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After looking at that scan i came to the conclusion that it is faster than nano-second reaction time, ask if your interested.  Its simple really, is his combat speed capable of FTL speeds? yes and quite easily, Has he shown this ability? Yes.  Dose he use it all that often? no.  Dose it matter why he dosent? no. Dose that take away from the fact that he can use it when ever he wants? no.
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I want to read most everything about King Thor and RK Thor, any recomendations and/or all story arcs with him? (not sure if they're already mentioned i read the whole thing but didnt find any recomendations for these)


Please im dieing to read stuff about king Thor and Rune King Thor...

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Thor wins but just for the record he one-shotted an incredoubly wattered down movie interpretation version of the Destroyer armor.....
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im asuming no prep so then this fight is between Darkseid and DD, if it is a prepmanent death required  DD should eventually win, but it its only one kill required, then i would give it to Darkseid...
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anybody that can act outside of time itself, can have a huge chance in beating him make Zoom their b&%$h...plain and simple (IMO SA superman has never shown such powers so he is not going to beat Zoom)
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Flash actually might have a chance againts prime due to his whole fear of speedsters but againts the others, he is no one so he is out.  So no we have Runner Prime and Zoom, im asuming Runner dosent have gem. he simply dosent seem to able to stand up to Prime.  Nobody, i repeat nobody, ill repeat it once more...NOBODY can match Zooms speed based on his power discription.  So either he wins or its a tie between him and Prime (i cant quite think on how Zoom could damage somone as invunerable as Prime, thats the main thing that makes me think a tie is coming unless he can deliver an infinite number of superman level punches in a fraction of a second if in any time at all).
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Chuck Norris destroys all, all he has to do is show up and its instant T.K.O from his sheer awswomeness....
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what about when Kyle created his own little GLC if you will or when he subcounsciously created Oblivion and the powerset he had..... or when he reconstructed the one ship from the "Heavens Ladder" arc (not sure it thats the name).  It just seems like his ring had more juice or somthing....
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when ganthet gave him his ring ive heard that it had the total energies of the classic gaurdians of the universe is that true? if so evidence?  how different was his ring?
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thx a lot ,ya that was kinda buggin me, now its much clearer, all hail the mighty Surfer!!!!! :D