Psylocke needs Revanche

Psylocke is one of my favourite comic book characters but I can't fully commit to loving her because of the whole body switch incident.

Women of colour already have limited representation in comic books, among other media, so to have one who is just a vehicle for a white woman's identity; with all her thoughts, memories, emotions and perceptions; comes off as cultural appropriation to me. If Revanche were still alive and both Betsy and Kwannon could be represented in an equal light then I would be much more accepting of a British woman's mind in the body of an Asian assassin, because there would be a Japanese girl's mind in the body of a white lady. I really want to suport Psylocke but her identity seems insincere and superficial to me in the way the writers gave her an extreme psychic makeover without dealing with the racial implications and pervasive sexual objectification of her Asian body. And without Revanche around we lost sight completely of the person behind the body Psylocke has now. I want to preserve both identities of "Psylocke" and since Revanche has never had her rightful return, I can only half heartedly appreciate her.

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