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@new_onslaught said:

Why everyone forgets that Batman can call his Batplane for an airstrike?

BP has d "Nyami class battlecruisers" capable of underwater & interstellar flight which he has hidden across d globe as a pre-emptive measure in case any nation evr tried 2 attack Wakanda. AND he also has orbiting satellites in space capable of making ground strikes.

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BP wasn not masters all different forms of martial arts, it is rather said dat his fighting styles belong 2 no known combat teknik bcuz it originates in Wakanda which was an isolated kingdom 4 1,000's of yrs & was considered d most unconquerable place on earth bcuz Wakanda fought off & defeated wave after wave after wave of all kinds of wud-b conquerors, kings, militias, cooperations, etc 4 over 10,000yrs all wanting 2 get their hands on Wakanda's vibranium. And d collected & accumulated knowledge of all d wars, battle strategies & combat tactix & tekniks hv all been taught 2 BP.

Now add dat 2 d fact dat Wakanda is also d "most scientifically advanced nation on earth" which eplains BP's assortment of crazy kool gadgets such as his anti-metal claws which can cut thru anything INCLUDING ADAMANTIUM, kimiyo card, hard-light shielding(NA#1),cloaking, etc.

Den add all dat 2 d fact dat BP is ordained as d avatar & champion of d Panther God/Bast after besting all d gr8es fighters in Wakanda & taking d mystical royal heart sharpd herb duration anointment & appointment as king. BP's connexion 2 Bast anoints him with sum enhanced capabilities such as 'natural' night vision, enhanced hearing, enhanced smell, super-spartial awareness(hek even astral awareness were he is cable 2 detect invisible cosmic beings when d gr8 Kang & all his 41st century tek faild) & animal like agility.

BP also has lethal energy daggers dat can b configured 2 several levels of lethality & death while Batman used batrangs r not nearly as lethal.

BP was able 2 defeat a super-skrull with d combined fighting skills of Shang-chi, Cap America, Elektra, DD, Bullseye & including his own fighting skill.

Now add all dat 2 d fact dat BP is amongst Marvel top 8 smartest people i d MU.

Batman doesnt stand a chance against BP in a straight-up fight & even with prep d best Batman can hope 4 is a stalemate.

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Dis is our/SZ most anticipated buk of Marvel NOW...& probably gonna do gr8 numbers.

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@Blacharrt1 said:

Nope for me (let bp and storm be done) They like her and forge had several children in alternate universes... that should count for something, and she better not be pregnant and she better not be put together with Wolverine.

We/SZ wud rather c Storm get bak with Forge dan with hideous man-slut Wolverine.

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YES, dey md a perfect couple...all of Marvel(more emfsis on x-editors & x-writers) refused 2 gv it proper support so all d weight fell on Hudlin

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BP will 4evr b d BEST partner 4 Storm

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@toa_deserok said:

Here is my question: Why couldn't Marvel just allow a major marriage (like storm and T'Challa) and something of a child being conceived in the process of that marriage? If they did that with the proper writer flow and emphasis, it could actually prove to be a unique and engaging story builder.


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@Veitha said:


They are too different, I can't see them together.

And, howhever, X-Men power couple is EMMA FROST/SCOTT SUMMERS


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@SUNMAN said:

so much for Jean Grey being his one true love. End of the day this won't help Storm and it will just be another notch in Wolverine's belt.

Agreed...Jean is Logan's true luv & now dat she's coming bak y r x-writers trying so hard 2 shove Logan's pinkie in2 Storm.

BP was/is d best companion 4 Storm its just dat Marvel editorial simply refused 2 creatively contribute 2 dat marriage.

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@fodigg said:

I fail to see how Storm's popularity would've made Black Panther more popular when they didn't do a damn thing with that relationship.

Very precisely said...agreed & cosigned.