My Respect Threads

It should be no secret that I enjoy making respect threads for EU characters. Just to organize the ones I have, I will create a threefold list here: Respect threads I have completed, respect threads I have in progress, and respect threads I plan to make in the foreseeable future. These lists of course will be updated as time goes on.

In progress:  
To be created: 
  • Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
  • Anakin Solo
  • Blackhole
  • Corran Horn
  • Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus
  • Darth Bane
  • Darth Maul
  • Darth Tenebrous
  • General Grievous
  • Jacen Solo
  • Kit Fisto
  • Kyle Katarn
  • Mace Windu
  • Naga Sadow
  • Nomi Sunrider
  • Quinlan Vos
  • Streen
  • Thon
  • Tott Doneeta
  • Ulic Qel-Droma
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Posted by ReVamp

Congratulations. You've managed to create complete threads for characters I absolutely don't know, lmao. From the hole list, I only know 4 characters >__>. I'll be checking them out.

Edited by JamesKM716

I'm proud that i know all but one of these (Blackhole? to wookieepedia i go)

EDIT: Oh, he's the Shadowspawn guy. I've heard of him. Don't know much though.

Posted by Wolfrazer

I know this is a year old so apologizes lol, but am wondering if you'd still plan to do these? At least Darth Vader, being that he is more or less seen as weak in the general public or those that don't read into the EU.

Posted by oceanmaster21

this is cool could you plz finish the rest if possible