, they are the ones you have to call. Sure some of regular staff, such as Superboy, Guardian, and Dubbilex are gone, there are still plenty of characters that will make this an interesting cast, like Serling, the genius kid with a retro-taste and so much more that were left behind in Superboy's run, such as The DNAngels and Wild Men, would make such an interesting cast; and together, they solve odd diseases, gententic oddities, and help heroes in SO many ways. 
 The Wild Men
 The DNAgels

How about...

The Refurbish Age. Cause alot of the comics of this age reboots from classic characters and storylines from the previous Ages and give them a more realistic setting while renewing their aspects.

 Old School

 New School

What I want to watch

I have a few ideas for moviea or tv shows

  1. Kamandi: A celver young boy, in a post-apoclitic world, filled with humaniod animals, energy aliens, laser guns, and radioactive mutants. Yeah, that would make an interesting movie/TVshow. 

 2. The Herculiods. Like Kamandi, but I think it will make a great sci-fi movie with the alien jungle and creatures all over the

3 .The New Adventures of Space Ghost/ Birdman: These guys are LONG over due for a serious series again.
Wonder Woman. You say she is part of the trinity of DC's big hitters, so treat like that. Make an Animated Seires or TV show, people will watch it, fan or not.

The Crisis series. I can see this was series of mini movies, each telling a chapter of the Crisis stories, with each Volume as part of the series, kinda like Hot Wheels: Acceleracers. I want this down like that because DC has been known to cut alot out from the DTD movies, and you can't cut Crisis on Infinite Earths to about an hour long, otherwise you will be throwing away all the good stuff like they did with Superman Doomsday.

Me as the Boss

1. Cap is still dead. I'm sorry, but as the embodiment of the US military solider, it would be insulting to him and to every other war hero that died in real to just come back to life. Bucky, even with a gun, represents the newer generations of soldiers.
2. Have cameos or retellings from Marvel's toy series in the 80s. heck, if they're bring characters from Atlas, they might as well bring characters back like US 1 or Sentinel Prime form the Transformers, I want more of a background of this guy. They even had avillian called Circuit breaker who could control the Tranformers, and I think she would be a welcome addition in the Marvel World.
3.Try to make series that introduces the younger audiences to the mainstream comics, the Marvel Adventures seem more like a parody of the Universe (like an Abridged Series to an Anime) and that with great books like Spider-Girl.
4.Restore Spider-Man and MJ's marriage in a tasteful way and manner with all the plus from what came after... would be Anti-Venom and Harry.
5. Cut back abit on the company crossovers. First Hulk comes in to declare War on us, then the Skrulls do the same. How many times does earth get invaded in a year and yet has yet to master intergalactic travel?

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