All New X-men is not all new, it's all old!

Marvel NOW! looks like it is really trying to re-imagine their universe by bridging the Marvel U the X-men and Avengers unifying into one super team and creating a new heroic landscape. For the X-men that will mean more prominence and positive PR for mutants as well as new X-teams that will protect and serve this new world. With so few books and some rosters already being previewed, there are a lot of character being displaced and in need of a team. And it doesn't help that one book that will have nothing new about it by bringing back the original 5 x-men and forcing them down our throats, yet again.

The ironically titled, "All New X-men", which will feature the first class transported from the past to the future and working alongside the current X-men. How this will affect the timeline or the continuity of character is unknown but it already makes no sense. This will also mean the focus will remain of character that have had attention since 1965 and had numerous stories told about instead of seeing new characters and new stories, or old characters who have been ignored and overlooked for many years. Jean who has been the only of the O5 who has been dead should come back but not this way. If she doesn't return as the (White) Phoenix or reborn as Hope, after AvX then Marvel will have to pay. They can't give us a teenage girl with none of the maturity or power she had as an adult woman and expect us to be pleased. And why do the other X-boys have to come with her. We don't need another Cyclops, Iceman, Beast or Angel. We have enough empowered white males on the team that is supposed to represent the oppressed and marginalized minorities of society. They could have given that spotlight to some of the real "New X-men", who have been shoved to the shadows to focus on the older X-men. Why can't we have new mutants instead of old mutants?

It's such an insult and let down if AvX doesn't deliver on the promises and solves the problems that were Decimation, Messiah Complex and AvX. Mutantkind need its rebirth, Jean needs to come back and the X-men need to be heroes again.

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