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Pls gv Miles his own shw, pls gv Miles his own shw, plz gv Miles his own shw, Plz gv Miles his own shw, Plz gv Miles his own shw. PLZ.

If nt Plz mk Miles a permanent co-star.

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I've just bought Vol 1 - 3 of Dark Avengers and was wondering after reading these what should I be going to next?

If u lyk dark very thought inducing morally complex stories....get d current NEW AVENGERS by Hickman.

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Very Simple...SHUMA GORATH, period!!!

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@simon_the_digger: @zhurong: @highaccuser: @life_without_progress: @pooty:

All BM has 2 do is blast Ronan's hammer away frm him & he's toast....many of y'all seem 2 4get dat BM has teleportatn tek "drone portals" & can crea8 force fields & enrgy constructs in addition 2 being a mighty mega-pwrhse he is alrdy. BM fawt d entire Mighty avngrs solo(Shulk, former Ms. Marvel, Wondaman, Ironman & frking SENTRY) alone & even defeatd freakin KING HYPERION.

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Blue Marvel was able to beat king hyperion so he wins

We/SZ agree with dis!

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Hyperion is best left as a supa-villain whn nt in his squadron supreme universe, anyways der's already KING HYPERION within d same 616 universe.

Anyhw, Ewing has been doing gr8 wondaz on BM/Blue Marvel in MA/Mighty Avngrs, so gr8 dat we/SZ hv fallen in luv with d xcter & wish Marvel gv BM a 2nd mini or maxi or limited series co-written by Grevioux & Ewing.

We/SZ wud even rathr read d puke-inducing Sentry dan Hyperion....Ewing has gr8 talnts but let him concerntrate d superb work he's doing on BM bcuz Hyperion already has 2 writers since he appears in 2 avngrs titles.

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Bazooka proof glass don't hit back.

So true.LOL!

BP also said sumthing lyk dat whn he briefly fawt d martial artist Inhuman.

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BP has been traind almst since birth while Bats began his training earliest in his teens.

BP was born in2 & trained by d most war hardened undefeatd warriors were only d BEST can b king frm an unconquerd nation of Wakanda while Bats was trained by a DC equivalent of Hand ninjas.

BP has taken blows frm several supahuma.ns b4 he even md his vibranium weave suit

BP strait-up defeated a supa-skrull who had d combined martial skills of all d top 10 fytrs in Marvel including BP...& BP/Tchalla still beat him 1-on-1/H2H.

BP was able 2 hold his on against a blud-lustd Iron fist.

BP...who was able 2 use pressue points on Cage, on freakin "UNBREAKABLE" SKIN.

BP who was sent on his "walk about" alone across Africa(dis is when he met Storm) 2 fend 4 himself has a ryt of passage 2 adulthood when he was barely a teen.

We/SZ aint under-playing Bats who has sm pretty impressive feats but dammit he wud go down against BP after d very VERY ferocious hyper-counter calcul8v & bloody fyt.

BP wins!

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So just whn Ewing was doing sooo well devlping BM in MightyAvngrs, Marvel nw grabs him & has him write Hyperion, dis xcter dat is featuring in 2 ongoing avengers titles written by 2 diffrnt writers & now 3 with Ewing.

Yes, we/SZ know dat Ewing is still on MA BUT...

Is Marvel slowly trying 2 bury BM in favor of dis nu Hyperion? R dey sooo desper8 4 anothr whyt supaman? Anothr Sentry?

Will Hickman or Spencer also write a MA #.1 focusing on BM in return? Of course not. We/SZ highly doubt it.

B4 u knw it Hyperion will b getting a solo series b4 BM...U JUST WAIT.

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@micah said:

@i_dont_like_comics said:

why does dc continue with this anime-ish style?!?! it's not good. and starkiller is awesome.

I think it goes back to the whole shared universe direction that their going with.

Aaaand of course dat "anime-style" is superb & best suited 4 action-packed toons.