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I guess Emma is a very mature woman to have had such a history and just looks older than she really is. Sad. I think she would prefer to look younger than the other way around. Oh well then. If Emma were to have an average age then let's go with 30!?

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@PhoenixoftheTides said:

I remember Emma Frost stating that she was 27 in "New X-Men" during Grant Morrison's run. I'm not sure if this was retconned out, though.

Link to webpage with backup images and info:

Yeah, i remember reading something like that but i always figured that was a joke. She always came off as in her 30 and I thought it was a fact she is slightly older than Scott. Maybe her diamond form can help prevent her aging process. She just has to stay in it for a while.

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Here are my rough estimates. Updated.

59-Professor X (should be in his 70s but deaged and looks to be his late 50's

55-Magneto (deaged also many times into a man in his prime but looks old)



34- Cyclops, Storm (de-aged and re-aged)

33- Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch

32- Nightcrawler (when he died), Psylocke (British bodies Betsy)

31- Havok, Dazzler, Angel (but maybe Archangel had a slower age rate?)

30- Emma, Polaris, Gambit

29- Iceman

28- Multiple Man

27-Colossus (died for a bit)

26- Rogue (could look younger maybe due to Ms. Marvel's powers), Psylocke (Kwannon's original body)

25- Karma, Warpath, Rachel

24- Cannonball, Mirage, Banshee II

23- Kitty, Sunspot, Boom Boom, Rictor

22- Magma, Chamber, M, Husk

21- Wolfsbane, Jubilee, Legion

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We know time slows down in the Marvel U but maybe we can create a collective list of the different ages of X-men characters. Come up with a age for 5-10 different character and we'll average them out til we come up with a good estimate. Also if you can justify your answers it would help. Like if someone's age was given in a book, would be a great example.

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I think it is safe to say that Colossus and Shadowcat are endgame. They have such a long and constant history that I am sure they will be together again. But in the mean time why can't be with other people. Or rather I can Kitty should have other adult relationship as the woman she is now. I like the idea of her and Iceman possibly developing some feeling for each other at the school. But I feel she and Colossus seems to have had many flings in the past but no one worthy like Kitty. The only other X-lady I would love to see him with is Polaris. Can you imagine the fun they could have together...^-^

Other new romances I would love to see would see something between Psylocke and Fantomex. The more I see of Fantomex the more I like the idea of him with Psylocke. He might actually be worthy of her and since she can't be with Angel anymore. It might however be a romance just for X-Force.

Other random romances I would love to see happen are: Havok and Unuscione, Sage and Mimic, Nightcrawler and Scarlet Witch. and Hellion and Armor.

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@cattlebattle: X-Factor makes me think M is in her early 20s. And she has always been a mature and sophisticated woman. She also had a fling with Madrox.

It also wouldn't be as bad as when Angel dated Husk. Now that was...odd.

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So first off I would like to see Cyclops and Emma split. And Rogue and Gambit go their seperate ways. Storm to divorce T'Challa. And Beast to break it off with Brand.

New Couples:

Storm and Wolverine. Just because they are my favourite What If? couple and they could mend the schism.

Magneto and Storm. No real reason. Just because they seem to be mature enough and regal enough to be partners.

Psylocke and Magneto. Second best choice for the reformed Master of Magnetism. They have some tension building in the current Uncanny arc. And she is only other X-woman I can see him connecting with on a more mature level.

Iceman and Kitty. Hmmmm?....Interesting.

Beast and Cecilia. They had something and it would be nice to see them rekindle that.

Gambit and M. They would be hot.

Cypher and Magik. New Mutants who died and came back and who need a shot at love.

Hellion and Wind Dancer. Bring back their romance. It is missed.

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Which do you love, which do you hate, and which characters would you like to see in a romance?

The most prominent couple seems to be Cyclops' and Emma's, but they are very unliked and overplayed. Then we have Havok and Polaris who have been in romance for decades but have not really developed in any way. Storm's marriage to Black Panther should come to an end soon, for her sakec mostly. And Wolverine's side romance with his girlfriend doesn't feel real since she has no place outside his book. Other current romances out there are; Beast and agent Brand, Sunspot and Magma, Madrox and Layla, and I believe the most beloved and best developed out there-Rictor and Shatterstar.

The other romances that have been around but are currently on the back burner are Colossus and Shadowcat, Cannonball and Mirage, and then we have the demise of Psylocke and Archangel's epic love story. There are also some lingering affection between Rogue and Gambit, which needs to be resolved and preferably laid to rest.

The bad ones that I rather not mention but have come about recently has been the awful pairing of Mike Carey's run, Magneto and Rogue (ew!) and Mystique and Iceman (yuck!). Then there is recent rehashing of Gambit and Frenzy, the forced pairing of X-23 and Hellion, and the out of nowhere bond of Warpath and Hepzibah.

So, what romances would you like to see more of?

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I think they have two directions to go with if they want to make more X-men movies.

First, would be continuing the prequel saga, established in First Class by having two more movies. Then in 5 years have one more movie spin-off about the New Mutants.

The second movie can introduce Storm as the first recruit, since the X-men need a female character and someone isn't white. If it is set in the 70s then the movie can touch on the lingering sexism and racism in America and have a good female character of colour on the good team. Her power is enough to rival Magneto's and we can see more of the world if she was in it. And I think by the end of the movie we can see them recruit either Jean. They can save Cyclops for the third movie, so they can resolve the whole Havok issue. Only one Summer's brother should be on the team so they might have to get rid of Alex and then establish his brother. It would also be cool to have Sinister show up in that last movie and maybe have the movie based on the Mutant Massacre.

The New Mutants movie can continue from Last Stand (even though I would prefer it to just replace that movie with this one). It can have Wolverine and Storm leading the school and the kids. Like X-men Evolution. The villain could be the Shadow King and/or Mastermold. So we have a mutant enemy, that could require a cameo from Professor X from the astral plane, and a human/robot threat that X-kids can deal with.

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I really hope that after AvsX that the world will be a much brighter and hopeful place with new mutants emerging in the aftermath. The past decade has been so dour and desperate and full of doom. After Morrison's little run, we endured the genocide and razing of Genosha, the breaking of the X-family and the loss of Jean Grey. That run really set into motion the Decimation that took out even more mutants and turn the X-world into a dark, deadly place.

I think with the current schism both teams will have to turn to each other more for support and guidance, which will be a great thing. I just hope more moments are shown and explored. The team at the Jean Grey School are already lightening the mood, by letting the kids be kids and having the older X-men mentor the younger one. The Extinction Team just needs a few more positive people on board and stories that help bond the team more. They don't have to be in a conflict every book or fighting some big baddie, just let them interact and be human beings. Have Storm, Psylocke, Dazzler and Jubilee have a girls night out, show Emma connecting with her Cuckoos without telepathy, or see Magneto instruct the recruits like he did the New Mutants.

I want the old status quo to return to the X-men, where they had fun and went on adventures, while helping to create a world where humans and mutants can live in peace. No more endangered mutants.