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I am so happy for this title because even as a massive Storm fan, i have not been very thrilled with how much she has been spread around so many X-books without any real impact or influence on the stories, just like before when she was Utoptian wallpaper. I don't even buy any of the books unless the art is good enough and even then I am don't feel we are getting anything of real substance or depth. It's all superficial and superfluous.

This is why I am looking forward to Storm's solo book. We finally get the definitive Storm we have been lacking for so long. Her voice has been given more volume lately but she really doesn't have much to say, and even Brian Wood can't seem to stay true to the Storm he wrote that sounded so strong in his previous Adjectiveless run. The last issue of his book, proved how insecure and not in control Storm was.

So if Marvel is finally prepared to give Storm the space she needs to find herself again, and if need be reincarnate herself for a new generation, then that is what the X-books need. A new Storm that is confident, determined and self-sufficient, like she was in the Life-Death arc. Storm has been suppressed/oppressed for far too long. I hope this solo finally gives back her spirit.

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You know you live in a rape culture when people are so quick to defend the alleged rapist, and not the alleged victim. None of us know yet who is right or wrong in this situation, or other alleged situations, but it's really gross that quite a lot of people are dismissing or criticizing the accuser before they have all the facts about this case.

I really do hope this is a false accusation, so I can just dislike Singer for his treatment of women in his movies and interest in going where the money is good instead of following his heart (like when he left the X-men for Superman). But the commentary so far about this scandal, has proven why some many people who have been sexually assaulted are afraid to come out with the truth, because no one will believe them. And given me more inclination to believe the accuser.

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The demise of the X-women has been a lingering trend every time Chris Claremont isn't on an X-book. Sadly, Marvel can never find another competent writer that cares enough about the women of the team, to make them the key players in the books, without using them being used as marketing ploys, token characters, plot devices or sex objects.

For about a decade now I have been voicing my opinion of the poor treatment of the X-women, and hoping each year that things would get better. But each time I, and others, have been burnt and burned again over how little Marvel values the legacy of the female X-men that affected and was appreciate by many fans. And with the 3 female writers, that i know of that got to write an X-book, the rest of them for 50 years have been written by men. And most of them have no clue how to write good female characters unless they are writing them in character to what Chris Claremont laid out for them.

Even with the seeming renaissance of some X-women appearing in multiple books, many of them are still being treated as accessories to the male characters in charge, as well as being written as an afterthought instead of integral to the story lines. Even Brian Wood's X-men, which was held in so much promise and acclaim has been failing at doing or saying anything of importance in the X-universe, and has become so gimmicky after BOTA.

So until i see long term development of female character, as individuals, that is not centred on who she dates, or what she means to some male character, or has a dream or mission all her own, then we might see less of this X-sexism. And maybe that will start when those behind the books start reflecting who is in them.

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I never cared for Bryan Singer and if this is all true then he should not get the privilege to make more movies. Especially the last X-movie. Maybe Matthew Vaughn can come back for Apocalypse. Or someone that cares about the X-men.

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I want to see an end to the rival schools that Wolverine and Cyclops started that provide nothing new or revolutionary for mutants. So leave them to their pissing contest and let the New Mutant Generation move the X-school to New York City, where they can integrate with the real world, in a diverse and progressive city with other super human beings as well. The "New Mutant Leadership Institute" would be headed by Professor (Kitty) Pryde, and include other original New Mutant alumni.

I also think the X-Corporation should make a come back and continue to spread support networks for mutants around the world, like they were doing before Decimaton. But the difference from the old incarnation to the new one would be having it work more like a business, think a talent agency with offices around the world recruiting mutants and providing good public relations. The two CEOs I think would be perfect for this job would be Iceman and the White Queen.

No more Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods, just let Mystique run the world the way she see fit but uniting radical mutants to her new cause, the Mutant Liberation Front. Give her a better reason to be evil than the cliche trope of psychopathic femme fatale. She is more that that and needs a manifesto unique to her and would be more morally grey than has been shown before. Mutant and mad is not working for her so let's roll what the movies has been doing and make her mutant and proud.

There also needs to be a better use for Cyclops, since they keep on telling us he's this revolutionary warrior but he done nothing of note that would be deemed good or bad, other than strutting around the Marvel U with his mutant harem. So why not him break free from his boy scout past and have him truly embrace his new rebel leader vibe and give him X-Force. Since he has now become his son, and Cable has become his father. Give him all those young and radical mutants that want to fight back and free mutants from their oppressors.

With Professor X gone, I think Magneto should take over the elder/patriarch role, and become a little wiser if possible. He should be more enlightened by now so maybe that can translate to a spiritual rebirth that can show him a new path for uniting and empowering mutants. He and his new Acolytes could rebuild his former mutant nation, on a reclaimed Genosha, Asteroid M/Utopia, or Muir Island. And start a new mutant culture.

As for the flagship team of mutant superheroes, if and when Wolverine "dies", let Storm take up her rightful place as the true successor of Professor X's legacy and lead the X-men. Only world-class superheroes on this team, that would be a mix the Extinction team, the X-treme Sanctions Executive team and the U.S government sponsered X-Factor. Storm can bridge the divides and factions and lead her team of mutant peacekeepers and law enforcers, sanctioned by the governments of the world t handle global threats and mutant emergencies. You know epic stuff like that.

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Lifeguard. Her power is to protect life. Too bad she has been in Limbo since X-treme X-men.

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He was a bad boy originally with a good heart when he first met Storm and joined the X-men. They he went, then bad, then good again, the bad, then good as he is now.

It''s part of his charm i guess. He goes where going is good.

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Let her run a new X-Corporation. She has the skills, the savvy, and the money to get that organization up and running again. She needs to be a head bitch in charge again of something important to her. Let Scott have his mid-life rebellion, and let Emma get back to her own business. Living the high life.

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Jean would have been the savoir of mutankind. Hope would have been unnecessary with Jean reclaiming the Phoenix Force to help undo Decimation and then she could have been in charge for once. Scott and Emma would have moved to the Massachusetts Academy, Wolverine and Storm would have both joined the New Avengers and got married. And Jean would have become the new headmistress of the school. She doesn't need no man.

Unfortunately none of that happened.

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She needs to leave Scott and be her own woman. She is just a walking prop NOW!