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I am definitely looking more forward to Apocalypse than Days of Future Past. So i can't wait to hear more news about it.

From what little has been hinted it's going to be an disaster epic and delve into themes associated with Apocalypse. He is one of the greatest X-villains and fascinating character to build a grand scale story around. I like that they are going to explore the idea of mutants being perceived as gods through out time. Maybe we will get to see some fun hints about who in history could have been a mutant. Like Joan of Arc, or Leonardi Da Vinci, or Pocahontas?!

I also love that it will be set in the 80s, which hopefully means no Wolverine but maybe finally the inclusion of a new Storm, Cyclops and perhaps Jean Grey. They also mentioned including Nightcrawler and Gambit might find their way in the story but not sure how or why but maybe we can see other new mutants on the team. I could also maybe Magneto and Mystique joining forces with Apocalypse but in the end betraying him to help save the day like in X2.

What I imagining is already getting me excited especially if the set the Apocalypse in Egypt, then we could maybe get a small Storm origins in the movie, since she has fits in so well into the themes and settings of the movie. As a child thief in Egypt, then mutant goddess in Kenya, and a second genesis X-men. It would also be interesting if they bring in Jean as well and hint at the Phoenix, which could the yin to Apocalypse's yang.

I just want to see the next movie be about the X-women, for once. It's been too much about the same characters and we need to get to what made the X-men great, equal empowerment of all the characters.

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Rogue is a shadow of her former self. She has been such a snooze and a lightning rod of needless melodrama. I miss the old (Ms. Marvel) Rogue, and the personality she had to match those powers. So unless she finally get to keep one those useful powers she borrows, she is just going to keep on being a copycatter rather than an originator.

But now that M has graduated to the head of the class and will be joining the X-Women I finally have my superwoman character back, so who needs Rogue. ^-^

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@hawk2916: I forgot about "the collective". it would be great id Dani could be repowered by it somehow, but i would not want her to go Dark Mirage.

the only other ways i can think of that could undo her depowering are;

-the Scarlet Witch (the should have cured Dani in the Children's Crusade, not Rictor)

-Hope (whatever happened to her)

-Apocalypse (he should make her his Horsewoman of Death)

-Legion (i hated that he didn't repower her during Age of X)

-the High Evolutionary

-Terrigan Mists ((maybe during the Inhumanity event?!)

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Girlfriend needs to get her powers back like NOW!

Anyone have any suggestions to how?

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You know what is so great about X-men is that other characters are able to question the person in authority, who in this book is Storm.

Unfortunately none of the other X-men books have had anyone really question Cyclops or Wolverine over all the years they have been calling the shots and deciding what is "best" for mutantkind. Storm has just put this team together and already they are challenging her, that seems so disrespectful, especially with them all being friends. But i guess Rachel might feel less connected to the rest of team, other than Kitty.

i can deal with Storm getting some opposition as long as the other guys are getting the same heat. But from what i have seen in the other books, everyone just follow orders like good little sheep. Storm is leading a team wolves. ^-^

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I was really excited for Fearless Defenders and Dani's inclusion in it. But i feel like she has been used just to draw attention to that team and is not being given her due there. She is just a supporting character and hasn't had much development. Hopefully things can change there before the book is at risk to get canceled.

But i don't see why she can't also join another team. I don't know exactly where the FD team is set, but i can see her either joining the Jean Grey School and being a mentor/teacher she was during the Academy X years. Or she might work over on Uncanny but i doubt Bendis would know what to do with her. I can see Cyclops asking her to help like when he asked Storm to join the Extinction team. But since she's still depowered it might cause conflict among the team.

I just don't want her to regress to the New Mutant/X-Force teams because that doesn't help her move beyond that.

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@chapmar said:

You can't blame anyone for inheriting the main characters of a franchise that has been around for at least 20 years and using these characters at the forefront.

I do agree with what you are saying about some writers being mostly White males, but look at artist's and co-creators like Fiona Staples, kathryn immonen and Pia Guerra. There are lots of talented artists and creators out there that are not just men. I believe comics are one of the mediums that are progressing with a rapidity not seen in most other mediums.

Well, there are ways to include the next generation of x-men while you showcasing the legacy characters as well. There needs to be a balance of the old and new and the different.

This is why i am so upset with the X-books of Marvel Now! with its focus on X-men from the past and the future, who are a lot of the same people deemed "popular", instead of moving the story forward with new mutants and the X-men of now!

But i am hopeful thing will change with more writers like Marjorie Liu will get more recognition and work with the main X-men then sidelined to the fringes. And i love that there are great arists who are women and people of colour but they don't get as much say and influence in the direction of the stories, so over time maybe their voices can be heard too. I am sure many of them are very intelligent to help plot the stories they are drawing too.

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@chapmar: I don't want to get into a debate either but i just care a lot about the X-men as metaphor for those oppressed and marginalized by society. And issues like race are not taken seriously enough by the characters, fans, or the industry itself.

Comic book culture has been as boys club for a how ever long they have been around, and all those boys have been white. There have been exceptions, which i am so grateful for, but those don't solve the systemic problems that keep comic books a medium mostly for white men. It is because of their power and privilege in society that those in charge are mostly white men, who then create stories for mostly white men, about characters who are mostly white men. So that is excluding a lot of other kinds of people that deserve just as much representation in this medium because of the history of not being included.

So if you still think there is not a flaw in this system, then you are obviously benefiting from all that privilege and blissfully ignorant.

(P.S. Triage is not the band-aid that will make it all better. Unless in a few years he's leading the Uncanny team, because then i would be very impressed by the progress.)

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All I care about are the female and minority characters in the X-books. That is why Storm is my favourite character and the New Mutants were the first comic books i ever started to buy and collect. And as a woman of colour I take a lot of offense to your ignorance.

So how about we check your privilege Squares and see why you have a problem with me bringing up race?

As for the those names you mentioned none of them were on the X-men for long and are not on the team now. Thunderbird died in the issue right after Giant Size X-men, Sunfire left the team by the end of Giant Size and become irrelevant for decades, and Forge only joined the team by the start of the January 1990, but then moved over to X-Factor. So neither of those three men were given their due and allowed to be in the X-men.

Not including the lack of any non-white characters in the X-men from 1963-1975, Storm served as the only non-white member for 15 years after Giant Size X-men came out in 1975, until Forge joined in December 1989. After that the 90s we saw a lot more diversity and inclusion of people of colour, like Jubilee, Bishop, Kwannon, Maggot, Cecelia Reyes and the third Thunderbird. But what became of all these characters, after they joined.

Well, Jubilee was made to join Gen X, Bishop had a good run until they turned him into a villain and banished him, Kwannon died in Betsy's white body, Maggot was killed off, and Neal Shaara and Cecelia Reyes were ignored for years after (until Cecelia was saved thanks to Marjorie Liu).

So yes, the way minority characters are treated unfairly and unequally has been a problem with the writing through out the history of the X-men. And right now in all the X-men books, we only have one person of colour, with Storm, once again representing for everyone, which isn't right. If only Astonishing X-men wasn't being cancelled we could have seen bigger and better things come from Marjorie Liu, but once again the comic book culture (of entitled white men) has failed minorities, and women, yet again.

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@squares said:

@time: Oh wow, you're seriously the first person I've met that doesn't like Keiran Gillen. And I've never heard anyone call Grant Morrison naive...

@silver_raven said:

@fadetoblackbolt said:

Jean and Scott's marriage was always a sham. She wanted a little boy she could keep in her pocket who would always be there for her to lean on, while she went around and did whatever she felt like. She didn't love Scott Summers, she loved the idea of him loving her no matter what. Then she's surprised by her husband pulling away after he goes through an existential and emotional crises like having his mind-raped by Apocalypse. Then he's coerced into sex by his therapist, which people say is a "psychic affair" which amounts to "masturbating over someone who's thinking about you" and means freaking nothing. "Oh Jean, was a telepath, it means more to her." Most idiotic statement said regarding the whole thing. They checked up on Emma because she was just, you know, savagely assaulted by Jean because she had the audacity to fall in love with Jean's estranged husband, meanwhile, Jean's throwing her crotch at Wolverine every time he sniffs around, which is often. Then Cyclops left, because he wasn't sure what was going on his own head, and he ran away. Then Jean made out with Logan, died and came back. because that's all her character ever does. Then she died for good. It was awesome.

You know why there's no X-Men without Scott Summers? Because he is the X-Men. You take away him and you diminish the franchise. It's like having the Fantastic Four without Sue Storm and Mister Fantastic (oh wait, they did that, it sucked). Why do modern X-men comics suck? Because Cyclops is written completely out of character, and the house of cards falls down along with him.

Cyclops fans are so visually impaired, just like their idol. He is not the X-men, he is just lucky he is white, male, and a founding member of the first team. That is a lot of privilege, so don't get that confused with actually meaning anything. He was a great character in the All New All Different X-men era but Uncanny X-men was at its best and most iconic when he wasn't even a part of the team, because he was in X-Factor. Get your facts right.

Playing the race card? How pertinent. Because, you know, race has proven to be such a factor when it comes to membership in the X-men.

Race has always been an issue, since the X-men began and appropriated a lot of the civil rights ideas and concepts into their mythos but didn't have any black people except for Storm who was the only non-white member til the 90s. So yeah it's an issue and it also matters when the writers of the book have all been white males and continue to dictate the way the story are told and who will get the attention and focus in the books. And it's no surprise that the character that get the most story about them are the white men of the X-men.

Until we see a better representation of real diversity in the X-men with more African, Asian, South American and/or Native American X-men then don't try to dismiss that race is not a problem that alienates certain fans and entitles others.