Blond Privilege in the Marvel U

I have been noticing this for a while now, but I think when Avengers the movie came out I really began to feel there was something more intrinsically racist about who Marvel as a company has portrayed as the hero to counter all forms of villainous oppression. And in my X-books is becoming more and more apparent how many blondes are running around being pushed to the forefront while other minority characters are pulled to the shadows

I would like to list all the characters that i feel are too blonde for me to handle anymore. Most of course are men, because they have enough white male privilege in this world and when your blond and blue eyes everyone seems to think you are golden. Sorry not in my book.

Captain America - the golden boy of Marvel comics. I guess in those days the rationale for his origin was that who better to fight a Nazi then to create a super solider with all the Aryan looks they wanted to possess...? He could have at least been Jewish himself or some kind of minority but that was the Golden Age of comics. And heroes on came in two colour blonde or not blonde.

Thor -I guess in Norse mythology he has to be blonde so I can't really blame Marvel for depicting him in all his Nordic glory but with him comes all his other blonde supporting cast and a mythology that is so Euro-centric that it excludes deities and races of other cultures who would make for good stories too.

Hawkeye-i liked him better when he was dead.

Giantman-another blonde man that gets all the attention and spotlight even though he doesn't deserve it. Remember him beating up his wife, the Wasp. Well i don't forget and I hate how popular he is.

Human Torch -iconic character, even died, but that didn't last long.

Sentry -Marvel's blonde Superman. Heaven forbid they try to create a character that is original and even if you do copy the powers and prestige of a Superman, at least try to give that power to a less cliche type of person.

Angel -such a tired old and cliche character. At least when he was archangel he had blue skin. But now why even bring him back from the died. Oh yeah he's a blond male character. It's his privilege.

Havok -he has been such a boring and bland character who still managed to gain some level of leadership and authority just for being born a white male and brother to the MAN, Cyclops. So i guess we are to believe he is the best and more experience X-men to lead a team like the Uncanny Avengers. And when he talks about being a mutant we must believe that he truely understands the plight and disparity of being a minority when he looks like every other blond male in the Avengers, but don't call him a "mutant". He is a white man and don't you forget it.

Now as for the blonde ladies in the Marvel U, there are some who i can recognize as being different and more deserving of attention based soley on their gender, because sexism is an issue and I rather see Captain Marvel lead the Avengers over Captain America.

Emma Frost- is a good character but she has been given a status in large part due to her sexual objectification. Her popularity is mainly due to her being man's woman instead of woman's woman. She is given power only by the men she associates with and

Layla Miller-somehow during the House of M, this character was created and for whatever reason she never everything about and was brought over to X-Factor where she remains. The weird icky aspect of her though is she started as a young teenage girl who foresaw herself become Multiple Man's wife So the little lolita was aged in an alternate universe and returned to the team as an adult so she could fulfill her mission and sleep with Madrox. How convenient, eh.

Mockingbird-why did she and Hawkeye need to be resurrected?!? Does Marvel really need their own Black Canary and Green Arrow so badly. Or do they just like seeing blonde on blonde action.

Lady Mastermind- there was already a female Mastermind who was the daughter of the original mutant with that name. But they had to create a new one with blonde hair this time instead of brunette. And now she is more popular than he sister who came before her.

Namora -if it wasn't for the foot wings she would look like every other blonde superheroine. she should have black hair like her cousin or go the other extreme with white hair. I know she has history and is a strong female character but we enough of those that look like her.

Dazzler-I really like her but one thing i would change about her is needs to go back to her original light orange (strawberry blonde?) look or dye it blue like any good music idol would.

Snowbird-is my favourite Alpha Flight character and i wish she would appear in more books but one of my biggest gripes about her origin is that she is the daughter of an Inuit goddess but was born blonde and has never looked different. I loved how she was portrayed in the Ultimate universe by looking like Native Canadian. I would also not mind if she appeared with white hair since she does shapeshift into white animals all the time but she always goes back to being blonde?!

Magma -i like her look but i would prefer it if she was actually of Brazilian origin and a mix or races then having her as some Roman empire refugee. In X-men Evolution they made her look like she actually came from Brazil with brown hair and skin.

the Stepford Cuckoos- i love all 2 of them but like Emma they sometimes get used as fan service. I like them creepy not sexualized

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