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Chris Claremont is the X-Men writer I dislike the most.

Claremont is the writer whom made the entire X-Mythos huge but he also made it a hodge-podge of too many unresolved storylines and subplots.

Let me just say I am not a person that can't admit Claremont can do now wrong, there are plenty of things I could criticize and plenty of stinkers in his run. Although, I believe the majority of unresolved plot lines were due to circumstances outside his control, like editorial making changes or another writer taking a different direction. He was pretty good with tying things up. I would say writers in the 90s had more of a habit of just forgetting what they wanted to do.

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a bold statement, to be sure, but I don't entirely disagree.

Between the end of the Mutant Massacre in Uncanny X-Men #213 and The Muir Island Saga in #278, there's really only one or two stories (Welcome to Genosha and X-Tinction Agenda) that have anything to do with the X-men being mutants; only Claremont could have gotten away with that for the better part of 5 years. And his later subsequent runs were nothing to write home about either.

Nah. There is tons of stuff, whether its interludes with the government plotting the mutant control act or otherwise. During that time the X-Men battle Master Mold/Nimrod, in which has a subplot where Senator Kellys outrage with mutants grows due to his wife being murdered, The Reavers who just generally hated mutants and became cyborgs to combat them aside from the mad on some of them had with Wolverine, the Hand plotting to use mutants as assassins and weapons, Forge and Charlotte Jones being hunted by Genoshan Magistrates etc. There was lots of stuff. It just wasn't always in the forefront.Claremont was plotting a huge storyline with Shadow King so there was more focus on that stuff with Muir Island for a good amount of issues.

i would also like to add that as much as Claremont ruled in his time, there was a lot of stuff that were awful and confusing and could have been done better, and the flaws really began to show in Claremont's work by the end the 80s. The times may have been changing so fast that Chris couldn't keep up with the pace but i wish he had been told his time was running out and he could have been allowed to wrap up his story arcs that he had planted at the start of the decade.

So much of the faults might have been due to Marvel's interference that forced the resurrection of Jean against Chris' wish, and then turned Maddy into some clone who then went evil, and aftermath of the Fall of the Mutants could have had a greater affect on the Marvel Universe. Then they turned Magneto back into a villain after all Chris had done to redeem him and the X-men were turned into a brand in the 90, which then saw the end of Chris Claremont on the X-men.

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Does anyone know how responsible Bendis is for House of M/Decimation of mutantkind and the demonization of the Scarlet Witch? And how much do you wanna bet that AvX was his idea?

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The only books i am buying in the Battle of the Atom event are Brian's. And i am doing that reluctantly because I hate the whole concept of the crossover and rather we had another arc of X-men then getting involved in this mess. But who know Brian might inject some interesting twists and have good interactions in it.

Happy to hear Karima will be coming back.

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Jean and Scott's marriage was always a sham. She wanted a little boy she could keep in her pocket who would always be there for her to lean on, while she went around and did whatever she felt like. She didn't love Scott Summers, she loved the idea of him loving her no matter what. Then she's surprised by her husband pulling away after he goes through an existential and emotional crises like having his mind-raped by Apocalypse. Then he's coerced into sex by his therapist, which people say is a "psychic affair" which amounts to "masturbating over someone who's thinking about you" and means freaking nothing. "Oh Jean, was a telepath, it means more to her." Most idiotic statement said regarding the whole thing. They checked up on Emma because she was just, you know, savagely assaulted by Jean because she had the audacity to fall in love with Jean's estranged husband, meanwhile, Jean's throwing her crotch at Wolverine every time he sniffs around, which is often. Then Cyclops left, because he wasn't sure what was going on his own head, and he ran away. Then Jean made out with Logan, died and came back. because that's all her character ever does. Then she died for good. It was awesome.

You know why there's no X-Men without Scott Summers? Because he is the X-Men. You take away him and you diminish the franchise. It's like having the Fantastic Four without Sue Storm and Mister Fantastic (oh wait, they did that, it sucked). Why do modern X-men comics suck? Because Cyclops is written completely out of character, and the house of cards falls down along with him.

Cyclops fans are so visually impaired, just like their idol. He is not the X-men, he is just lucky he is white, male, and a founding member of the first team. That is a lot of privilege, so don't get that confused with actually meaning anything. He was a great character in the All New All Different X-men era but Uncanny X-men was at its best and most iconic when he wasn't even a part of the team, because he was in X-Factor. Get your facts right.

Also, where do you get off on blaming Jean for everything that had made Cyclops such dick. She is not Apocalypse. And if you look at her history in relation to Scott then she has suffered so much more being connected to him and having to be his prop. Which now seems to be Emma's role in the X-men. Jean was a great character that should have stayed dead, but Marvel brought her back and made her fulfill the role of the good girlfriend/wife to of the (undeserved) main character of the X-book in the 90s and after. What happened to Jean is another example of the Women in Refrigerator trend and most X-fans either love her or love to hate because she was such an iconic and powerful character, despite being a woman.

And you seem to forget that Emma wasn't the most innocent victim, when you remember she is partly responsible for the Phoenix going Dark in the first place. Emma's road to redemption and acceptance should not have been at the cost of Jean, which is what happened during New X-men and then afterwards as Emma took over as the lead X-female role in the books to follow, with Storm, Psylocke, Kitty and others pushed to the margins.

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@phisigmatau: I completely agree. I don't like when fans are overly stuck to the past and want to reuse the same formats or concepts like they were so special to begin with. The Original 5 will always be an antiquated idea for a team and should never be the template for other mediums to use when creating an origin story for the X-men. I do appreciate the use of the All New All Different X-men because there are more choices to pick from and would give the team a real diverse feel that makes the X-men so appealing to different audiences.

We don't need a rehash of the same stories we just need reinterpretations of the familiar themes and new directions not seen in the comic books.

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So i don't hate Morrison. I can appreciate some of the changes he brought to the X-men but I think his ideas would have better served an animated series than being the "flagship" comic book of its time. In relation to the other x-books, how it messed with continuity and established events and then what it did to focus on just a select cast of characters left more bad than good. So i understand the hate and I am going to add my own reasons why he was such an arrogant writer, who was allowed free reign to do whatever he wanted without any consequence and then ruined the mutant community just to make a name for himself.

-He came on to the X-men, and only focused on 6 X-men and ignored everyone else on the team, and turned their relationships into that of coworkers rather than a family

-he had no real diversity on his team, treated the two women on the team as rivals, reinforced the idea of women as either the saint or the sinner, and the one Chinese mutant that he introduced turned out to be Magneto in disguise

-He ruined the relationship of Jean and Scott instead of helping them evolve from the events before his run, and then has him turn to the manipulative White Queen because we all know Morrison had hard on for her and Cyclops became his full in

-he over populated the world with mutants and then had his pet villain be the cause for millions of mutants dying on Genosha

-he destroyed Genosha and all the potential in the place, while ruining Magneto's story line that had him finally fulfill his purpose, and then he went all stereotypical bad guy at the end and is the reason why jean is dead

-he changed Beast into a blue-lion (which i liked) but gave no reason for it and then it was up to Chris Claremont to solve that mystery in his run over on X-treme X-men

-then he gives Emma a diamond form and gave no reason for it other than giving her a "secondary mutation" and because her wanted her to be indestructible

-he has Jean become the Phoenix all over again, only to kill her off once more but without any feeling and has her in the afterlife support Scott's quick decision to move on with Emma (it read like published fanfic rather than real good writing)

-also during this time the other X-book were referencing and relating to the events in New X-men but Morrison did reciprocate and just steam rolled over the X-men and left a lot of damage in the aftermath which a lot of the writers had to clean up and make sense of

-and of course the worst of which was having Marvel decide to decimate the mutant population that Morrison put in the many millions, which then brought us to House of M and my most hated writer Bendis

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Let me know when the O5 go back to their time or just die altogether. I really don't give a fuh about this event but because of "X X-men" is involved I am curious about how they will be affected by this.

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i think maybe the X-men have been reimagined so many times that they are out of good ideas to work with. I also don't feel like we need another X-men story with the same characters over and over again. Look what happened the last time when they crashed and burned with "Wolverine and the X-men". I rather we not get another cartoon with Wolverine as the star yet again. Which ironically may be the Animated Series from the 90's fault for making him so popular.

But who knows now with Disney in charge. They are currently in production making a Big Hero 6 cartoon film, which looks like it might be directed to younger audiences. Hopefully it will be really fun and put Marvel back on the map with their animated features. And lead to more animated movies about other teams and characters that wouldn't get the chance to be on the big screen, like Alpha Flight, Excalibur and maybe even an X-women movie. (One can dream.)

If Marvel was smart they should make a New Mutants/New X-men movie about the younger character in the x-books and target the younger markets like DCs Teen Titans did so well. They also wouldn't need to rely on the older X-men, who they might not have the rights for? But if they do they can include them as the supporting cast, like how Young Justice did. Only better.

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If Bendis and Aaron weren't here, and we had, like, either: Yost, De Fillipis + Weir, Simonson, Kim, Ellis or you know, writers that were actually good, handling the apparent masthead titles, then they might have been better. As it is, no, things are not. Spurrier and Wood are the only saving graces.

Me thinks the X-Line is due for another creative team reboot.

Yes to all of this. I would also like to add Kieron Gillan to the list, because he really impressed me on Uncanny X-men with what little control he had on that book. I also feel Wood and Spurrier could be better, i think in time their voice will get stronger and the stories they write will have a bigger affect on the X-landscape. Well that is my wish, really.