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mega spite in black panther favor.

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What do you mean? It was powerful because it moves at millions of times the speed of light, had probability manipulation, dimensional teleportation, reality warping on a universal scale, exct.

to begin with , when STTGL was fighting the anti spiral , the crew were about to lose to it but lordgenome appeared and blocked the attack , they didn't do it by themselves, and after that only the magical power of "friendship" and all that stuff gave them enough power to beat the antispiral.

now that mecha looked "so powerful" than can be damaged like any other mecha by wires and cables that were coming out from the anti Spiral (if i'm not wrong lord genome could own simon inside his mecha with his bare hands)

the universe wasn't destroyed when STTGL fought anti spiral, otherwise humans would have died when that happened.

i don't think those movements of both Anti Spiral and STTGL were FTL cause as far as i recall their movements were just like any mecha can do. maybe they can travel at FTL but not in combat.

-non of the abilities you have listed (well to be generous at least some of them) were used against the Anti spiral , only a big drill that again defeated him due to a well elaborated plot (lord genome).

as for the size , for a moment there can be many arguments to support that those mechas were galaxy sized but:

despite the fact that humans were helped to see the whole battle:

- the anti spiral can distort the universe , actually the last battle was in a distorted universe.

-STTGL can move in outerspace IF it creates another space around , so we cannot have a good size comparison.

-in the final part we can see humans watching the huge explosion that was left by the two mechas and it didn't look galaxy sized.

finally , elder demon bane will destroy STTGL .

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Thor godstomps surfer and this is not funny

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Samus isn't beating Frieza for sure

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bring down the big asteroid! LOL!

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STTGL was just powerful due to a well elaborated plot and its size is so inconsistent.

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with prep batman stomps

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Thor murders blue beetle , the end.

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@sc said:

Don't believe this and the dozens of other studies out there, its just made up liberal stuff. I can say that as a gay homo myself personally, I can't wait to take some adopted babies and dress them up in leather outfits then strap them to my hairy homo chest then go to the Steel Toolbox and The Fireman's Drill to pick up and chat up some sweet cute honey chunks of hunk. Them I brazenly make out with strangers even with my adopted babies strapped to my chest (if you strap them sideways you can fit more in - oh duh I mean the adopted babies to my chest) then after flirting with dozens of hairy hot homos I go back to my fabulous apartment with some guy whose name I don't even know, but who cares about names when I am just there to spank his ham with my inner palms. Yes even with the adopted babies strapped to me, I want them to watch me spank other me, all us gays do. Then I roll up my hand into a fist? Then I stick it in the other guys ear! Thats right, if you don't stick it in the ear then no wonder you don't find it appealing, your doing it wrong. After all that fist in ear action and spanksies we cheat on taxs, smoke class a drugs, worship satan, read Dr Strange comics and other immoral and depraved acts including drawing mustaches on woman like Ms Marvel, Wonder Woman, Thor and X-23, since deep down we wish all woman were men. Now give me all your adopted children please so I can make them mini deviant versions of myself.

i don't care if they rise kids well, a kid needs to be forced to live with a gay couple? besides when the kid sees other ones with a mother and a father, he will say how come he has a mother and i have two fathers ? how will you explain that to him? it's gonna be confusing.