My Repowered Mutant Wishlist.

With the return of the Scarlet Witch and the possibility of mutants being repowered after the AvsX event. I am going to be optimistic about the outcome of the Scarlet Witch and her story of redemption. I would love her to join the X-men and begin to undo the wrongs she committed when she depowered the mutants. Unfortunately, most of the big names have already been repowered but there are still a select few characters waiting to return to their former glory.

So here is my list.

1. Dani Moonstar - She is has made the best of her depowered status, like Storm did back in the day, but she deserve her powers back and to be a proud mutant again. Maybe she can get her empathic power back but become more telepathic so she could enter people's dreams and nightmares. (Like in the movie, The Cell.)

2. Wind Dancer -She was such a bright and lovely new character with so much potential until she was depowered and kicked out of the school. I want to see her air manipulating powers return but slight boosted to control oxygen and other gases.

3. Prodigy -He has continued to be a part of the X-men thanks to the help of the Cuckoos restoring his memories. But I want to see him repowered into a more telepathic powerhouse, able to download people's thoughts and memories as well as skills and knowledge.

4. Specter- A student who was a part of the Emma's Hellion Squad. I think his repowering would bring back a cool shadowmelder and possible darkforce weilder.

5. Naiad - Another obscure student who was in Rogue's Squad and lost her power to breath underwater. I would like to see her repowered into a hydrokinetic.

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