Naga Sadow's Holocron Entry

Author: Naga Sadow 
   "Ask me of my heritage, and I shall tell you. Ask me of my ambitions, and you shall know them. Ask me for my hand in battle, and I shall likely lend you both. 
   But ask me the secrets of Sith alchemy, and I would ask you for three measures of blood: one from a person you love, one from a person you hate, and one from yourself. A triangle do these measures form, and a powerful triangle it is, so long as your own bloodline is strong with dark side energy and not rife with foreign impurities. If your bloodline reveals that you are merely a spy or a pretender to Sith knowledge, may my words reach out to tear your eyes and tongue from your head, and may you drown in your loved one's blood while your enemies look upon your wretched form and laugh. 
   Because you have not already succumbed to the defenses that guard this record, I will assume you have already prepared a triangle of blood. Now fill the triangle with the sacred words, and brace yourself for death. 
   You know the sacred words. Welcome, my apprentice. Yes, I shall grant you knowledge despite your imperfections, for you have passed my test, but barely. 
   As you are already aware, Sith alchemy gives one the power to alter the molecular composition of living beings and reshape inanimate matter. First, you will learn how to construct the equipment required to create such alterations. I will then teach you how to produce weapons and armor that are impervious to all others, and poisons that will convert the noblest of beings to your dark causes. Finally, you will create mutants steeped in the dark side and bound to your will. 
   Let us begin..."

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EU Reading Guide

Users frequently ask me where they should begin when first jumping into the EU. Because I simply have no interest typing out extensive descriptions to answer that question every time, this is where those questions will now be directed.  
There is an immense amount of reading material with well-defined but less than obvious placement in continuity. Comics and books all have a set date, as the EU is extremely concerned with establishing time frames. There is a date system that has been developed to express the exact point at which a given story arc took place or character lived or item was discovered. The system is BBY (Before Battle of Yavin), also known as BSW4 (Before Star Wars Episode IV), and ABY (After Battle of Yavin), also known as ASW4 (After Star Wars Episode 4). Different works have been written from dates ranging from roughly 5,000 BSW4 to over 130 ASW4. While there is information provided in sourcebooks pertaining to histories long before 5,000 BSW4, there are no comics or novels written before that time.  
With the date system shown, the eras are what separate these less specifically. There are six eras: Old Republic era, Rise of the Empire era, Rebellion era, New Republic era, New Jedi Order era, and Legacy era. I may refer to these by an abbreviated term, particularly OR, RotE, R, NR, NJO, and L respectively. The Old Republic era began at approximately 25,000 BSW4 and ended at roughly 1,000 BSW4. The Rise of the Empire era ran from 1,000 BSW4 to 0 BSW4. The Rebellion era ran from 0 ASW4 to 5 ASW4. The New Republic era spans from 5 ASW4 to 25 ASW4. The New Jedi Order era covers 25 ASW4 to 40 ASW4. The Legacy era extends from 40 ASW4 and beyond, the latest time existing in any story line being 138 ASW4. Now, the end of the RotE era is the time period in which Emperor Palatine and Darth Vader rose to power. The Rebellion era is the time when the Rebel Alliance engaged the Empire in the Galactic Civil War. The NR era is the years following, when the Alliance founded a New Republic in the aftermath of the Sith's defeat. The NJO era shows the reforming of the Jedi Order after the Jedi's destruction from the Great Jedi Purge. And the Legacy era continues to portray the New Jedi Order and occurrences long into its future. Addendum: To be perfectly accurate, there is another era before the Old Republic era, which is called the Pre-Republic era. But this era will not be featured in this blog because there is virtually no material in this era and mostly only described in sourcebooks
I listed all of that because to begin reading in the EU, you have to select an era that interests you. You could of course just read from multiple eras simultaneously, but there are a few stipulations: The NJO and L era are not to be read unless NR era comics and novels have been read first. Otherwise, you will be lost in what is happening, because stories are interrelated and consequential to one another. The OR era is more or less free game. Anything can be read from this and in some cases without prior reading. In the RotE era, this is also true but to a lesser extent. With the Rebellion era, if you have watched the movies, you do not have to read anything out of this time, although doing so is still good, because there are significant events in this period. If SW books/comics centered on Luke, Han, and Leia interest you, then read into the Rebellion era or dive into the NR era. In the NR era, there are numerous important story arcs that need to be followed in order to read NJO and L era works with the same characters. However, in the Legacy era, the Legacy comic series can be read without very much study of events beforehand, because it happens over 100 years ABY.  
For each era, I will list what is most important. 
OR era: For this era, the Tales of the Jedi comic series is essential. This series has drastic impacts on continuity and is just a great read as a whole. Like most Star Wars comic series, TotJ is divided into story arcs, each consisting of 5 to 6 issues (usually). The first arc is simply Tales of the Jedi (or Tales of the Jedi: Knights of the Old Republic). The next is TotJ: The Freedon Nadd Uprising. After that, TotJ: Dark Lords of the Sith, then TotJ: The Sith War, then TotJ: Redemption. These catalog the exploits of Ulic Qel-Droma and Nomi Sunrider as two of the main protagonists and is situated at 4,000 BSW4. After reading these, read the prequel series, Tales of the Jedi: The Golden Age of the Sith and Tales of the Jedi: The Fall of the Sith Empire, which happen around 5,000 BSW4. Other notable EU stories at this time are the Knights of the Old Republic video game series and comic series. KOTOR and KOTOR II: The Sith Lords are excellent RPG-style games, and the KOTOR comic series grants some details on them as well. 
RotE era: For the beginning of this era, the Darth Bane novel trilogy is basically all there is but necessary. The Bane novels show how Bane founded the Sith Order that resulted in the fall of the Republic. Darth Bane: Path of Destruction, Darth Bane: Rule of Two, and Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil. In the latter portion of this era, the Republic comic series extrapolates what was before the prequel trilogy to a degree and events between them. It was not compiled into Republic until midway through the series though. They were simply individual story arcs with no name in common with one another aside from simply Star Wars. The first story arc is, technically, Jedi Council: Acts of War and then Prelude to Rebellion (full lists of all of the story arcs can be found on the SW wikia, if I am not mistaken). Other worthwhile reads include the prequel to the Phantom Menace, Cloak of Deception, the Clone Wars novel series (Shatterpoint, The Cestus Deception, The Hive, MedStar I: Battle Surgeons, MedStar II: Jedi Healer, Jedi Trial, Yoda: Dark Rendezvous, and Labyrinth of Evil), Outbound Flight, Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader, and others. The prequel novelizations should also be read. 
R era: As a general rule of thumb, the novelizations of the movies should be read. They can be bought in collections of each trilogy and are overall just more rewarding than the movies and grant intriguing information. Some Rebellion era works to be read include Splinter of the Mind's Eye (takes place between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back), Shadows of the Empire (takes place between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi), and Truce at Bakura (takes place the day after RotJ and into the week following). There are other novels in this period as well such as Death Star and Allegiance.  
NR era: The earliest possible work for this era is Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor. This is a great book but was written in the last decade and thus was more filler than anything else. It is not essential reading but still worth reading. Books to start with in this era would be either The Courtship of Princess Leia or X-Wing: Rogue Squadron. The X-Wing series depicts much of how the New Republic was built after the Galactic Civil War. Whether the X-Wing series is read or not, Courtship is needed. After those, the Thrawn trilogy is the year after, next on the chronology, and absolutely mandatory. Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, and The Last Command have to be read to continue in this era. These books were adapted into comic versions, which could be read in substitute for the novels if need be. I will not be listing any more on this era because this should be enough of a start. 
No listings will be given for the NJO or Legacy eras here because you should not be reading those unless you have read all major New Republic era story arcs. (If you need help with those, you can still ask here, but this blog is about where to start reading. Those eras are for seasoned followers of the EU.) 
Hope this helps. 


Gethzerion Respect Thread

Gethzerion is the leader of the Nightsisters and their most powerful member, and I would like to represent her showings here. 
As with other EU respect threads, however, this will be different in that comics are not the only source material for Star Wars. To represent Gethzerion's capabilities, I will not be posting scans as she has no comic appearances but instead will be presenting quotes from a novel. For those of you who are hazy on Star Wars knowledge, let me explain a few things first.   
1. Just in case this needs to be said, EU is Expanded Universe. Basically, EU Star Wars is all information and material separate from the movies. This includes TV shows, comics, novels, video games, etc.
2. The Star Wars canon classes will be brought up in this thread at least a few times. So, to follow the terms I use and just to clarify, in Star Wars continuity, there are five canon classes.

  • G-Canon- (George Lucas Canon). This is the highest canon class. It includes only the movies and material pertaining to them.
  • T-Canon- (Television Canon). This is the second highest canon class and includes any information provided in TV shows. This includes Star Wars The Clone Wars, as an example.
  • C-Canon- (Continuity Canon). This is the basic canon. This includes everything else that is confirmed to be in continuity, i.e., novels, comics, sourcebooks/handbooks, video games, etc.
  • S-Canon- (Secondary Canon). This is essentially any information that has yet to be confirmed as canon. It should only be mentioned in the context that there is a chance a given piece of information could be non-canon.
  • N-Canon- (Non Canon). Self-explanatory.
3. I may also abbreviate the titles of events or series. For instance, The Courtship of Princess Leia will simply be CoPL. That will be the only abbreviation in this thread though because of Gethzerion's few appearances. 
4. As I said above, I will be quoting books. I will have no scans of pages from novels. In general, I will take a section from a book, quote, and list what the source material is.
Having gone through all that (hopefully it all makes sense), respect Gethzerion. 


As a Nightsister, Gethzerion uses the dark side by speaking incantations or performing gestures in order to conjure spells. She had many talents in her arts worth mention in and out of combat situations. 
Force Storm 
Force Storm was a power that influenced the weather in an immediate area to cause dangerous storms of several types.  
Gethzerion's skill in this was one of her more impressive abilities in CoPL. Gethzerion gathers a lightning storm around her dwelling for no other reason than that she is angry.  

Outside, through the open portals, Han could see fierce storm clouds in the distance, flashing lightning. The stars here burned fiercely above the tree-covered mountains. Around him, the witches laughed and taught their daughters spells in the shadows. The young girls wore shirts and pants of simple hides, not the elaborate costumes of the fully trained witches. Yet the witches seemed more casual, more cozy around their children. They removed their headdresses and let their hair down. Without their full attire, they weren't so intimidating, and reminded Han only of rugged peasants. The witches' husbands worked silently, dressed in tunics of woven plant fibers, serving meals to the women so quietly that Han almost felt as if they must be communicating telepathically.  
Augwynne sat nearby so that she could speak softly to Han and Leia. She noticed how Han frequently eyed the distant storm. "Do not worry yourself," she said. "That is only Gethzerion, thrashing in impotent fury. But she is too far away. There will be no Force storm tonight." 
"Gethzerion is making that lightning?" Threepio asked, his eyes suddenly bright. "Why, I wonder how much power output she can produce." 
Augwynne looked at the distant clouds, unconcerned, and a brilliant branch of orange lightning with many tongues arced up into the sky, as if expressly for her to see. "Oh, she's very powerful, and very angry. But for tonight, she will not come."

--Taken from The Courtship of Princess Leia  

Gethzerion and other Nightsisters were able to control the air and smoke around them and charge the air with elecricity. 

The brown smoke hung ominously above like a pall to cover the world, yet it was utterly motionless. Somehow, the Nightsisters were manipulating the smoke, using the Force to wield it like a hammer. The air felt charged with static electricity.

--Taken from The Courtship of Princess Leia  

She influences clouds and smoke and molds them into a likening of herself in the sky to intimidate her enemies. 

The clouds were not the gray of storm clouds fill with heavy rain or the white of billowing clouds that promise summer sprinkles. These were dense clouds of dirt and soot rather than of water. He looked up, and suddenly the clouds above the valley swirled, as if a hand had waved above a cooking fire. Gethzerion's face filled the sky, a face made of reddened smoke that frowned down upon them, eyes twitching. Then the face dissolved, but Luke was left with the uncanny feeling that Gethzerion was still up there, hidden behind the clouds, watching them.  

--Taken from The Courtship of Princess Leia 
More lightning is generated. 

Thunder rumbled over the clouds, echoed from the mountain wall. Purple lightning spat at the cliff face above, exploding like a blaster bolt, sending splinters of magma flaming down in an arc.  

--Taken from The Courtship of Princess Leia 

Force Telekinesis is a power through which a Force sensitive can move, contort, and control matter for a variety of effects, ranging from constructive purposes to destructive ones.
Gethzerion attacks Luke internally, injuring him fatally and leaving him to die.  

She pointed a finger at Luke, and before Luke even recognized her evil intent, a ripple of Force slammed into him. White lights exploded behind his eyes, and the right side of his face felt as if it had been smashed by a hammer. His left arm and right leg crumpled under their unbearable weight, and he dropped to the ground on one knee, stunned. All the noise and blaster fire and screams of pain died away, became a distant roaring. Gethzerion pointed at him again, twitched her finger, and his eyes lost focus. He felt the hammer blow to his left temple, dropped to his sides and rolled over to his back, grasping. Luke stared up at the sky, watching streams of rocks hurtling above himsome propelled by the Force, others hurled by rancors. Time seemed to slow. His head throbbed, pounding to the same rhythm as the beating of his heart. His face had gone cold, numb, and Luke realized distantly that Gethzerion's spell had ripped open blood vessels in his brain, and he was about to die, one among hundreds of fatalities on this battlefield.

--Taken from The Courtship of Princess Leia 

In this instance, Gethzerion seems to kill General Melvar and apparently 100 stormtroopers under her own power. 

Melver got up, tried to recover his dignity, and took the detonator. "Thank you," he grunted. 
"Ah, and allow me to do you one more favor!" Gethzerion whispered, stepping forward. "By giving you this—” Her eyes opened wide, blazing, and she made a raking motion with her index finger. Beside Han the general gasped, reached up to hold his temple, then staggered forward a pace. "A simple death!" Gethzerion cackled. All around Han, a hundred stormtroopers crumpled simultaneously, some of them staggering a step or two, some firing blaster rifles in the air so that Han instinctively ducked. Within three seconds the stormtroopers lay on the ground like drugged birds, unmoving. Han looked up at the carrier, waiting for the ship to open fire. Nothing happened. The ship remained deathly still. 

--Taken from The Courtship of Princess Leia 

Here, Gethzerion crushes and ruptures specific sectors of bone within Han.  

Gethzerion twitched her finger, and Han jerked upright, found himself with his feet dangling in the air, held by an invisible cord around his throat. Gethzerion watched him intently, began to sing, swaying from side to side. He felt the noose around his neck tightening. Han chocked, kicked, fought to break free.
"I wonder what your thermal detonator would have done to me," Gethzerion reflected, still swaying. "I suspect it would have blasted my flesh into scraps, and broken my bones, and fried me all at once. So I think I shall do all of these things to you—but not so hastily. Not all at once. I think we shall work from the inside out. First I'll snap your bones, one by one. Do you know how many bones there are in the human body, General Solo? If you do, just triple the number, and you'll know how many bones you'll have when I finish with you. We'll begin with your leg," Gethzerion said. "Listen carefully!" She twitched her finger, and the tibia in his right leg made crackling sounds. A painful spasm made its way up to his hip.
"Aaaghh," he cried—and saw something over the desert. There about two kilometers off he saw the running lights of the
Millennium Falcon speeding toward them, only meters above the ground.
Gethzerion smiled in satisfaction. "There now, you have three bones where you had but one."
Han tried to stall her, tried to think of anything that would slow her for a moment. "Listen," he strained to speak. "You aren't going to do this to, to, to my
teeth, are you?" he said, unable to think of anything else. "I mean, uh, anything but the teeth!" He glanced around the compound. Several Nightsisters were coming out the bottom of the towers.
"Oh, yes, the teeth," Gethzerion said, and she twitched her forefinger. Han's right upper rear molar exploded with a popping sound, and the stabbing pain shot through his ear and upper face, until it felt as if Gethzerion had grabbed his eye at the socket and were intent on pulling it through the roof of his mouth. Han silently cursed himself for giving her nifty ideas. The
Falcon wasn't getting here fast enough, and Han shook his head.
"Wait!" he cried. "Let's talk about this!" and Gethzerion wiggled her forefinger again. The upper left rear molar snapped, and suddenly there was a whooshing sound as the
Falcon fired its missiles.

--Taken from The Courtship of Princess Leia
Force Telepathy is a power through which Force sensitives can read, communicate, and manipulate thoughts.
She receives a message from another Nightsister Baritha from multiple kilometers away and relays information back to her. 

Baritha shouted, "Gethzerion, we have found the offworlder. He has a starship, but the clan sisters will not give him to us!" Han could hear a humming in his ears, almost as if a fly buzzed within his skull. The hair raised on his neck, and he knew for a certainty that no matter how far away this Gethzerion was, she had heard Baritha's call and was now giving the woman instructions.

--Taken from The Courtship of Princess Leia

She enters Han's mind from several kilometers' distance, communicates with him, and sends a vision of an event as it took place. 

Suddenly, something shoved its way into his consciousness, as if an invisible hand had pushed through his skull. It was an odd sensation that left him feeling violated, dizzy. Very clearly, an image formed in Han's mind, a vision of dozens of men and women in orange coveralls, standing in a well-lighted room. They were looking up curiously, gazing around at walkways above them. On the walkways stood stormtroopers with blaster rifles. Han recognized the prison. 
General Solo, Gethzerion's voice crawled through his mind. I hope you will find this amusing. As you see, I am here at the prison with dozens of your kind below me. I trust that you are a compassionate man, a caring man. I suspect you are. As you know, I have struggled through various means to cause you to come to me. Perhaps this will convince you. 
A hand waved in front of his face, a hand partly concealed by a black robe, and Han perceived that he was viewing the scene through Gethzerion's eyes. The stormtroopers looked at her waving hand, began firing into the crowd. Men and women screamed and scattered, trying to run from blaster fire, but the gates back to the cell blocks had closed, and they could not escape. Han threw his arm in front of his eyes, tried to blind himself to the atrocities, but the vision persisted. He could not close his eyes against it, for the vision remained even when his eyes shut. Nor could he turn away, for the images followed him: a woman ran shrieking below the parapet, and Han saw Gethzerion's hand go up, blaster aimed as if he were staring through the laser sights, and she snapped a shot into the woman's back. Gethzerion's victim spun with the impact of the blast, then collapsed, stunned, as Gethzerion pulled off another shot. A man beside the dying woman raised his clasped hands, pleading for Gethzerion to spare them. The witch fired high into his right leg and the prisoner was thrown to the floor to die slowly as he bled to death. 
These fifty people are already dead, Gethzerion said, forcing Han to continue viewing the murders. They die because of your stubbornness. When my stormtroopers finish with them, I will round up five hundred more just like them, bring them to this room to die. But you can save them, General Solo. I will send a Nightsister to pick you up at the foot of the fortress in my personal hover car. If you are not there to meet her in one hour, then those five hundred people will die, and you will get the privilege of watching. If you do not surrender after that, you will watch the deaths of another five hundred, and another. As I said, I trust that you are a compassionate man.

--Taken from The Courtship of Princess Leia 
Gathzerion attempted to probe the minds of Luke, Han, Leia, Isolder, and Teneniel as she questioned them while they passed in disguises. 

The Nightsister nodded thoughtfully. Luke could feel her trying to probe them, and he almost pulled his blaster. Instead, he channeled the Force, let it flow into the witch, quiet her suspicions.

--Taken from The Courtship of Princess Leia  

Although this was likely not purely telepathic, Gethzerion extended her senses to look for Luke and his group. 

They were less than ten kilometers from the city, in fairly clear view, and the Nightsisters had surely seen the ship blow up, but Gethzerion was using the Force to search for survivors.

--Taken from The Courtship of Princess Leia

Precognition allows a Force sensitive a premonition of a future event.

Gethzerion seems to foresee the line of fire from the Millennium Falcon.

A volley of blaster fire shot from the dorsal turrets with pinpoint accuracy. Gethzerion crouched as the bolt ripped through the air where her head had been.

--Taken from The Courtship of Princess Leia     

Force Jump
Force Jump increases a Force sensitive to leap greater heights and distances.
Gethzerion performs Force Jumps to evade blaster bolts aimed in her direction. 

She leaped away from the ship, jumped and twisted just as another volley tore beneath her.

--Taken from The Courtship of Princess Leia  
When she decided to escape, she leaped to ramp leading up to a ship at speeds that surprised Han. 

Gethzerion must have recognized that staying on the ground to fight was futile, for she leaped up the gangplank of the Imperial ship faster than Han would have believed possible. 

--Taken from The Courtship of Princess Leia
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This has been said before by many of the Vine's more prominent users, to the extent that I feel like reiterating it is just me copying everyone else. This blog pertains to my recent inactivity here on the Vine. Let me say first and foremost that I am not leaving CV altogether as I will post here occasionally if a topic catches my interest, and this blog is not another outcry for appointment of a new mod or amendment of the site rules. It is simply for this: If anyone wonders why I post without any affinity for a consistent basis, it all has to do with standards, and the standards for what constitutes a quality post and a respectable user have declined. Opinions vary, which is perfectly fine, but when users with a history of intentionally rambling nonsense and causing unrest in discussion become regarded as notable members, it just becomes disheartening. I never claimed infallibility or perfection, nor do I claim to be the most amazing person to ever join the Vine (I'm not.). But conversation has been reduced to fallacy, insult, and inability to reasonably articulate a point, which ruins the whole purpose of logging in in the first place. To assert that, visit the forums, namely the battle section. You may gain a better understanding of my position.

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Darth Nihilus Respect Thread

Nihilus is a particularly cryptic and powerful Sith, and I would like to portray what few showings he does have here.

As with other EU respect threads, however, this will be different in that comics are not the only source material for Star Wars. To represent Nihilus' capabilities, I will be posting plenty of comic scans but also presenting videos from Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords as well as quoting sourcebooks. For those of you who are hazy on Star Wars knowledge, let me explain a few things first.
1. Just in case this needs to be said, EU is Expanded Universe. Basically, EU Star Wars is all information and material separate from the movies. This includes TV shows, comics, novels, video games, etc.
2. The Star Wars canon classes will be brought up in this thread at least a few times. So, to follow the terms I use and just to clarify, in Star Wars continuity, there are five canon classes.

  • G-Canon- (George Lucas Canon). This is the highest canon class. It includes only the movies and material pertaining to them.
  • T-Canon- (Television Canon). This is the second highest canon class and includes any information provided in TV shows. This includes Star Wars The Clone Wars, as an example.
  • C-Canon- (Continuity Canon). This is the basic canon. This includes everything else that is confirmed to be in continuity, i.e., novels, comics, sourcebooks/handbooks, video games, etc.
  • S-Canon- (Secondary Canon). This is essentially any information that has yet to be confirmed as canon. It should only be mentioned in the context that there is a chance a given piece of information could be non-canon.
  • N-Canon- (Non Canon). Self-explanatory.
3. I may also abbreviate the titles of events or series. For instance, Knights of the Old Republic will simply be KOTOR, and Knights of the Old Republic II: The SIth Lords will be KOTOR 2.
4.  As I said above, I will be quoting sourcebooks. I will have no scans of pages from novels or sourcebooks. Instead, I will take a section from a book, quote it, and list what the source material is.
5. For those of you who may be skeptical about my using sourcebooks/handbooks as a legitimate source of information, understand that Star Wars source/handbooks have a much better level of credibility than Marvel handbooks, for instance. In comparison with the comic or novel that a certain section may be based on, Star Wars handbooks and sourcebooks tend to be extremely accurate and are often re-released every few years with updated information. Facts provided in sourcebooks are C-Canon.

Having gone through all that (hopefully it all makes sense), respect Nihilus.


Visas explains the extent of Nihilus' power through the Force (5:10 to 5:28).

Visas: His power is great, and it comes from hunger. He is a wound in the Force, more presence than flesh, and in his wake, life dies... sacrificing itself to his hunger.

Force Drain
Drain is a dark side power that drains the life and Force energies present inside living beings, both Force sensitive and non-Force sensitive, as a means to kill them and enhance the user.   

Nihilus' most famous ability, he siphons the life energy of the Miraluka colony world Katarr.

Kreia explains that Nihilus and Sion stole her Force powers. Sourcebooks identify this as being related to their Force Drain.

Darth Traya indeed teaches the newly christened Darth Nihilus to harness his life-draining gift to radical heights—so effectively, in fact, that Nihilus saps Traya's powers in a calculated double-cross.

But Traya underestimates her disciples' depravity. They turn on her and drain her Force powers.

--Taken from the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

Essence Transfer
Essence Transfer, Transfer Essence, or Spirit Transference is an ability that allows a dark sider to exit their body in the form of their Force energy consciousness and possess another body or even an inanimate object, usually by performing a ritual or speaking an incantation.

Darth Nihilus is known to have bonded his Essence to his armor and in his armor was able to travel freely.

Nothing matters except his hunger. Before it devours him totally, Nihilus uses its power to displace his persona into his robes and armor. As his useless body disintegrates, he becomes living primitive intention; at last, the whole of the galaxy becomes food—for Nihilus has become the hunger.

--Taken from the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

However, Nihilus has the weakness of needing to feed on Force energies in order to sustain his Essence.

Then, when all seems lost, he discovers that his emptiness hungered. The first time, he fed it unconsciously. Draining another being's life is frightening, nauseating, but for a euphoric moment, the memories, the illness, and the hunger disappeared. But it proves insatiable. The more he indulges it, the shorter the satisfaction lasts and the more severe the hunger becomes. He begins feeding relentlessly, still always craving. Existence again becomes unbearable, but then hope materializes. A blind Sith Lord appears. She has felt his existence like a gaping wound through the Force. The Force, she explains, fuels his hunger, and she will show him how to devours worlds. The Sith and the Force are meaningless to him, but the hunger must be appeased.

--Taken from the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

The Exile and Visas confront Nihilus. Neither of them can be Drained by his powers, and without his life-feeding power being of use, he is defeated.

However, Traya reciprocates his betrayal by luring him into a confrontation with the Jedi Exile and Nihilus's own former apprentice. When Nihilus tries feeding on the Jedi, his hunger is mysteriously repelled, as if confronted by his exact polar opposite. Psychically starved by the effort, the Dark Lord falls to the Jedi, and Nihilus the man dissolves into oblivion.

--Taken from the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

Although Darth Nihilus managed to stun the Exile, he was unprepared for the devotion of his former pupil Marr to the young woman. Marr tried to exchange her life for that of the Exile, giving the former Jedi time to recover. Together, they confronted Darth Nihilus. The Sith Lord was no match for their combined might, and he fell in battle.

--Taken from The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia

Force Telekinesis is a power through which a Force sensitive can move, contort, and control matter for a variety of effects, ranging from constructive purposes to destructive ones.

It has been stated that Nihilus ripped up his vessel the Ravager from the surface of Malachor V only using the Force. How he accomplished this is ambiguous, as it might have been his own power or his powers working with the planet itself (5:52 to 6:05).

Colonel Tobin: This ship... is it his weakness? It should not exist, yet it cruises the darkness between the stars. He tore it from the mass shadows of Malachor, along with his fleet... that is a measure of his power.
Canderous: Hnh. This ship is barely holding itself together. The structural damage should have destroyed it long ago.
Colonel Tobin: He holds it together.

Most Centurion-class battlecruisers are destroyed or captured by the end of the Jedi Civil War. However, during the Dark Wars, the Sith Lord Darth Nihilus managed to resurrect one of the crushed battlecruisers from Malachor V, turning the wreck of the Ravager into a spaceworthy ghost ship.

--Taken from the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

Force Stun
Force Stun is a power that traps an enemy within a case of energy, freezing them in place.

Nihilus uses this power on the Exile and Visas (0:54 to 1:33).

Although Darth Nihilus managed to stun the Exile, he was unprepared for the devotion of his former pupil Marr to the young woman.

--Taken from The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia
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Naga Sadow vs Ludo Kressh

This is not a battle thread. This will be an analysis of events as they unfolded before and during the Great Hyperspace War and a comparison of the decisions made and ideals presented by Naga Sadow and Ludo Kressh. For anyone who read Tales of the Jedi: The Golden Age of the Sith and The Fall of the Sith Empire, you know that Sadow and Kressh were rivals. They had differences in beliefs pertaining to the role of Sith Lords and the state of the Sith Empire. Just to offer a little context, at the time, the Sith Empire was comprised of only dozens of uncharted worlds. Following the Second Great Schism, the Exiles were cast out and traveled to planets populated by Sith (the species, not the Order). They conquered these worlds, and some interbred with them. The two primary Sith worlds of this Empire were Korriban and Ziost. This Empire thrived unto itself without much expansion into other parts of the galaxy for roughly two millennia, and the Jedi and the Old Republic had forgotten about the Sith. Following the death of the Last Dark Lord of the Sith Marka Ragnos, Naga Sadow intended to put his plans into action to proclaim himself the new Dark Lord and to gather new worlds into the Sith Empire. Another Sith Ludo Kressh believed that the Sith Empire was well-founded and secure as it was and, thus, had no interest in searching out other planets. It was because of these differing philosophies that Sadow and Kressh were enemies.  

Now, when the explorers Gav and Jori Daragon accidentally landed on Korriban, the Sith had separate views of how to deal with them. Kressh believed that they may be Republic spies who would call for an attack on the Sith if they remained alive. Sadow and his teacher Simus believed they could be used as an opportunity to find worlds unknown to them so that they could heighten their Empire. 

Following this conference, Sadow enacts his own strategy. He stole away Gav and Jori from imprisonment and executed the soldiers guarding them. In the process, he also personally killed Simus. The other Sith thought of this as a confirmation that the Jori siblings were forerunners of a future Republic invasion. Feigning ignorance of the events, Sadow urged the Sith to unify and fight back against the Republic which caused Kressh to take his forces and leave. The other Sith that trusted Naga Sadow appointed him Dark Lord of the Sith. He began training Gav in Sith arts as he placed him in his fortress and held Jori on his decoy castle. Massassi warriors working under Sadow initiated an assault on Ludo's soldiers and purposefully left behind one of Sadow's insignias. In turn, Kressh rallies his fleets to strike at Sadow's decoy fortress, believing it to be his real one. During the battle, Sadow convinces Jori to escape to warn the Republic of the Sith and then brings out his own fleet, which destroys Kressh's ships and seemingly kills Ludo himself. When Jori arrives back in Republic space, Sadow uses the tracing implant he lodged onto her ship to follow her back so that he can begin his war against the Republic. To do this, he sends his armies to distant planets while he remained isolated in his meditation chamber so that he could concentrate enough to generate illusions of entire fleets on several different worlds simultaneously. During the course of the Hyperspace War, Gav realizes he had aided the wrong person when he noticed the devastation that results. As a result, he betrays Sadow by firing on his ship, breaking his focus, and the illusions disappear. When Gav tries to confront him in person, Sadow left, and Republic capital ships meant to capture him. He gives them coordinates to the Sith Empire so that they could attack at the source while it was undefended. Sadow then kills Gav by using his Sith magic to influence solar flares of a nearby unstable star, which ends with a supernova, consuming Gav. Sadow returns to his own worlds only to be met by Ludo Kressh's fleet. After Kressh is ultimately killed, Republic flagships appear and eliminated many of Sadow's vessels. To escape, Naga Sadow flies his ship between the Denarii Nova binary system and destroyed the two stars. He made his destination on Yavin IV and built monuments and temples there until he died. 
So the question arises: who was right? Should Sadow have simply abandoned his ambitions to reach out to new worlds, or should Kressh and the other Sith Lords have been more compliant with his goals? There factors to consider. Naga Sadow was a very confident and arrogant Sith. He had no restrictions in believing he could be successful in overcoming the entire galaxy. In all honesty, with his strategic intellect, resources, and dark side power, this is understandable. He outplayed all of the other Sith while manipulating Gav to remain his ally to trick Jori into leading him to the Republic. His tactics were flawlessly carried out. Overall, it seemed as though if Gav never turned against him, he would have won the war. The Jedi and Republic forces were being overwhelmed on Coruscant and Cinnagar. Had his phantom fleets not been removed from the skirmishes, the Sith armies likely would have won. As well, if Gav never betrayed Sadow, the Republic would never have been able to ambush him, and Kressh may never have resurfaced or at least would have resurfaced in a situation where Sadow's fleets could fight back more effectively. This is hypothetical, of course, but it is a definite possibility. So does the fact that Sadow failed in his conquest mean that he was wrong? Or was his loss just a consequence of betrayal? 
On the subject of Sadow's attitude and methods, to meet his ends, he killed other Sith, murdered his master Simus, and was willing to sacrifice the majority of his fellow Sith and Massassi to escape to Yavin. Did he go too far? Or maybe the question should be, is it possible for a Sith to go too far? Sith are constantly at each other's throats when they have something to gain from another's downfall. If the supposition that Sadow would have been the victor in the war if Gav's betrayal never happened, would that change whether or not his methods could be considered extreme or not? 

What about the characteristics of Sith? Since when do they cower from a chance to seize more planets? Darth Bane may have kept his Sith Order in hiding for a thousand years, but he had a set tactic in mind wherein the Sith would emerge once they were strong enough to overtake the Republic, a strategy that worked. The Sith Empire of Sadow's time had been "stagnating," as he put it, for two thousand years without aim or meaning. It just existed for no other reason than to exist. They had no direction for expanding their Empire, to kill the Jedi, or to advance Sith studies. They were just there. So, speaking purely in terms of what the functions of a Sith should have, was Kressh wrong? If so, are they even fit to hold the title of Sith? I would not question the validity of some holding the rank such as Mara Ragnos or Ajunta Pall, but what did they really achieve in a grander sense? 
From Kressh's perspective, if the Sith never moved out to increase their Empire, they had nothing to lose. They were already wealthy, prosperous, and world rulers. Was it necessary for the Sith to perform any action that affects the rest of the galaxy? One way to look at this is that if Sadow never started the Great Hyperspace War, the original Sith Empire would probably have endured much longer than it did. The Sith would have stayed unnoticed by the rest of the galaxy, and they could do as they chose in their regions for as long as they would've liked. In effect, is Sadow at fault for the fall of the Sith Empire? Can he be held responsible for the end of their reign? 
What are you thoughts? Knowing the outcome of every decision made and what became of the Sith Empire after it was all said and done, who would you side with in the greater scheme of things?

Exar Kun Respect Thread

Exar Kun was a very influential Sith and a favorite one of mine. He is definitely deserving of a respect thread. 
As with other EU respect threads, however, this will be different in that comics are not the only source material for Star Wars. To represent Kun's capabilities, I will be posting plenty of comic scans but also quoting novels, sourcebooks, handbooks, etc. For those of you who are hazy on Star Wars knowledge, let me explain a few things first.  
1. Just in case this needs to be said, EU is Expanded Universe. Basically, EU Star Wars is all information and material separate from the movies as well as the movies themselves. This includes TV shows, comics, novels, video games, etc.
2. The Star Wars canon classes will be brought up in this thread at least a few times. So, to follow the terms I use and just to clarify, in Star Wars continuity, there are five canon classes.

  • G-Canon- (George Lucas Canon). This is the highest canon class. It includes only the movies and material pertaining to them.
  • T-Canon- (Television Canon). This is the second highest canon class and includes any information provided in TV shows. This includes Star Wars The Clone Wars, as an example.
  • C-Canon- (Continuity Canon). This is the basic canon. This includes everything else that is confirmed to be in continuity, i.e., novels, comics, sourcebooks/handbooks, video games, etc.
  • S-Canon- (Secondary Canon). This is essentially any information that has yet to be confirmed as canon. It should only be mentioned in the context that there is a chance a given piece of information could be non-canon.
  • N-Canon- (Non Canon). Self-explanatory.
3. I may also abbreviate the titles of events or series. For instance, Tales of the Jedi is TotJ. Jedi Academy is JA. Dark Apprentice is DA. Champions of the Force is CotF. Tales of the Jedi is the comic series in which Exar Kun was shown alive. It took place roughly 4000 years before A New Hope. The Jedi Academy trilogy is a series of novels where Kun's spirit surfaced. It took place 11 years after A New Hope. So all feats pertaining to Exar during TotJ were his feats while in a physical body, and his feats during JA were performed by his Essence.
4. As I said above, I will be quoting books. I will have no scans of pages from novels and only a few from sourcebooks/handbooks. In general, I will take a section from a book, quote, and list what the source material is.
5. For those of you who may be skeptical about my using sourcebooks/handbooks as a legitimate source of information, understand that Star Wars source/handbooks have a much better level of credibility than Marvel handbooks, for instance. In comparison with the comic or novel that a certain section may be based on, Star Wars handbooks and sourcebooks tend to be extremely accurate and are often re-released every few years with updated information. Facts provided in sourcebooks are C-Canon.
Having gone through all that (hopefully it all makes sense), respect Kun. 

Exar Kun/TotJ



Exar Kun is brought to Korriban where he is transformed by the Essence of Freedon Nadd, beginning his descent into the dark side, and in doing so, Kun sends out a cry through the Force that can be heard by Jedi across the galaxy.    
Force Blast 
Force Blast is a power that focuses Force energies into a concussive blast. Exar is a very significant user of this ability. 

When he was attacked by the Massassi on Yavin IV and brought to the Massassi Temple, Exar channels his power through a pair of Sith gauntlets to release Force Blasts with sufficient power to destroy portions of the Massassi Temple, kill a massive dark side beast alchemically engineered by Naga Sadow, and kill several Massassi warriors.        
When confronting Ulic Qel-Droma, Exar one-shots Aleema without effort.  

Force Telekinesis is a power through which a Force sensitive can move, contort, and control matter for a variety of effects, ranging from constructive purposes to destructive ones.
Here, he draws his lightsaber to himself through the Force.  
Kun uses Force Push to send Sylvar flying away from him.

He uses Force Pull to steal a holocron and then kills Odan-Urr.  

Farsight, Vision, and Sense are Force powers that allow the user to peer into the future, gain clairvoyant information, detect life, and perceive all surroundings, among other uses. 
Exar could search for dark siders around the galaxy. 

With his mind he reached across the galaxy and detected other users of Sith magic in the Empress Teta system.

--Taken from the New Essential Chronology 

Sith Alchemy
Sith alchemy is channeling dark side energies while performing rituals or drawing power from artifacts or utilizing science (or all of the above) to manipulate beings.
Exar decides to study texts laid down by Naga Sadow.    

In these scans, he enacts a ritual to mutate a Massassi warrior, increasing its ferocity and power.  
Exar also created other dark side beasts, such as the terentateks, and built a sphere that gathered Force energies for him to absorb.

An extremely powerful figure now, Kun dabbled in dark side alchemy, creating freakish two-headed avians and hulking terentateks that thirsted after Force-rich blood. He invented a glowing golden sphere that trapped the children of the Massassi and allowed him to feed off their energies. 

--Taken from the New Essential Chronology
Summoning Jedi to Yavin, Kun uses the holocron he stole to infuse them with his dark side power.   

Sith Sorcery
One of his particular strengths, Exar has shown a substantial ability to harness Sith magic for a number of purposes.

Using his Sith magic, Kun was able to reverse the lingering dark side power that kept the Massassi submissive to Naga Sadow and reverted their loyalties to himself.     
In an assembly to judge Ulic Qel-Droma, Exar uses a spell to mesmerize observers and force them into inaction and then proceeds to influence the mind of the Senate president into repeating whatever he says.     

During Ulic's sentencing, the doors crashed open and Exar Kun strode in, flanked by bestial Massassi bodyguards. Before the whole assembly, the new Dark Lord of the Sith used his powers to hypnotize the observers and manipulate the president of the senate

--Taken from the New Essential Chronology

Force Scream
Scream is an involuntary dark side power from which the user releases a powerful scream of energy brought on by intense anger, pain, or distress.

Exar sends out a cry that was detected across the galaxy as Freedon Nadd transformed him.

Force Drain
Drain is a dark side power that drains the life and Force energies present inside living beings, both Force sensitive and non-Force sensitive, as a means to kill them and enhance the user.

Kun was able to use Force Drain on a colossal scale, siphoning the life forces of thousands of Massassi warriors.


Essence Transfer
Essence Transfer, Transfer Essence, or Spirit Transference is an ability that allows a dark sider to exit their body in the form of their Force energy consciousness and possess another body or even an inanimate object. Essence Transfer is an extremely dangerous and difficult power to use because if a Sith's Essence fails to possess another body or object, they will be formless forever in Chaos. Aside from failure to possess a host, the only means by which an Essence can be defeated is if the Essence is banished to Chaos by a Jedi or another Sith. This happened to Exar Kun. Some Sith, such as Marka Ragnos, have anchored their Essences to an artifact, in Ragnos' case, a talisman. Most Sith, however, regardless of what they possess, have to perform a ritual or speak an incantation in order to use it. For most dark siders, if they remain without anything to anchor their spirits to the physical world, they end up in Chaos.   
Exar sets up a ritual on Yavin IV wherein he chains himself to the center of the Temple, Drains the life energies of the Massassi, and projects his Essence into the Temple, anchoring it there.   

Another application of his gauntlets was the ability to banish Sith spirits. Exar did this to the Essence of Freedon Nadd. It is important to note that Kun did this during his first journey to Yavin and had not yet reached his prime. 


Speed/Dark Rage  
Force Speed allows the user to accelerate their movements, reflexes, thought processes, and perceptions. Dark Rage augments a Force practitioner's strength and resolve. Although Exar has few speed feats, it could be speculated that he could accomplish speed on the level of Darth Bane. 

Exar shows high striking power, as he uses his lightsaber to break through Mandalorian iron in front of the tomb of Freedon Nadd. Upon entering, Exar awakens Nadd's spirit. 
Another strength feat, he smashes a holocron in his hand.  
With no apparent strain, Exar lifts the head representative of the Senate with one hand.  
In the duration of his duel against Vodo-Siosk Baas, Kun appears to swing his lightsaber fast enough to create afterimages.  
And again, there appear to be afterimages of Exar's lightsaber.      



Exar Kun was a renowned lightsaber duelist. He is believed to have invented the double-bladed lightsaber and has multiple victories over his enemies. 

While training under his Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk Baas, Exar defeats Crado and Sylvar in single combat and then duels his master, failing initially but overcoming him with twin blades.

Here, Kun stalemates Ulic Qel-Droma, an extremely skilled Jedi duelist. Before their duel concludes, their talismans reveal the Essence of Marka Ragnos who appoints them the titles of Dark Lord of the Sith and Sith Lord.  
Finally, Exar Kun and Vodo Baas have a last duel in which Kun kills his former master.  


Exar has proven to be extremely dangerous with prep. The reasons for that are:
1) He was a masterful manipulator. He manipulated the Jedi into turning on one another to instigate the Great Sith War and had countless Massassi servants and warriors in servitude to his purposes on Yavin IV. Along with Ulic, Kun was able to manipulate Aleema into setting off a chain reaction of supernovas using Naga Sadow's ship to kill Jedi attackers and eliminate Aleema for her treachery. 
2) Exar's strategic intellect was key in coordinating various battles during the Great Sith War. Although Ulic generally led their forces in skirmishes, Kun was important in the organization and tactics used in the war.
3) Kun is very resourceful. He had his Massassi warriors build numerous structures and buildings on Yavin IV, presumably as well as starfighters. He had vast fleets, armies of soldiers, superweapons, and other military assets. Because of his findings on Yavin, Exar obtained much of Naga Sadow's machines, talismans, and other dark side-imbued equipment to aid in Sith alchemy. In addition to having engineers and builders construct items for him, Exar proved to be an inventor himself when matters related to Sith magic, showing his intelligence in the realm of mechanical knowledge as it corresponds to dark side power. 
4) He is an accomplished Sith alchemist. Showings I presented above of his alchemical feats do apply to prep and enhance the point of his prep mastery.


Dark Reaper 
Among his prep accomplishments, Kun developed a superweapon called the Dark Reaper which drained life forces from sentient beings, killing them in battle. While this was never shown on-panel, it was stated more than once as being used by Kun during the Sith War.

Exar Kun had also constructed a Sith superweapon, the Dark Reaper, that was capable of drawing in the life energies of thousands of combatants. Ulic unleashed the Dark Reaper against hundreds of Republic troops on the outpost of Raxus Prime.

--Taken from the New Essential Chronology 

The Corsair was Naga Sadow's capital ship which was equipped with Sith crystals that Sadow used in conjunction with his Sith magic to destroy stars. Exar and Ulic tricked Aleema Keto into using the power of this vessel to eradicate the Cron Cluster, a collection of 10 stars. Knowing she would not be able to control the energies of the crystals, Exar had Aleema wipe out their enemies, decimate the surface of a far-off planet of Ossus, and killed Aleema in the process as revenge for her treachery against Ulic and Exar.   

For Exar's manipulative abilities.

Strategic Manipulation
Exar was able to compel several Jedi to revert to his side and kill their fellows according to his design.   

An important detail to list is that the Jedi of this time had been without Sith opposition for centuries since Freedon Nadd. While Arca Jeth, Ulic Qel-Droma, Cay Qel-Droma, and Tott Doneeta did handle a Sith uprising from the spirit of Nadd shortly before Exar's emergence, they had largely been free to grow in numbers and in knowledge for years unhindered by any dark side enemies, resulting in the Jedi extending their Order to vast numbers, but despite this Exar was able to effectively challenge and influence the Jedi Order as a whole through careful planning. Kun carried out his strategies expertly, preying on the vulnerabilities, fears, and lack of understanding of various Jedi students and converting them to his cause, as well as abusing ancient Sith armaments, battlecruisers, and warriors. 


Exar Kun/JA


Kun's spirit requires external Force energies to empower him as a disembodied Essence.

Exar Kun himself possessed a great many other dark powers that he was unable to harness without the energy he needed to fuel his disembodied will.

--Taken from the Jedi Academy Sourcebook

Exar is able to draw in the dark side energies in the Massassi Temples to enhance himself.

Yavin 4, it turned out, had been the seat of power of a formidable Dark Lord of the Sith, a fallen Jedi known as Exar Kun. He had been seduced to the dark side when he studied the ways of the Sith and incorporated their magics into his manipulation of the Force. He had come to Yavin 4 and had enslaved the Massassi people. He used them to create all the temples on the world to help focus his power.

Eventually, like a child tiring of a toy, he let me go. I slumped to my side and involuntarily flinched as his shade came to cover me. "Just because you never saw me affect the material world, it doesn't mean I couldn't. And even if it is something of an effort to do so, here, in my stronghold, it is a pleasure beyond your possible ken."

--Taken from I, Jedi

Exar's spirit interacts with the physical realm by feeding on the Force energies and negative emotions of Luke's students as well.

Exar Kun passed the millennia in uneasy slumber. For a moment, and only for a moment, he was roused partially from his stupor by the bright presence of a man strong in the Force. Slowly extending his feelers in the direction of the mysterious man, Kun discovered that one of his great temples was inhabited by a small band of armed humans. But before he could gather enough strength to reach out to top this energy source, the Force-user and his fellows departed, and Kun again lapsed into sleep.
A few scant years later, Kun is brought sharply awake by the arrival of not one or two, but a dozen humans blazing with the power he needed to live again. Eagerly but cautiously, Kun observes each arrival, probing for weaknesses and the power he needs to restore his lost reserves of energy. For a time, he is able to subside by feeding on their residual energy, but soon he will need worshippers if he is to grow more active. With a nucleus of followers to provide him energy-providing anger and fear, Kun will have enough power to escape his exile and take on human form. To his surprise, Kun recognizes the leader to be the same man who had visited Yavin Four years earlier, now much more powerful in the Force. Too powerful, for the moment, for Kun to tackle.
Kun finds Gantoris, strong-willed and impatient to learn, to be a more promising first candidate. He easily seduces Gantoris in the same manner that Nadd had seduced him—by promising forbidden knowledge and the truly powerful Jedi secrets Gantoris cannot wait to learn. Carefully building up and feeding on the anger of his first apprentice, Kun grows in power. Soon he feels confident to make an attempt to subvert Luke, knowing that if he can sway the teacher, the students will all follow. Kun, posing as Anakin Skywalker, appears to Luke and attempts to pull him toward the forbidden Sith teachings by tempting hi to use Sith power to seize control of the New Republic and destroy the Empire. Realizing that this shade is not that of his father, Luke rejects the offer.
Enraged and drained, Kun returns to Gantoris. Desperate for more energy, he goads Gantoris to new heights of anger by showing him the Eol Sha colonists dying on Dantooine. Gantoris is pushed too far, however, and turns on his Sith master. Realizing that Gantoris is no longer his, Kun utterly drains him to provide himself a reserve of energy to last until he can subvert more students.
Kun has just begun edging in on Streen when Kyp Durron arrives at the Jedi Academy. Kun immediately senses in the young man his ideal subject. Like Gantoris, Kyp is strong-willed and impatient to learn. Moreover, he is far more powerful than the Eol Sha leader, and young enough to be overconfident and naive.
Over a number of weeks, Kun slowly bends Kyp to his will, and begins to augment his power. He grows very powerful on Kyp's hate, and soon his hold on Kyp is so complete that he can send Kyp beyond the planet to do his will and still retain control over his subject. Ultimately, he has Kyp return to Yavin Four and helps him reclaim the Sun Crusher. He also bolsters Kyp's talents to allow him to defeat Luke and place him in a coma.

--Taken from the Jedi Academy Sourcebook

Exar invades Luke’s dreams in attempt to trick him into learning the dark side. 

The sleep of a Jedi was rarely troubled by dreams. Pure rest brought about through concentration and meditation techniques left little room for disturbing thoughts or shadow plays. But this time nightmares did bread through to Luke Skywalker. A voice called him across a misty blank dreamscape. “Luke, Luke my son. You must hear me!”
A shadowy form rose out of the mists even as the surroundings began to sharpen. Luke saw himself in his pale-gray flightsuit, stained with sweat, grime, and pain—as he had looked when he took his father’s body from the second Death Star. The features on the spectral silhouette shimmered with a pale aura. Luke saw the firm face of Anakin Skywalker, restored from the ravages Darth Vader’s evil had worked on his body. 
“Father!” Luke called. His own voice had an odd, echoing quality, as if it bounced off the mists.
“Luke,” the image of Anakin said.
Luke felt tingling amazement surge through him. It was another sending, just like his contact from Obi-Wan Kenobi. But Obi-Wan had bid him farewell, claiming that he could never contact Luke again. “Father, why are you here?”
Anakin stood taller. His robes rippled in a rising wind that drove back the mists. Suddenly the world surrounding them was no longer featureless. Luke recognized that he and the image of his father stood atop the Great Temple on Yavin 4. The orange gas giant hung overhead, and the timeless jungles below looked unchanged. But the stories of the temple were white and new with bright scars from fresh quarrying. A sketchy framework of scaffolding laced one wall of the ziggurat. Far below, Luke heard mumbling and chanting, incantations from suffering slaves. He saw people of the vanished Massassi race laboring together, straining to haul enormous stone blocks along roads they had chopped through the jungle. The grayish-green Massassi were humanoid, smooth-skinned, with large lanternlike eyes. Anakin Skywalker stood on the highest point of the temple, as if directing the work gangs below. 
“Do not be deceived, Luke. Do not trust everything you think to be the truth.” Anakin’s words carried an odd, distant lilt, like the faint accent of an ancient race. “Obi-Wan lied to you, more than once.”
Luke felt uneasiness well up within him. No matter how much he loved Obi-Wan Kenobi, he knew the old manhad not always been completely forthcoming with him. “Yes, I know he hid the truth from me. He told me Darth Vader had killed you, when you had really become Vader.”
Anakin turned from the illusionary Massassi laborers below. He met Luke’s gaze with eyes as bottomless as the universe itself. “Was that the only lie Obi-Wan told you?”
“No. He hid other things from me.” Luke looked off into the jungled distance, toward the moon’s foreshortened horizon to see another clearing, another tall temple being created. 
“And Obi-Wan rationalized it as being for your own protection. Did you ask for such protection, Luke?”
“No.” Luke tried to fight back his uneasiness. 
“Obi-Wan wanted you to be his student, but he wouldn’t allow you the freedom to make your own decisions. Did he trust you so little? Did you always agree with his ‘certain point of view’?”
“No,” Luke said, feeling the words swallowed up in a doubt.
Anakin’s voice became tinged with anger. “Obi-Wan fought against the complex Sith teachings I had uncovered. He did not understand them himself, but he forbade me to study them—though he always insisted that I must learn for myself and choose my own path. I rebelled against him for his narrow-mindedness, and I insisted on unlocking secrets for which I was not ready. In the end it consumed me—I fell to the dark side, and I became the Dark Lord of the Sith.”Anakin looked at Luke with an anguished, apologetic expression. “But if Obi-Wan had let me learn the teachings at my own pace, I would have grown stronger. I would have remained uncorrupted. He never understood that.” Anakin’s image shook his head. “If you are going to teach other Jedi, Luke, you must understand the consequences of what they may learn. You, too, must study the heritage of the Sith. It is a part of your Jedi training.”
Luke swallowed. “I’m afraid to believe you, Father. I have already felt the power of the dark side.” Below the Massassi labor crews hummed and sang in stuporous unison, far beyond exhaustion, as they hauled an enormous block up a mud-covered ramp made of stripped logs. 
Atop the dream temple, the wavering image of Anakin Skywalker spoke more forcefully. “Yes, but the ways of the Sith can lead you to a stronger grasp of your own power. You can wipe out the last vestiges of the pitiful Empire that continues to harass your New Republic. You can become more than a mere servant to a frail and corrupted government. You can administer the galaxy yourself as a benevolent ruler. You deserve it more than any other person, Luke. You can control everything, if you use the Force as your tool, instead of allowing yourself to become its servant.”
Luke stiffened, unable to believe what his father was saying. Then he noticed that with the rising passion in his voice, the image of Anakin Skywalker became less distinct, wavering until it transformed into only a black outline, an engulfing hooded form that sucked energy from the air. Slowly, Luke realized the truth. “You are not my father!” he shouted as the illusion began to crumble. “My father was a good man in the end, healed by the light side.”
Streaks of brilliant light flashed across the dreamscape sky of ancient Yavin 4. Below, Massassi slaves fled into the jungles in terror as the monumental temples crumbled under a barrage of laser blasts from orbit. Old Republic battleships had arrived, immolating the moon’s surface.
“Who are you?” Luke shouted at the figure through the roar of sudden blazing devastation around him. “Who?”
Instead, the hollow shadow laughed and laughed, ignoring the destruction that erupted from the construction sites—or amused by it. The Massassi temples exploded. The thick rain forests burst into flame. The dark man’s silhouette grew larger and larger, swallowing up the sky. Luke backed away from it, but his dream feet reached the edge of the imposing temple, and he stumbled backward, falling away, falling…

--Taken from Jedi Academy: Dark Apprentice

Kun shows Gantoris visions of his people’s deaths and then scorches him to death by channeling the anger inside Gantoris and burning him from the inside out. 

Surrounded by the thick stone walls of his quarters, Gantoris did not even attempt to sleep. He sat on his bunk dreading the arrival of the dark man from his nightmares. He fingered the lightsaber he had constructed, feeling its smooth cylinder, the rough spots where he had welded the pieces together, the buttons that would activate the energy blade. He wondered how he could use it against the ancient spectre who had taught him things that terrified him, things that Master Skywalker would never show his Jedi trainees.
“Do you mean to strike me down with that weapon?” the hollow voice said.
Gantoris whirled to see the oily, infinitely black silhouette ooze out of the massive stones in the wall. His impulse was to ignite his lightsaber and slash the violet-white blade across the dark form. But he restrained himself, knowing it would do no good. 
The shadow man laughed, then spoke with his antiquated accent. “Good! I am glad to see you have learned to respect me. Four thousand years ago the entire military fleet of the Old Republic and the combined forces of thousands of Jedi Masters could not destroy me. You would certainly be unable to do so alone.”
The dark man had shown him how to borrow energy from other living things, to shore up his own reserves. His mind was alert, but his nerves were frayed and his body exhausted. “What do you want with me?” Gantoris said. “You don’t just want to teach me.”
The shadow man agreed. “I want your anger, Gantoris. I want you to open the doorways of power. I am barred from the physical plane—but with enough other Sith followers, I could be at peace. I could even live again.”
“I won’t let you have my anger.” Gantoris swallowed, searching for a core of strength within himself. “A Jedi does not give in to anger. There is no passion; there is serenity.”
“Don’t quote platitudes to me!” the dark man said in a cold, vibrating voice. 
“There is no ignorance; there is knowledge,” Gantoris continued, repeating the Jedi Code. “There is no passion; there is serenity.”
The dark man laughed again. “Serentity? Let me show you what is happening at this moment. Do you recall the people you saved from Eol Sha? How happy you were o learn they had been taken to a place of safety, a paradise world? Observe.”
Inside the black cut-out form of the hooded man, an image appeared, displaying the grasslands of the planet Dantooine. The scene looked familiar to Gantoris after seeing the progress tapes delivered by Wedge Antilles. But now he saw Imperial lasers striking down, leveling the colony buildings, giant armored walkers striding across the savanna, blasting anything that moved, igniting the temporary living units. People ran screaming. His people. Gantoris recognized most of their faces, but before he could name them, they dissolved one by one in brilliant flashes as they tried to flee. The trees blazed in conical bonfires; black clumpy smoke rose in jagged swirls. 
“You lie! This is a trick!”
“I have no need of lies when the truth is so devastating. You can do nothing to stop it. Do you enjoy watching your people die? Does that not spark your anger? In your anger lies strength.”
Gantoris saw the old man Warton, whom he had known his entire life, standing in the middle of the holocaust. Warton stared around him, hands dangling at his sides, frozen in shock, until a thick green bolt cut him down.
“No!” Gantoris shouted. 
“Let loose your anger. Make me stronger.”
“No!” he repeated, turning his head away from the images of burned ruins and blackened bodies. 
“They are all dead. All of them,” the dark man taunted. “No survivors.”
Gantoris ignited his lightsaber and lunged at the dark man.
With an insistent bleeping Artoo-Detoo woke Luke from his nightmares. He snapped awake, using a Jedi technique to dispel the weariness and shock of his sudden waking.
“What is it, Artoo?”
The droid whistled, telling him something about a message waiting in the command center. Luke shrugged into his soft robe and hurried across the col floor in the early light of planetrise. Taking the turbolift down to the second level of the temple, he entered the once-bustling command center. “Artoo, bring up the lights.” He picked his path through the equipment, dust-covered chairs, shut-down computer consoles, document tables cluttered with debris. He powered on the communications station that Wedge had insisted on installing during his last supply run. 
The image of Han Solo waited impatiently for him, fidgeting in the holofield. When he saw Luke appear in the transmission locus, Han grinned up at him. “Hey, Luke! Sorry I forgot to account for time differential. Not even dawn there, is it?”
Luke brushed his brown hair into place with his fingers. “Even Jedi need to sleep sometime, Han.”
Han laughed. “Well, you’ll be getting less sleep when your new student arrives. I just wanted to tell you that Kyp Durron has had enough of his vacation. I think after all that time in spice mines, he got used to being miserable. The closest thing to the spice minds I could think of was your Jedi academy—that way he can work all day long, but at least he’ll be improving himself in the process.”
Luke smiled at his old friend. “I’d be honored to have him join us, Han. I’ve been waiting for him. He has the strongest potential of all the trainees I’ve seen so far.”
“Just wanted to let you know he’s coming,” Han said. “I’m trying to arrange for the next available transport to Yavin 4.”
Luke frowned. “Why don’t you just bring him in the Falcon?”
Han hung his head, looking extremely troubled. “Because I don’t own the Falcon anymore.”
Han seemed filled with embarrassment, eager to end the communication. “Look, I’ve got to go. I’ll tell Leia hello for you and give the kids a hug.” 
“All right, Han, but—“
Han gave a sheepish grin and quickly terminated the transmission. Luke continued to stare at the blank space where Han’s image had been. First his nightmare of a dark man masquerading as Anakin Skywalker, and now the grim news that Han had lost the Millennium Falcon
Luke heard a disturbance coming down the hall: clumsy footsteps slapping on the floor, panicked shouts. He looked up, ready to scold one of his students for such a blatant lack of control, when the cloned alien Dorsk 81 rushed into the control center. “Master Skywalker! You must come immediately!”
Luke sensed waves of horror and misery spilling from his candidate. “What is it?” he asked. “Use the calming techniques I showed you.”
But Dorsk 81 grabbed his arm. “This way!” The yellow-olive alien urged him out of the cluttered control room. Luke sensed widening ripples of alarm traveling like an earthquake through the solid stone of the temple. They ran along the flagstoned corridors, up the turbolift, and into the section of living quarters where the trainees made their homes. A sour, smoky stench filled the air, and Luke felt an icy lump in his stomach as he pushed cautiously forward. Hard-bitten Kam Solusar and addled Streen both stood outside the open doorway to Gantoris’s quarters, looking pasty and ill.
Luke hesitated for a fraction of a second, then moved through the doorway. Inside the small stone chamber, he saw what was left of Gantoris. The body lay crisped and blackened on the floor, burned from the inside out. Singed stains on the flagstones showed where he had thrashed about in the conflagration. Gantoris’s skin flake din black, peeling ashes over his powdery bones. Rising wisps of steam curled from the remaining fabric of his Jedi robe. On the floor the newly constructed lightsaber lay where Gantoris had dropped it, as if he had tried to fight something—and lost. 
Luke leaned against the cool stone wall to catch his balance. His vision blurred, but he could not tear his gaze from his dead student sprawled in front of him. By now the other eleven trainees had gathered. Luke grasped the worn stone bricks at the edge of the door until even the rounded corners bruised his fingers. He applied a Jedi calming technique three times before he felt confident enough to trust his voice. The words tasted like wet ash in his mouth, as Yoda had told him so long ago. “Beware the dark side,” he said.

--Taken from Dark Apprentice   

He corrupts Kyp Durron. 

Even in the deepest hours of night, Kyp did not sleep. He had eaten a bland but filling meal by himself, then retired to his cool quarters to meditate and practice the skills he had already learned. As he concentrated, with only a small glowlamp in the corner, he sent his mind out to feel between the cracks of all the stone blocks in the Great Temple. He followed the life cycles of the strands of moss. He tracked tiny arachnids skittering through the corridors and vanishing into dark spaces, where his delicate touch could follow them through the blackness into their hidden homes.
Kyp felt as if he had plugged into a network of living things that expanded his mind and made him feel both insignificant and infinite at the same time. As Kyp thought and dabbled with his fledgling abilities, he felt a great cold rip in the Force, like a black gash opening the structure of the universe. He snapped himself back to the present. 
Kype whirled and saw behind him the looming shadow of a tall cloaked figure. Even in the dim room the dark man’s silhouette seemed intensely black, a hole that swallowed up all glimmers of light. Kyp said nothing, but as he continued to gaze, he saw the tiny starpoints of distant suns within the outline of his mysterious visitor.
“The Force is strong in you, Kyp Durron,” the shadowy figure said.
Kyp looked up, feeling no fear. He had been imprisoned and sentenced to death by the Empire. He had lived in the pitch-dark spice mines of Kessel for over a decade. He had fought against a predatory energy spider. And he had flown through the black-hole cluster. As he looked at the imposing liquid-black outline, though, he felt awe and curiosity. 
“Who are you?” Kyp asked.
“I could be your teacher,” the dark man said. “I could show you many things that even your Master Skywalker does not comprehend.”
Kyp felt a thrill rush through him. “What things?”
“I could show you techniques that were lost thousands of years ago, secret rites and hidden doorways of power that no weak Jedi Master like Skywalker dares to touch. But you are strong, Kyp Durron. Do you dare to learn?”
Kyp felt reckless, but he trusted his instincts. They had served him well in the past. “I’m not afraid to learn,” he said, “but you have to tell me your name. I won’t learn from a man who is afraid to identify himself.”
Kyp felt foolish even as he said it. The shadowy man seemed to ripple as if with silent laughter. His voice boomed out again, full of pride. “I was the greatest Dark Lord of the Sith. I am Exar Kun.” 

--Taken from Dark Apprentice

He destroys Vodo-Siosk Baas’ holocron.

Luke sealed his door, the first time he had ever locked it since returning to the abandoned temple. He held the Holocron in his palm and activated it, digging deep to seek information. “I wish to see Master Vodo-Siosk Baas,” he said.
The ghostly image of the nozzle-face, stunted Jedi Master rose out of the cube, robed and covered with bangles, leaning on a long gnarled stick. “I am the gatekeeper, I am Master Vodo-Siosk Baas,” the image said.
Luke squatted in front of the interactive holographic image. “I need information from you, Master Vodo. You were a Jedi during the time of the Great Sith War. You have told us about your student Exar Kun and how he created the Brotherhood of the Sith. You’ve told us that he fought for dominance over the other Jedi loyal to the New Republic.” Luke took a deep breath. “I need you to tell me more. How did Exar Kun fall at the end of the war? What happened to him? How did he die—or were you finally able to bring him back to the light side?”
“Exar Kun was my greatest student,” Master Vodo said, “yet he was corrupted. He was seduced by the powers available to him through studies of ancient Sith teachings.”
Luke nodded gravely. “I am afraid that the same thing might have happened to some of my own students, Master Vodo. Did Exar Kun ever return to the powers of good?”
“That was not to be,” the image of Master Vodo said. “Because I was his Master, I alone of the allied Jedi went to confront him, hoping that I could turn him back. I knew it was a foolish mission, but I had no choice. I had to try.”
“What happened?” Luke asked.
The image flickered, as if something had sparked inside the Holocron; then Master Vodo reappeared. “Exar Kun destroyed me. He slew his own master.”
Luke was suddenly jarred out of the story, remembering that the gatekeeper images in the Holocron were interactive simulacra with personalities imprinted upon them—not the real spirits of long-dead Jedi Masters. “Then what happened to Kun at the end of the Sith War?” Luke asked.
“All the Jedi banded together and came to the jungle moon in a united front against the Sith stronghold Exar Kun had built. The allied Jedi combined their powers into a massive annihilating strike.”
Master Vodo’s image flickered again, dissolved into static, then reassembled itself “…which obliterated the surviving Massassi natives and…” The image broke up, flickered, re-formed, then broke up again—as if something were jamming it.
“But Exar Kun—what happened to Exar Kun?” Luke demanded. He couldn’t understand what was going wrong with the Holocron. He shook the Holocron, tapped it a few times, then set it down on the flat, hard table and stepped back to get a better view of the holographic Jedi Master.
Inside the static-filled cube a dark knot appeared, like a storm gathered within its translucent walls. Master Vodo-Siosk Baas reappeared. “—but Kun was able to—“
Suddenly Master Vodo’s image shattered into a thousand glittering fragments of colored light, as if a greater force had torn it apart from within. The darkness inside the Holocron grew deeper and larger, swelling like a slow-motion explosion. Arcs of red fire struck out in all directions from the black fist. With a high-pitched shrieking noise of discharged energy, the faces of the cube split. The Holocron steamed as it collapsed with a shower of sparks, a stream of black curling smoke, and a stench of melted electronics and organic components.
Luke backed away, raising his hands to shield his eyes from the blaze. For a moment it seemed that a solid black hooded form like a walking silhouette rose up from the Holocron, laughing in a deep subsonic voice. Then it drifted away, dissipating into the stone walls. Luke felt cold fear grip him. The small white cube of the treasured Holocron lay in a melted lump on the table.

--Taken from Dark Apprentice

Exar helps Kyp resurrect the Sun Crusher from the core of Yavin.

As the sphere of Yaving rose into the sky, Kyp lifted his arms, and the slick black fabric of his cape fell behind him. His hands were slender and small, the hands of a young man. But inside, power sizzled through his bones. “Exar Kun, help me,” Kyp said, closing his eyes.
He reached out with his mind, following the paths of the Force that led to every object in the universe, drawing power from the cosmic focal point of the Massassi temple. He searched, sending his thoughts like a probe deep into the storm systems of the gas giant. Behind him, Kype felt the black-ice power of Exar Kun arise, tapping into him and reinforcing his abilities. His own feeble exploratory touch suddenly plunged forward like a blaster bolt. Kyp felt larger, a part of the jungle moon, then a part of the entire planetary system, until he burrowed into the heart of the gas giant itself.
Pale orange clouds whipped past him. He sensed pressure increasing as he plummeted down, down to the incredibly dense layers near the core. He sought the tiny speck of machinery, a small, indestructible ship that had been cast away. When he reached the bottommost levels of the atmosphere, Kyp finally found the Sun Crusher. It stood out like a beacon, a bull’s-eye in the funneling field of lines of the Force. Size matters not, Master Skwalker had repeated. Kyp engulfed the Sun Crusher with his mind, surrounding it, touching it with his limitless, invisible hands. He thought about heaving it back up, dragging the Sun Crusher out of the depths of Yavin. But he discarded the thought. 
Instead, with the assistance of Exar Kun, he used his innate skill to power up the controls again, to move the control levers, push buttons to alter the course stored in the Sun Crusher’s memory, bringing it out of its entombment. Kyp continued to watch the weapon’s progress, focusing on the sphere of the enormous planet as it crested the misty treetops. The Sun Crusher appeared as a silvery dot, seeming no larger than an atom as it emerged from the highest cloud layers and streaked across space toward the emerald-green moon where Kyp waited.
He stared upward and waited, opening his arms to receive the indestructible weapon. The Sun Crusher approached like a long, sharp thorn of crystalline alloy, cruising upright on its long axis. The toroidal resonance-torpedo launcher hung at the bottom of the long hook. It looked beautiful. The Sun Crusher descended through the jungle moon’s atmosphere, straight down—like a spike to impale the Great Temple. Kyp controlled it, slowed its descent, until the superweapon hovered to a stop, suspended in front of him. 
As the sky brightened with planetrise, the alloy hull of the Sun Crusher seemed as pristine as a firefacet gem, scoured of all oxidation and debris by the intense temperatures and pressures at the core of Yavin. The Sun Crusher looked clean, and deadly, and ready for him.
“Thank you, Exar Kun,” Kyp whispered. 

--Taken from Dark Apprentice

Kun and Kyp work together to defeat Luke.

The Sun Crusher hung suspended over the temple, still steaming in the morning air, resurrected from its tomb at the core of the gas giant. Kyp Durron spun around to stare at Luke, his black cape swirling with the rapid motion. Stunned, Luke reeled backward. “How dare you bring that weapon back!” he said. “It goes against all the Jedi knowledge I have taught you.”
Kyp laughed at him. “You haven’t taught me very much, Master Skywalker. I’ve learned a great deal beyond your feeble teachings. You pretend to be a great instructor, but you’re afraid to learn for yourself.” He looked back at the Sun Crusher. “I will do what must be done to eradicate the Empire. While I make the galaxy safe for everyone, you can stay here and practice your simple Jedi tricks. But they are no more than children’s games.”
“Kyp,” Luke said, keeping his voice even and taking a step toward him, “you’ve been lured by the dark side, but you must return. You were deceived and misled. Come back before its grip becomes too strong.” He swallowed. “I went over to the dark side once, and I came back. It can be done if you’re strong enough and brave enough. Are you?”
Kyp laughed in disbelief. “Skywalker, it’s embarrassing for me to listen to you talk. You are afraid to risk anything yourself, yet you want to call yourself a Jedi Master. It doesn’t work that way. You’ve stunted the training of your other Jedi candidates because of your own narrow-mindedness. Perhaps I should just defeat you here and now, and then I can take over their training.”
With trembling hands and a deep-seated dread in his heart, Luke reached to his side and wrapped his hand around the slick handle of his lightsaber. He pulled it free, igniting it with the familiar snap-hiss. The brilliant green blade extended, humming and ready for battle. A Jedi could not attack an unarmed opponent, could not resort to violence before all other avenues had been exhausted—but Luke knew the deadly potential of his most talented student. If Kyp had fallen to the dark side, he could become another Darth Vader. Perhaps even worse…
“Don’t make me do this,” Luke said, raising his lightsaber, but unsure what to do. He couldn’t just cut down his student, who stood unarmed at the top of the temple. But if he didn’t… “We have to send the Sun Crusher back,” Luke said. “At one time you yourself insisted that it should never be used.”
“I spoke out of ignorance,” Kyp said, “just as you do.”
“Don’t make me fight you,” Luke said in a low voice.
Kyp made a dismissive gesture with one hand, and a sudden wave of dark ripples splashed across the air like the shock front of a concussion grenade. Luke stumbled backward. The lightsaber turned cold in his hand. Frost crystals grew in feathery patterns around the handle. At the core of the brilliant green blade a shadow appeared, a black disease rotting away the purity of the beam. The humming blade sputtered, sounding like a sickly cough. The black taint rapidly grew stronger, swallowing up the green beam. With a frizzle of sparks Luke’s lightsaber died.
Trying to control his growing fear, Luke felt a sudden brush of cold behind him. He turned to see a black, hooded silhouette—the image that had impersonated Anakin Skywalker in Luke’s nightmare…the dark man who had lured Gantoris into a devastating loss of control.
Kyp’s voice came as if from a great distance. “At last, Master Skywalker, you can meet my mentor—Exar Kun.”
Luke dropped his useless lightsaber and crouched. His every muscle suddenly coiled and tensed. He rallied all the powers of the Force around him, seeking any defensive tactic. With the Sun Crusher looming behind him, Kyp stretched out both hands and blasted Luke with lightning bolts like black cracks in the Force. Dark tendrils rose up from the gaps in the temple flagstones, fanged, illusionary vipers that struck at him from all sides. Luke cried out and tried to strike back, but the shadows of Exar Kun joined the attack, adding more deadly force. The ancient Dark Lord of the Sith lashed out with waves of blackness, driving long icicles of frozen poison into Luke’s body. 
He thrashed, but felt helpless. To lose control to anger and desperation would be as great a failure as if he did nothing at all. Luke called upon the powers that Yoda and Obi-Wan had taught him—but everything he did, every skillful technique, failed utterly. Against the full might of Kyp Durron and the forbidden weapons of the long-dead spirit of Exar Kun, even a Jedi Master such as Luke Skywalker could not prevail. 
The black serpentlike tentacles of evil force struck at him again and again, filling his body with a pain like lava coursing through his veins. As he screamed, his voice was swallowed by a hurricane from the dark side. Luke cried out one last time and crumpled backward to the blessedly cool flagstones of the Great Massassi Temple, as everything turned a smothering, final black around him…

--Taken from Dark Apprentice

After Luke’s incapacitation, his student’s find him lying comatose with his spirit separated from his body.

Cilghal drew up short as she noticed the robed figure sprawled on the flagstones under the sky. His hands were thrown back as if to defend against something. “Master Skywalker!” she called. The other trainees rushed forward. Cilghal pushed through the gathered students and knelt beside the fallen man. Luke’s face seemed curdled in an outcry of pain or fear. His eyes were squeezed shut, his lips were curled back in a grimace.
On the stone floor beside him lay his lightsaber, as if it had proved useless against whatever enemy he had fought. Cilghal propped Luke’s head up, touching his pale-brown hair. Rivulets of cold sweat glistened on his face, but she felt no warmth on his skin. She probed, using her newfound abilities in the Force, desperately searching. 
“What happened to him?” Dorsk 81 said in great alarm. 
“Is he alive?” Streen asked. “I can’t hear him.”
Cilghal probed wither her sensing abilities and shook her orange and muddy-green head. “He’s breathing. I can sense very little heartbeat, just the faintest pulse. But I can’t find him inside. When I touch him with the Force, all I find is a great empty spot…” She turned to look at the others with her sad round Calamarian eyes. “It’s as if he has left us.”
“What can we do?” Kirana Ti asked.
Cilghal cradled Luke’s motionless head in her lap and blinked her huge Calamarian eyes, unable to speak for a long moment.
“We are all alone now,” she finally said. 

--Taken from Dark Apprentice

During a conversation with Luke’s spirit, Exar reveals that he is proficient in influencing the physical while roaming as a disembodied Essence because he has had so much time to grow accustomed to it.

If Artoo couldn’t hear him, and if Leia or the other Jedi trainees could not identify his presence, then perhaps Luke could communicate with someone on his own plane of existence—another glistening Jedi spirit he had spoken to many times before. 
“Ben!” Luke called. “Obi-Wan Kenobi, can you hear me?” His voiced hummed through the ether. With all the emotional firepower he could dredge from the bottom of his soul, Luke shouted into the silence. “Ben!” Growing more concerned at hearing no answer, he called for others. “Yoda! Father—Anakin Skywalker!” He waited, but there was no response.
…Until he sensed a coldness ripple through the air like an icicle slowly melting. Words trembled from the walls. “They can’t hear you, Skywalker, but I can.”
Luke spun around and saw a crack form in the stone walls. It grew darker as a tarlike silhouette oozed out and congealed into the shape of a cowled man whose features were distinct now that Luke could see him in the spirit plane. The stranger had long black hair, shadowed skin, and the tattoo of a black sun emblazoned on his forehead. His eyes were like chips of obsidian and just as sharp. His mouth bore a cruel scowl, the expression of one who has been betrayed and has had much time to think bitter thoughts. 
“Exar Kun,” Luke said, and the dark spirit understood him perfectly well.
“Do you enjoy having your spirit trapped away from your body, Skywalker?” Kun said in a mocking voice. “I have had four thousand years to get accustomed to it. The first century or two are the worst.”
Luke glared at him. “You corrupted my students, Exar Kun. You caused the death of Gantoris. You turned Kyp Durron against me.”
Kun laughed. “Perhaps it was your own failings as a teacher. Or their own delusions.”
“What makes you think I’ll stay like this for thousands of years?” Luke said.
“You will have no choice,” Kun answered, “once I have destroyed your physical body. Trapping my own spirit inside these temples was the only way I could survive when the final holocaust came. The allied Jedi Knights devastated the surface of Yavin 4. They killed off the Massassi people I had kept alive, and they destroyed my own body in the inferno. My spirit was forced to wait and wait and wait until finally you brought your Jedi students here, students who could hear my voice once they learned how to listen.”
An echo of fear rang through Luke’s mind, but he forced himself to sound calm and brave. “You can’t harm my body, Kun. You can’t touch anything physical. I’ve tried it myself.”
“Ah, but I have other ways to fight,” Kun’s spirit said. “And I have had endless millennia to practice. Rest assured, Skywalker, I will destroy you.” As if finished with his taunting, Kun sank like smoke through the cracks in the polished flagstones, descending to the heart of the Great Temple. In his wake he left Luke alone but more determined than ever to break free from his ethereal prison. He would find a way. A Jedi could always find a way. 

--Taken from Champions of the Force

Kun influences Streen into attacking Luke. 

When the twins suddenly started crying on their cots beside her, Leia woke up with a feeling of dread. 
"It's Uncle Luke!" Jaina said. 
"He's gonna be hurt," Jacen said. 
Leia bolted upright and felt a series of whistling, tingling vibrations through her body, unlike anything she had ever encountered before. She sensed more than heard the howling wind, a gathering storm trapped inside the temple-centered in the grand audience chamber where Luke lay. She threw on a white robe, cinched it around her waist, and dashed into the hall. 
Several other Jedi trainees emerged from their quarters, also sensing an indefinable dread. The twins jumped out of their beds, and Leia called back to them, "You two stay here." She doubted they would. "Artoo, watch over them!" she shouted to the droid, who was buzzing in confusion down the corridors, lights flashing. "Come to the grand audience chamber," Leia cried to the Jedi trainees. "Hurry!" 
Artoo spun around in the hall and returned to the children's quarters; the droid's confused bleeps and warbles followed Leia down the hall. She rode the turbolift to the top. When it stopped and opened its doors, storm winds howled around the vast, open chamber. Leia stumbled out into a cyclone. Cold rivers of air gushed through the horizontal skylights high in the walls. 
Ice crystals sparkled as the temperature plummeted. Wind drawn in from every direction struck the center of the room and spun around, corkscrewing, picking up speed in an irresistible force. Streen! The old Bespin hermit stood on the outskirts of the storm with his brown Jedi robe flapping around him. His wild gray hair writhed around his head as if charged with static. His lips mumbled something incomprehensible, and his 
eyes remained closed as if he were having a nightmare. Leia knew that even powerful Jedi could not manipulate large-scale phenomena like the weather; but they could move objects, and she realized that was what Streen did now. Not changing the weather, but simply moving the air, drawing it in from all directions, creating a self-contained but destructive tornado that struck toward Luke's body. 
"No!" she shouted into the starving wind. "Streen!" 
The cyclone struck Luke, buffeted his body, and lifted it into the air. Leia ran toward her paralyzed brother, feet barely touching the ground as the powerful winds knocked her sideways. The storm wrenched her off balance, and she found herself thrown through the air, flying like an insect toward the stone walls. She spun around and reached out, calming herself enough to use her own abilities with the Force, to nudge her body away. 
Instead of being crushed against the stone blocks, she slid softly to the floor. Luke's body continued rising, tugged upward by the hurricane. His Jedi robe wound around him as the winds spun him like a corpse launched out of a star-freighter air lock into the grave of space. Streen didn't seem aware of what he was doing. Leia staggered to her feet again and jumped. This time she rode the circling air currents, flying around the fringe of the cyclone toward her helpless brother. She reached out to grab the tail of his robe, felt her fingers clutch rough fabric, and then burn as the robe was snatched away from her. 
She fell back to the floor. Luke had been drawn up into the tornado's mouth, rising toward the skylights. "Luke!" she cried. "Please help me." She had no idea if he could hear her, or if he could do anything. Gathering strength in her leg muscles, she leaped into the air again. It might be possible to use her Jedi skills of levitation for a brief moment; Luke had done it several times, although she herself had never mastered the skill. Now, though, it mattered more than it ever had before. 
As Leia sprang upward, the wind caught her. She rose high enough to grab Luke's body. She wrapped her arms around his waist, twisted her legs around his ankles, holding him, hoping her weight would drag him down. But as they started to drop, the winds picked up in intensity, howling and roaring. Leia's skin went numb from the blinding wintry cold. They shot toward the roof of the grand audience chamber, toward the widest skylight, where jagged icicles hung like javelins. 
Leia suddenly knew what Streen intended to do to them, whether consciously or unconsciously. They would be sucked out of the Great Temple, tossed high into the sky, and then allowed to crash thousands of feet to the spear-pointed branches of the jungle canopy. 
The turbolift door opened. Kirana Ti charged out, followed by Tionne and Kam Solusar. 
"Stop Streen!" Leia shouted. Kirana Ti reacted instantly. She wore thin but supple red armor from the scaled hides of reptiles from Dathomir. She had been a warrior on her own world, fighting with untrained and unhoned skill in the Force, but she had also fought in physical combat as well. Kirana Ti launched herself forward on long, muscular legs, ducking her head as she charged into the cyclonic wind that surrounded Streen. 
The old hermit stood entranced, spinning slowly around with his arms dangling at his sides and his fingertips spread apart, as if trying to catch something. Kirana Ti staggered as she hit the wind, but she wrenched her head aside, spread her legs, and dug the toes of her bare feet against the stone floor for traction. She shoved forward into the wind and finally shattered through into the dead zone of the storm. She tackled Streen to the flagstoned floor and locked his arms behind his back. Streen cried out, then blinked his eyes open. He looked wildly around in confusion. Instantly the wind stopped blowing. The air fell still. 
High up at the ceiling of the grand audience chamber Leia and Luke plunged toward the unforgiving flagstones below. Luke fell like a doll, and Leia tried to remember how to use her levitation skills, but her mind went blank with panic. Tionne and Kam Solusar raced forward, stretching out their arms, using what they had been taught. Less than a meter above the crushing stones, Leia found herself slowed, pausing in the air beside Luke's body. They drifted gently to the floor. Leia cradled Luke against her, but her brother did not respond. 
Streen sat up, and Kam Solusar ran over to help Kirana Ti hold him. The old hermit began to weep. Kam Solusar gnashed his teeth and looked as if he wanted to kill the old hermit then and there, but Kirana Ti stopped him. "Don't hurt him," she said. "He doesn't know what he was doing." 
"A nightmare," Streen said, "the Dark Man talking to me. Whispering to me. He never lets go. I was fighting him in my dream." Streen looked around for sympathy or encouragement. 
"I was going to kill him and save us all, but you woke me." At last Streen realized where he was. He looked around the grand audience chamber until his gaze fell upon Leia holding Luke. 
"He tricked you, Streen," Kirana Ti said in a hard voice. "You weren't fighting the Dark Man. He was manipulating you. You were his tool. If we hadn't stopped you, you would have destroyed Master Skywalker." Streen began sobbing. 
On the raised platform Tionne helped Leia lift Luke back onto the stone table. "He doesn't seem injured," Leia said. 
"By sheer luck," Tionne said. She wondered aloud, "Did the ancient Jedi Knights have to deal with challenges like this?" 
"If they did," Leia said, "I hope you manage to find the old stories. We need to learn what those Jedi did to defeat their enemies." 
Streen stood, shaking himself free of the gripping hands of Kirana Ti and Kam Solusar. The old man's face was filled with outrage. "We must destroy the Dark Man," Streen said, "before he kills all of us." Leia felt a grip of unbearable cold in her heart, knowing that Streen was right. 

--Taken from Champions of the Force
Exar tries to turn Corran to the dark side, and he shows the ability to move objects telekinetically and again show visions.    

It really came as no surprise when, as I lay down in my bunk, an oily, glistening black stain seeped into the ceiling above me. It resolved itself into the shadowy image of a tall, slender, sharp-featured man. He wore archaic clothes and long hair. He knitted his long fingers together at his waist. "Your mind-trick was quite good, Keiran Halcyon."
"High praise from a Dark Lord of the Sith." I watched him through half-lidded eyes. "Did it really fool you, Exar Kun, or were you just too trusting in using Streen's senses?"
The Dark Lord threw his head back in a silent laugh. "Fire and spirit, good. I had misjudged you because Gantoris and Kyp held you in such contempt."
"And here I thought a man should be known by his enemies."
"A truism I once lived by." The shade descended from the ceiling and stood at the foot of my bed. "I was once like you, a mere man filled with ambitions."
I sat up and snorted. "If you're the 'after' holegraph, I'm not interested."
"Quite droll, Keiran, not as full of anger or fear as the others." Exar Kun's obsidian gaze bored into me. I tried to armor my mind against him the way I had with Mara Jade, but he was in and out too quickly for me to stop him. "You have more experience and more maturity. You are a riper fruit."
"But not to be plucked by you." I drew my knees up and hugged them to my chest. "You continue to misjudge me if you think there is anything I want from you."
"Oh, there is, you just don't realize it." A confident grin twisted his ebon features. He gestured casually with his right hand and a window opened in the air, hanging there in the center of my room. Within its confines I saw an Imperial Star Destroyer and I knew I was looking at the
 Invidious. It looked more worn than it had in the image General Cracken had showed me, but battle damage had far from crippled it. Swarms of Tri-fighters cruised around it on picket duty. The image zoomed in, closing on the bridge, and exploded in through the forward view port. There stood Leonia Tavira, a bit older than Cracken's image of her, but all the more beautiful for it. She wore her black hair longer, so it fell to the swell of her breasts. Her figure had become less gangling and more rounded---while still petite, she had developed
symmetrically so without other things or people around to judge scale, she appeared perfectly normal. Her violet eyes gleamed with a feral cunning that sizzled electrically through the image I was being shown.
The long-dead Sith Lord laughed lightly. "I can give you the power to destroy the Invids. Wipe them out. Or . . ." The image of Leonia brightened slightly. "I can give you the power to possess her and rule beside her. I will use the two of you as the focal point for a new Empire that I will spread throughout the galaxy."
I felt a stirring in my loins, then forced myself to laugh and shake my head. "It's been a while for me, and she's pretty, but I'm not interested."
"No, of course, you are not. You are a man of duty. Still here, on the
Invidious, there are things you want."
The image pulled back a bit and slid over to center itself on an armored figure standing well back of Tavira. Two meters tall and apparently male, he wore a grey cloak over steel-grey armor. The armor looked as if it were made of the same plasteel used in stormtrooper armor, but had been shaped differently and layered with another material that provided texture and the grey color. The styling appeared more natural and primitive, as if designed to mimic the armored hide of some animal. This remained true of the facemask the figure wore. Serpentine styling and diagonal eye slits gave it a very viperish cast. As soon as I saw him I knew he was the reason the
 Invidious could remain hidden. As I watched, his head came up and he stared straight out at me. His head then dipped and the image faded for a moment. Then I saw him striding forward toward Tavira. He gestured and she began shouting orders that started a flurry of activity.
Exar Kun yawned. "He is the true foe you seek. He is responsible for her successes. With my power you can defeat him, supplant him, do with her what you wish."
"I'll get there without your help at all, Exar Kun."
The shade's voice sharpened. "Perhaps, but you will 
not get here without it."
The image he presented me shifted and my stomach imploded. I saw Mirax lying on a bier, very much like Master Skywalker above us. A soft silver light bathed her. Her arms rested at her sides and she looked as if she were just napping. The only anomalous feature in the image was a small grey band resting on her forehead, pulsing with red and green lights. She looked very peaceful, and try as I might, I could sense no distress from her.
And nothing else.
"I can give her to you. I can tell you exactly where she is." Exar Kun shaped his face into what he thought was a compassionate expression. "You know the Force allows me to show you the past, the present, the future. This is where she is, your wife, right now. Hidden away, where you will never find her without my help."
"And what would you have me do for your help?"
"Kill Skywalker."
I smiled. "Mirax's life for his'? No deal."
"You want more?" The Dark Lord laughed defiantly. "I can give you more, I
 will give you more. I will give you your wife and Tavira. You can have her ship and destroy her fleet. You can destroy your father-in-law's ship. You can return to Corellia and destroy those who hate you there!"
I shook my head. "No."
"No." I sighed. "You don't get it, do you? You've already lost and you're continuing down that losing path. Haven't the last four thousand years taught you anything?"
"I know more than you could ever hope to learn in four thousand years or forty thousand years."
"That may be, but I know the one thing you don't." I rose from my bed and pointed a finger at him. "You're never going to win. You destroy those who oppose you, and what does that leave you?"
"The faithful."
"From among whom arises a rival. You halve a schism."
"And I destroy the heretics."
"Yes, you do." I nodded carefully. "And again and again that cycle repeats itself and you let it go on because you've forgotten the most fundamental truth of reality:
 Life creates the Force. When Kyp destroyed Carida, he diminished your power. When you destroyed Gantoris, you diminished your power. You're a predator over-grazing your prey, but you can't stop because the dark side fills you with this aching hunger that will never be satisfied."
"Ha!" Exar Kun's laughter slashed at me, but sounded just a bit too shrill. "You cannot speak of the dark side until you have experienced it. Join me and learn that you are wrong."
"I don't think so. A Two-Onebee droid doesn't need to contract a disease to diagnose and treat it." I folded my arms across my chest and laughed at him. "I'm not fodder for your fantasies, go away."
Exar Kun lifted his head. "I came to you, now, inviting you to join me. I would have given you much. When next
 you come to me, and you will, I shall not be so generous."
As he spoke the image of Mirax began to fade, but it did so in a most horrible way. I watched her lying there, aging years for every passing second. Her dark hair became grey and brittle, then fell out in clumps. Her flesh became ashen, her eyes sunken. Her body puddled out through the seams of her clothing, then they split, letting me see bare bones. A gust of wind came up, scattering them, spinning her skull around like a child's toy. Finally it came to rest, gap-toothed, staring at me with empty sockets.
I blinked the image away and found myself alone again.

--Taken from I, Jedi

In attempt to kill Luke, he controls some of his Sithspawn to attack his body. 

Luke's image shimmered but cast no light in the dim chambers where the twins lay sleeping. The door was open. Cilghal sat up studying in her own room across the corridor, but she could not yet hear Luke's voice. The boy Jacen could—and Luke had no time. "Jacen," he said with his muffled inside-the-head voice. The boy stirred. Beside him Jaina sighed and rolled over in her sleep. "Jacen!" Luke said again. "Jaina, I need your help. Only you can help me." 
The boy woke up, blinking his dark eyes. He scanned the room, yawned, then fixed his eyes upon Luke's image. "Uncle Luke?" he said. "Help? Okay." 
"Wake your sister and follow me. Tell her to raise the alarm and bring all the other Jedi. But you have to help me now! Maybe you can hold them off long enough." 
Jacen didn't ask questions. By the time he shook his sister, she had already started to awaken. She too saw Luke, and the boy needed only a few 
words to explain the situation. Jacen trotted down the hall on his little legs. Luke drifted in front of him, urging Jacen faster, faster, toward the turbolift. Jaina ran into Cilghal's quarters and screamed, "Help, help!" at the top of her lungs. "Uncle Luke needs help." The Jedi trainees surged out of their quarters. 
Suddenly alarms rang out. Luke realized that Artoo, still standing sentry duty in the grand audience chamber, must have triggered them. He didn't know, though, what the astromech droid could do against the monstrous winged creatures summoned by Exar Kun. Jacen hesitated inside the turbolift while Luke showed which button to 
push. "Hurry, Jacen!" Luke said. The turbolift shot upward and spilled them into the vast, dim chamber. Down at the end of the promenade, Artoo hummed back and forth, whistling and warbling shrilly. 
His arc-welding arm extended, flashing blue sparks, but the reptilian creatures flapped into the air, circling around the sluggish droid as if they considered Artoo to be no threat. Two of the creatures flapped up from the raised platform upon hearing the turbolift doors open. They honked and hissed, spitting at the very small boy who emerged alone to challenge them. Artoo squealed, as if thankful for any sort of help. The alarms continued to hammer through the temple.  
 The third creature perched at the edge of the long stone table on which Luke's body lay. Its two heads bobbed forward to let out a dual squeal of annoyance. One of the heads snapped down to tear a mouthful of cloth from Luke's robe. The other head curled back scaled lips and flashed a jagged row of fangs.
"They're angry," Jacen said as if he had some kind of empathy with the creatures. "They're...wrong." 
"Chase them away from my body, Jacen," Luke said, eyeing the poisonous stingers on their tails, the vicious teeth, the sharp claws.... "Go help Artoo. The others will be here in just a few seconds." 
Without fear Jacen shrieked like a wild warrior as he ran toward the monsters on his stubby legs. He flailed his arms, yelling. Two of the creatures squawked and swooped into the air, then flapped their leathery wings to dive at him. Artoo whistled a warning. Jacen ducked at the last moment. The creatures dragged their hooked metallic claws on the flagstone floor, sending up showers of sparks. The boy didn't slow. He ran toward the last of the reptilian creatures, who stared hungrily down at Luke's soft, closed eyelids. 
Jacen reached the raised platform. The third creature rose into the air, thrashing with its scorpion tail and snapping with both heads full of clacking fangs. Unable to fight for himself, Luke paralleled the boy as Jacen struggled up onto the raised platform. Grim and determined, the boy stood guard by his uncle's motionless form. Artoo came up beside Jacen, his welding arm still crackling. Then Luke saw what to do—if it was possible, if he could manage to use his skills in such a way. Next to his robed body lay a black cylinder studded with power buttons. "Jacen," Luke said, "take my lightsaber." 
The three flying creatures circled the chamber, croaking at each other as if receiving instructions from the Exar Kun. Without hesitation the boy picked up the lightsaber handle. It was as long as his small forearm. "Don't know how," Jacen said to Luke. 
"I'll show you," Luke said. "Let me guide you... let me fight with you." 
Talons extended, the three flying creatures plunged toward the boy, squealing with bloodlust in their eyes. Jacen held the smooth handle in front of him and pushed the activation button. With a loud
snap-hiss the lightsaber's deadly shaft blazed in the dimness. The little boy planted his feet apart, raised the glowing blade, and prepared to defend the Jedi Master, Luke Skywalker. 
Cilghal scooped Jaina up in her arms and ran down the halls as Dorsk 81 and Tionne joined her at the turbolift. They rose to the highest level, ready to battle for their Master, as they had done against the unleashed storm. But even Cilghal's greatest fears did not prepare her for the astonishing sight that greeted her as she entered the grand audience chamber.  
 Little Jacen held a lightsaber in his hand with all the grace and confidence of a master swordsman. The trio of flying creatures came at him, jabbing with their dripping stingers, snapping with long teeth, reaching with hooked claws. But Jacen pirouetted with the energy blade, wielding the lightsaber as if it were an extension of his arm. The blade crackled and hummed through the air. 
Artoo-Detoo, agitated, buzzed back and forth, doing his best to keep the creatures from coming too close to Master Skywalker's body. Jacen continued to fight. 
One of the lizard creatures darted in with gnashing fangs, but Jacen deftly cleaved off a head with one smooth stroke. He left only a smoking neck stump as the other head of the two-headed monster writhed and flailed and spat. The creature crashed to the floor and flopped its leathery wings against the flagstones. 
The remaining two monsters struck with their scorpion stingers. The little boy swung the lightsaber, neatly slicing off one pointed stinger, then rolled out of the way as gouts of black poison spurted from the amputated end. The evil liquid burned on the ancient Massassi stones like acid, boiling with greasy gray-and-purple smoke. 
Maddened with pain, the injured thing flapped in the air until it grappled against its companion, rending with claws and snapping with two heads full of tearing teeth. It struck with the useless stump of its stinger, but the stronger creature stabbed with its own stinger—leaving a burning hole in the torso of its attacker, a hole that continued to burn and sizzle as the poison ate deeper and deeper. 
The stronger flying lizard latched its jaws on to the scaly throat of the other. When its victim had ceased its struggles, the survivor released its claws, flapping higher as the dead carcass fell with a thud onto the floor. Artoo came forward to zap the limp creature, making certain it was dead. 
Cilghal, Tionne, and Dorsk 81 froze on the threshold of the turbolift, watching the impossible tableau. "We've got to help him!" Dorsk 81 said. 
"How?" Tionne asked. "We have no weapons." 
Cilghal assessed the furious battle. "Perhaps Jacen doesn't need our help." Jaina snatched her hand free from Cilghal's grip and scrambled down the promenade even as the others hesitated for a fraction of a second. Cilghal ran after her. 
The last of the reptiles shrieked through double throats, infuriated by the attack of its companion. It dived down in an unstoppable plunge. Jacen stepped back to meet it, holding the lightsaber poised at his shoulder, waiting for the right moment. Coolly, as the creature came in with dripping fangs and outstretched 
claws, Jacen swung in a clean arc with grace and skill, perfectly in command of his reflexes. The glowing blade struck and severed both throats in one sizzling flash. The carcass of the creature, reflexively convulsing its wings, crashed into Jacen and drove him to the floor. 
Artoo rolled forward to help, bleeping. "He is all right," Jaina called, finally reaching the raised platform. "Jacen!" 
"Jaina!" Cilghal shouted, catching up with her. 
The tip of the lightsaber appeared, smoking and blazing through the carcass as Jacen cut his way free of the stiff wings. Cilghal assisted him. In surprise Jaina looked up to see the first fallen creature lurch back up, clinging to life with its remaining head, still desperate to kill Luke. With one stump of its severed neck still oozing dark blood, it clutched the edge of the stone table and hauled itself up, snapping its scorpion tail in convulsive twitches and preparing to sting. Its wings flapped, helping it balance on the table where it could rip apart Luke's body. 
In one last moment of defiance, pushed on by the evil spirit controlling it, the wounded creature struck toward Luke's unprotected throat. But Jaina arrived first. The little girl jumped up and grabbed its wings, yanking backward with all her weight. Writhing and snapping, the creature tried to bite down on the hands holding its leathery wings. A mere second behind Jaina, Cilghal wrapped her powerful Calamarian hands around the creature's long serpentine throat even as Jaina continued to yank backward at its wings. Cilghal let out a high grunt as she wrung its neck, crushing a succession of vertebrae as if they were dry twigs. The thing slumped down across the table, finally dead. 
Jaina panted and slid into a squat. Jacen climbed to his feet and looked around as if confused. He blinked his eyes sleepily, then, with a deft movement of one small finger, deactivated the lightsaber. The humming sound of the blade vanished into the sudden silence of the chamber.  
 The turbolift opened, and the remaining Jedi trainees rushed out, drawing up short as they saw the carnage. Tionne reached the raised platform. Her silvery hair flowed behind her like a comet's tail. She bent over Luke's body and, with an expression of disgust, gripped the still-oozing reptilian carcass of the last slain creature and flung it away from the Jedi Master. 
Cilghal rushed to Jacen just as he calmly replaced the lightsaber beside Luke's motionless form. She grabbed him, hugged him, and then stared in awe at the little boy. Only moments ago this not-quite-three-year-old child had fought like a legendary lightsaber duelist. Dorsk 81 and the other Jedi trainees came forward. "He fought as well as a Master!" Dorsk 81 said. "It reminded me of the duel between Gantoris and Master Skywalker." 
"Uncle Luke was with me," Jacen said. "He showed me. He's here." 
Cilghal blinked her large round eyes. 
"What do you mean?" Tionne asked. 
"Can you see him now?" Dorsk 81 said. 
"Yes, he's right there," Jaina pointed to thin air. "He says he's proud of us." She giggled. Jacen giggled too, but he looked exhausted, covered with dark ichor. He slumped down on Cilghal's lap. 
The Jedi trainees looked at each other, then gazed at the open air above Luke's prone body. Artoo whistled in confusion. 
"What else does he say?" Cilghal said. 
Jacen and Jaina both sat still for a moment, as if listening. "Exar Kun. He's making the trouble," Jacen said. 
Jaina finished, "Stop Exar Kun. Then Uncle Luke can come back."

--Taken from Champions of the Force

Kun's spirit telekinetically hurls Corran Horan around, severely injuring him, and creates illusions of his family. 

I retreated to the center of the small courtyard, then unveiled my presence. I pushed my sphere of responsibility out, but had barely gotten it two meters before Kun appeared and swallowed my reflection in the obsidian stones of the pedestal.
"So, you have come to me to ask me to help you." Haughtiness rippled through the Force. "I warned you that I would not be generous with you this time."
I laughed at him. "I remember. That's not why I'm here."
Kun's head came up as his face contracted into a fierce scowl. "What? Why have you violated my sanctuary?"
"Just the thing I wanted to talk with you about." I stroked my goatee and began pacing back and forth before him. "I checked New Republic law. Property claims are abandoned well shy of four millennia. As a result, I've filed a claim for this place, and now it's mine. I'd love to have you stick around, but your statue is right where the wife will want the entertainment center. You understand, don't you?"
"You insolent bug!" Kun opened his shadowy arms wide. "You prattle on as if your wit can armor you against my might."
"And you think you can hurt me?" I scoffed at him. "This is your eviction notice."
"You're playing with powers more titanic than you could ever know."
"Save the threats." I yawned. "I've been going over all the stuff you've done, and I've figured out your weakness. While disembodied, you can't affect the physical world."
Kun's expression darkened. "No?"
I shook my head. "No."
"Ah, then I cannot do this." The wraith waved an ethereal hand and sparks shot from each of the explosive packets I'd scattered about. Blue flames flared as the detonators each melted.
Just like the Jedi Holocron!
My nose closing against the stink of melted plastic, I glanced up at Kun. "Ooops."
Kun flicked a finger at me, sending me whirling across the courtyard. I tried to gather the Force around me to protect myself, but the shock at my error kept me from it. I slammed into an obsidian wall and heard a bone in my right forearm crack. I clutched the limb to my chest, but Kun spun me again, smashing my flank into a low wall. Ribs crunched with that impact and I felt something inside go, as well. Kun was enjoying himself, probably for the first time in millennia, the very thought of which made me vomit. Kun's laughter echoed through his stronghold as he pitched me around, dancing me and rolling me back and forth across the courtyard. I thought his actions were haphazard, especially when he lifted me into the air, then dashed me down, shattering my left leg, but even through the pain I had a clarity of mind. He wanted me thinking, not dead, yet, and that made my stomach roll again.
Eventually, like a child tiring of a toy, he let me go. I slumped to my side and involuntarily flinched as his shade came to cover me. "Just because you never saw me affect the material world, it doesn't mean I couldn't. And even if it is something of an effort to do so, here, in my stronghold, it is a pleasure beyond your possible ken."
I let my words hiss out between clenched teeth. "I think I'll put a wideview holoprojector right where you're standing."
"Childish jokes from a childish mind." He gestured casually and all the explosive charges I'd placed sailed out of the temple and splashed in the black lake. Glancing down at me, Kun let his voice become icy. "You could have been raised to the level of divinity by my hand. Now you will be destroyed by it."
Even before I could taunt him again, he gestured and I felt a presence behind me. I rolled over and saw Mirax standing there, her eyes full of fire. "I should have known, CorSec, that you would abandon me. You said you wanted me more than you wanted your Jedi heritage. I gave you all that I am. I want to bear your children. This is how you repay me'? You leave me alone, all alone, dying alone; while you play games with rocks and pictures'?"
The vehemence in her voice ripped straight through me. It collapsed my stomach and shoved it out through my spine. I wrapped my hands around my belly and hunched forward. "No, Mirax, no!"
The wailing calls of all the infants who had died on Carida swirled around me to accompany her voice. "Hear them, Corran. They are your sons, your daughters. They are the children you have denied to the world. You accused Exar Kun of being a fool because he destroys life, but you are more of a fool. You could have created it. With me. If you wanted me. If you truly loved me."
I hugged my broken arm to fractured ribs, folding around the pain in my middle. I knew she was nothing but an illusion Kun had conjured from my mind, but it seemed too real for me to disbelieve it. Kun was feeding back to me my own image of Mirax, and infusing it with everything I feared. Because the attack came from within, I had no emotional armor with which to shield myself. I heard in her voice exactly the words that terrified me.
I reached out to her with my left hand, lifting my face toward her. "No, Mirax, no. I do love you!"
"How can you love her?" My father's voice slashed at me from behind. "Her father hired the bounty hunter who murdered me. A murder you could have prevented. Was that it? Had she seduced you even then? Were you her creature? Did she lay warm in your arms so I could lay cold in them?"
I levered myself around into a sitting position to meet my father's accusing stare, then had to tear my eyes from him. Gone was the man I had known in life. His flesh had become ashen, his eyes holes onto a void. The only color on him came from the blood spurting from his wounds to puddle around him. I heard it splashing from him. I couldn't get the cloying scent out of my nostrils and dreaded the touch of the rivulet slowly snaking its way toward me. "You know that's not true!"
"I only know you failed me. You left me to die."
Mirax chimed in. "As you leave me to die."
My mother's voice joined them. "He never cared if I died, either."
Laughter, low and cold, echoed from the obsidian walls. I looked up and saw the image of Lujayne Forge, one of my first friends in Rogue Squadron. The right side of her face had been burned away by blaster fire. "He let me die. He wanted to play the hero, so I paid the price."
"No!" I slammed my right fist against the courtyard stones, breaking it and grinding the bones in my arm. I latched onto the pain and used it to recapture control of my mind. Their accusations bored into me, freeing the part of me that second-guessed everything I did. I knew that piece of me well and loathed it. I could replay conversations in my mind for hours when it held sway, wishing I'd said this, wondering why I'd said that, hoping things would not be taken in the worst way, but dreading the fact that they would. When I began doubting myself, I was paralyzed. The cycle always built on itself, growing, reviewing more things, until I dissected my whole life. And it continues until I get angry at myself and stop it.
The desire to give in to the anger and cut Exar Kun short almost overwhelmed me. That option hung there, tantalizing me. I could use my anger like a lightsaber. I could slice to ribbons these false spirits, these treacherous phantoms. I would cut down Exar Kun's army, then I would rip into him. He would be nothing before me and my anger. I would sunder him the way my explosives should have sundered his shrine. And then I can find other targets that deserve destruction... I raised my right hand triumphantly, then curled it down into a fist. Pain jolted through me again and in its wake came outrage. I slammed my hand against the ground and screamed, then shot Exar Kun a sidelong glance. "No. My anger is not for you to use."
The Dark Lord towered above me. "Anger is a most sweet nectar. Despair will also suffice."
Another phantom congealed before me, looking and feeling and smelling and sounding more real than I was myself. The little boy, all tow-headed and grey-eyed, barely older than Jacen Solo, looked at me with his lower lip quivering. Tears formed at the corners of his eyes. He reached out with little stubby-fingered hands and took my broken hand into his.
"Who hurt you, Daddy?" His innocent gaze searched my face. "I can make it better. I can. Let me. Please . . ." His voice became a plaintive wail that faded with his image. I felt his grip, feathery and gentle, soothing and kind, fading to be replaced with pain. "Why won't you let me help?"
The lump rising in my throat strangled me. Through the boy's fading image I saw Mirax, no longer hateful, standing there. She wore a simple white gown. She rubbed her hands lovingly over her swollen belly, the look on her face one of pure, unadulterated joy. The image shifted slightly as the boy reappeared, older, yet still a child, to place his hand against his mother's rounded stomach.
Then both of their images blew apart into a million razor-edged fragments that burned through me.
"Just as well," I heard my father say, "any child of that union would have been as disappointing as you have been."
That simple remark detonated like a bomb inside me. I had forever hoped that I would win my father's approval, that he would like me for who and what I was. He was never stinting with his praise, but with his death I had been left trying to guess what he would have thought about this action or that. Even my decision to become a Jedi had been made to win his approval and to model myself on him. Yet in his voice, I heard that I had failed. The sum and total of my life, the'sum and total of the lives of any children I helped create, and whatever they would create; all of it would be worthless in his eyes. One of the anchor points for my life crumbled, eroding in uncertainty, cutting me adrift without a chance of recovering myself.  
I was lost.
I was hopeless.
I was the ultimate failure.
I could take no more.
"Is that the best you've got'?" The tone of the voice had enough edge to etch transparisteel and would have flensed me alive, but I knew it wasn't directed at me. Through tear-clouded eyes I looked up and saw Mara Jade sauntering into the temple. "Babies crying and ghosts whispering lies from beyond the grave? The Dark Lord of the Sith I knew would have been ashamed to use such tactics."
"What?" Exar Kun's voice roared, as if in volume and intensity it could batter her down. "Who dares?"
"Who cares, more correctly." She pointed at me. "Horn here has been worked over by the Empire's best and never broke. Isard would have had you digitized, analyzed and discarded without a second thought, and she wasn't even Force-sensitive. Darth Vader would have found you amusingly quaint, and the Emperor...well..." Mara Jade's eyes flashed mercilessly. "The Emperor succeeded in destroying the Jedi, so he'd see you as the very definition of failure!"
"Yes, but your vaunted Emperor is dead!"
I found my voice again. "Something the two of you have in common, then." I shoved myself up and balanced awkwardly on my good leg. "And something else: he didn't know when he'd lost, either. It's over!"
Kun regarded me anew and I felt his consciousness stab into my brain. It withdrew quickly, as if it had been stung by the thought I had nestled there. Kun laughed aloud. "A trap? You and your companions seek to trap me?"
Kun doubled his image's volume and smiled most cruelly at us. "You think your petty plans will work against me? You thought your coming here would defeat me? Never." He looked away toward the Great Temple, then back down at us. "This may have been a brave attempt on your part, but your friends have made a grave error. Their defense of Skywalker is only as strong as the weakest person defending him, and they have left him vulnerable again."
Mara looked at me, clearly alarmed. "What's he talking about?"
"Luke's hurt." I winced as pain shot through my belly. "Streen is guarding him."
Exar Kun laughed again. "Yes, Streen. My Streen." The Dark Lord's image began to shrink back into the obsidian of his temple. "I will finish him, then come again for you. Tremble in fear. Cower in anticipation."
His presence faded from the Temple and I tried to straighten up. I managed a half-staggered step, then went down on one knee. I guess I fell further or faster than I expected because I next found Mara kneeling next to me.

--Taken from I, Jedi

Exar’s Essence is finally beaten by Luke’s student’s, Luke himself, and the spirit of Vodo-Siosk Baas. 

Streen dozed cross-legged on the cold flagstone floor before Master Skywalker. He folded his arms over his knees, comfortable in the many-pocketed jumpsuit he had brought with him from his lonely days as a gas prospector on Bespin. He could no longer smell the bitter sulfurous taint of rich plumes of deep-layer gases. Now Streen had a greater mission—to guard Master Skywalker. 
Low-slanted light from outside elongated the shadows in the grand audience chamber. Twelve candles, one placed by each of the Jedi trainees, flickered around Luke's body, shedding a faint but protective glow into the motionless air. The small bright points glittered as the darkness gathered all around. 
Streen muttered to himself. No, he would not listen to the Dark Man's words. No, he would not serve Exar Kun's purposes. No, he would not do anything to harm Master Skywalker. No! In his lap, cool and hard against his callused hands, he held the handle of Luke's lightsaber. This time he could fight it. This time the Dark Man would not win. 
Some of the other Jedi trainees had expressed grave misgivings about letting Streen near Master Skywalker, especially armed with a lightsaber. But Streen had begged for his chance at restitution, and Kirana Ti had spoken on his behalf. The others would watch over him. Master Skywalker would be in danger, but they had to take the risk. 
Streen let the fuzzy caress of sleep work its way into his mind. His grizzled head nodded to his chest. Whispering voices sounded like breezes in his mind, forming gentle words, soothing phrases...cold promises. The words demanded that he wake up, but Streen resisted them, not knowing if they were evil suggestions or the insistences of his companions. When Streen felt he had waited long enough, he allowed himself to snap awake. 
The voices fell silent as he blinked his eyes. Another voice, external this time, replaced the silence. "Wake up, my student. The winds are blowing." 
Streen focused on the black form of Exar Kun in the center of the throne room. In the flickering candlelight and dim rays from the dying day, Streen could see chiseled features on the onyx silhouette, more detailed than he had ever seen before on the shadow of the Dark Man. Exar Kun turned a well-defined face toward him, completely ebony as if molded from lava stone: high cheekbones, haughty eyes, a thin, angry mouth. Long black hair like carbon wires swept across his shoulder, gathered in a thick ponytail. Padded armor covered his body, and the pulsing tattoo of a black sun burned from his forehead. 
Streen climbed slowly to his feet. He felt calm and strong, angry at how the Dark Man had set a sharp hook in his own weakness and had dragged him along. "I won't do your bidding, Dark Man," he said. 
Exar Kun laughed. "And how do you propose to resist? You are already mine." 
"If you believe that," Streen said, and took a deep breath, strengthening his voice, "then you have made your first mistake." He brought up the handle of Luke's lightsaber, igniting it with a loud snap-hiss
Exar Kun's shadow flinched backward, much to Streen's surprise and satisfaction. "Good," Kun said with false bravado, "now take the weapon and cleave Skywalker in two. Let us be done with this." 
Streen took one step toward Exar Kun, holding the green lightsaber before him. "This blade is meant for you, Dark Man." 
"If you think that weapon will have any effect on me," Kun said, "perhaps you should ask your friend Gantoris—or have you forgotten what happened to him when he defied me?" 
A vision flashed through Streen's mind: Gantoris's crisped corpse incinerated from the inside out, his body turned to ash from the incredible fires of the dark side. Kun must have intended for that memory to drive Streen to despair; Gantoris had been his friend; he and Gantoris were the first two trainees Master Skywalker had found on his Jedi search. 
But rather than causing panic or dismay, the memory increased Streen's determination. He strode forward, staring down the shadowy man. 
"You are not wanted here, Exar Kun," he said. To his continued surprise the shadow of the ancient Sith Lord drifted back from him, down the promenade. 
"I can find other tools, Streen, if you prove difficult. I will show you no mercy when I have gained control once more. My Sith brothers will use the power stored within this network of temples. If you defy me, I can find new ways of inflicting pain far beyond the capabilities of your imagination—and you will endure all of them!" 
Kun's shadow drifted farther away...and a tall figure emerged from the left stone stairwell into the grand audience chamber: Kirana Ti clad in her polished reptilian armor, her muscles rippling in the pale candlelight, her curves making her look supple yet deadly. 
"Are you running away, Exar Kun?" Kirana Ti said. "Frightened off so easily?" Streen held his position, still gripping the lightsaber. 
"Another foolhardy student," Kun said, whirling to face her. "I would have come to you in time. The witches of Dathomir would be fine additions to a new Sith Brotherhood." 
"You'll never get a chance to ask them, Exar Kun. You are trapped here. You won't leave this chamber." She pressed forward to intimidate him by her very closeness. 
Kun's shadow distorted, but he held his ground. "You cannot threaten me." Kun loomed over her. 
Streen felt a stab of cold fear at the movement, but Kirana Ti ducked swiftly, fluidly, into a fighting stance. She reached to her waist and snatched one of the tools hanging there. A loud crackle seared the air, and she stood holding another ignited lightsaber. A long amethyst-and-white blade extended from the handle, humming like an angry insect. She thrashed the lightsaber from side to side. 
"Where did you get that weapon?" Kun demanded. 
"It belonged to Gantoris," she said. "He once tried to fight you and failed." She slashed with the lightsaber, and Kun flinched back toward Streen. "But I will succeed." 
Kirana Ti stalked toward the platform where Luke's body lay, where Streen stood on guard with the other lightsaber. Kun was trapped between them. 
Another Jedi trainee emerged from the right-side stairwell—grim and wiry Kam Solusar. "And if she fails," he said, "I will pick up the lightsaber and fight you." He marched forward, closing the distance to join her. 
Then Tionne came from the opposite stairwell, throwing her challenge at Exar Kun as she walked up to the platform. "And I will fight you as well." 
Cilghal stepped in with Jacen and Jaina, each holding one of her hands. "And we will fight you. We will all fight you, Exar Kun." 
The remaining Jedi trainees flooded into the chamber, converging in a group that surrounded the Dark Lord of the Sith. Kun raised his opaque arms in a sudden brisk gesture. With a flicker of wind the twelve candles around Master Skywalker's body snuffed out, plunging the room into deep shadow. 
"We're not afraid of the darkness," Tionne said in a firm voice. "We can make our own light." 
As his eyes adjusted, Streen saw that all twelve of the Jedi candidates were limned with the faintest sheen of an iridescent blue glow that grew brighter as the new Jedi converged around Exar Kun. 
"Even joined together, you are too weak to fight me!" the shadowy man said. 
Streen felt his throat constrict, his windpipe close. He choked, unable to breathe. The black silhouette turned, staring at those who resisted him. The Jedi trainees grasped their throats, straining to breathe, their faces darkening with the effort. Kun's shadow expanded, growing darker and more powerful. 
He towered over Streen. "Streen, take your lightsaber and finish these weaklings. Then I will allow you to live." 
Streen heard the blood sing in his ears as his body strained for oxygen. The rushing sound reminded him of blowing wind, gale-force storms. Wind. Air. He grasped the wind with his Jedi powers, moving the air itself and making it flow into his lungs, past Kun's invisible stranglehold. Cool, sweet oxygen filled him, and Streen exhaled and inhaled again. Reaching out with his power, he did the same for all the other Jedi students, nudging air into their lungs—helping them breathe, helping them grow stronger. 
"We are more powerful than you," Dorsk 81 said, gasping, in a tone that mixed challenge with amazement. 
"How you must hate me," Exar Kun said. Desperation tinged the edges of his voice. "I can feel your anger." 
Cilghal used the silken ambassadorial voice she had worked so hard to develop. "There is no anger," she said. "We don't hate you, Exar Kun. You are an object lesson for us. You have taught us much about what it is to be a true Jedi. By observing you we see that the dark side has little strength of its own. You have no power that we do not have. You merely used our own weaknesses against us." 
"We have seen enough of you," Kam Solusar said grimly from the edge of the circle, "and it's time for you to be vanquished." 
The Jedi trainees stepped closer together, cinching the circle around the trapped shadowy form. Streen held his lightsaber high, while across the circle Kirana Ti raised hers to a striking position. The nebulous glow around the new Jedi Knights grew brighter, a luminous fog that joined them in an unbroken ring, a solid band of light forged by the power of the Force within them. 
"I know your flaws," Kun said stridently. "You all have weaknesses. You—" The shadow lunged toward the streamlined form of Dorsk 81. The cloned Jedi candidate flinched, but the other trainees gave him strength. "You: Dorsk 81, a failure!" He sneered. "Eighty generations of your genetic structure were perfect, identical—but you were an anomaly. You were an outcast. A flaw." But the olive-skinned alien would not back down. 
"Our differences make us strong," he said. "I've learned that." 
"And you"—Exar Kun whirled to Tionne—“you have no Jedi powers. You are laughable. You can only sing songs about great deeds, while others go out and actually do them." 
Tionne smiled at him. Her mother-of-pearl eyes glittered in the dim light. "Someday the songs will tell of our great victory over Exar Kun—and I will sing them." 
The glow continued to brighten as the synergy between the trainees grew more powerful, weaving threads to reinforce their weak spots, to emphasize their strengths. Streen wasn't sure exactly when another image joined the Jedi candidates. He saw a new form without a physical body—short and hunched, with withered hands held in front of it. A misshapen funnel face, whiskered with tentacles, stared with small eyes hooded by a shelf of brow. Streen recognized the ancient Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk Baas, who had spoken to them from the Holocron. 
Kun's image also saw the ancient Jedi Master, and his expression froze in a sculpted grimace of astonishment. 
"Together Jedi can overcome their weaknesses," Master Vodo said in a bubbly, congested voice. "Exar Kun, my student—you are defeated at last." 
"No!" the shadow screamed in a night-rending voice as the silhouette fought to discover a part of the circle he could breach. 
"Yes," came another voice, a strong voice. Opposite Master Vodo glimmered the faint, washed-out form of a young man in Jedi robes. Master Skywalker. 
"The way to extinguish a shadow," Cilghal said in her calm and confident voice, "is to increase the light." 
Kirana Ti stepped forward with the lightsaber that had been built by Gantoris. Streen met her with Luke Skywalker's lightsaber. The two stared into each other's eyes, nodded, and then struck with the brilliant luminous blades. Their beams crossed in the middle of Exar Kun's shadowy body—pure light intersecting pure light with an explosion of lightning. The flash of dazzling white seemed as bright as an exploding sun. 
Darkness flooded out of the shade of Exar Kun. The blackness shattered, and fragments flew around the circle, seeking a weak heart in which to hide. 
Streen and Kirana Ti kept their lightsabers crossed, the energy sizzling and searing. With the Force, Streen touched the winds again. The air inside the grand audience chamber swirled with increasing coriolis force to form a whirlwind. The cyclone grew tighter in an invisible knot around the shredded shadow, trapping it and carrying it up toward the rooftop and out, flinging it into the vast emptiness. 
Exar Kun vanished with only a brief, curtailed scream. The Jedi Knights stood joined together for a final moment, relishing the shared Force. Then, in exhaustion and relief and triumph, they separated from each other. The unearthly glow dissipated around them. 
The image of the alien Master Vodo-Siosk Baas stared toward the ceiling, as if to catch a last glimpse of his conquered student, and then he too disappeared. 
With a wheezing cough as he expelled long-trapped air from his lungs and drew in a fresh breath, Master Skywalker groaned and sat up on the stone platform. 
"You've—done it!" Luke said, gaining strength with each lungful of cool, clean air. The new Jedi Knights surged toward him. "You have broken the bonds." 
With squeals of delight Jacen and Jaina ran to their Uncle Luke. He pulled them into his arms. They giggled and hugged him back. Luke Skywalker smiled out at his students, his face glowing with pride for the group of Jedi Knights he had trained. 
"Together," he said, "you make a formidable team indeed! Perhaps we need no longer fear the darkness." 

--Taken from Champions of the Force  
When Exar's Essence was defeated, Kyp was no longer under his influence. Kun was never controlling Kyp completely but did have a compelling hold on him. Without this, Kyp  the dark renounces the dark side and the Sun Crusher. 

The systems hummed as they returned to life, charging up. Exar Kun had also been betrayed by his supposed partner, the warlord Ulic Qel-Droma. Now Han had betrayed Kyp. Master Skywalker had also betrayed him by failing to teach the appropriate lessons...appropriate defenses against Exar Kun. In his head the voice of the Sith Lord shouted for him to kill Han Solo, to destroy the enemy. To let his anger flow through and be strong. It overwhelmed Kyp. He squeezed his dark eyes shut, unable to watch as his hands gripped the control levers for launching the torpedo. He primed the system. The screens blinked with warning signals, which he disregarded. 
He needed to destroy something. He needed to kill those who had betrayed him. His fists gripped the firing handles. His thumbs rested on the launch buttons, squeezing, ready
And then the haunting voice of Exar Kun rose to a wail in his mind, an utterly forlorn scream as if he were being torn out of this universe and exiled to another place entirely, where he could torment Kyp Durron no more. Kyp snapped backward in his control seat as if an invisible tow cable had been severed. His arms and head dangled like a puppet with suddenly snipped strings. The cool wind of freedom whistled through his mind and body. He blinked his eyes and shuddered with revulsion at what he had been about to do. 
The Millennium Falcon still gripped the Sun Crusher in its tractor beam. As Kyp saw the battered old ship, Han Solo's prize possession, he felt a tidal wave of despair. Kyp reached out to the energy torpedo controls and vehemently canceled the firing sequence. The plasma generator flicked and faded as the energy died away. Without the presence of Exar Kun inside him, Kyp felt isolated, suddenly in the free fall—but independent.
He opened the communication channel but couldn't form words for a few moments. His throat was dry. It felt as if he hadn't had anything to eat or drink in four thousand years. "Han," he croaked, and said louder, "Han this is Kyp! I..." He paused, not knowing what next to say—what else he
could say. He hung his head and finally finished, "I surrender." 

--Taken from Champions of the Force 
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The Dark Side Compendium

Author: Palpatine 
"Because I have no intention of dying, I do not feel any compulsion to create any work of art to survive me. However, I am not so selfish that I am unwilling to share my various thoughts and experiences regarding the dark side. And so I now present to you excerpts from what may well be my masterpiece, the three books that make up The Dark Side Compendium."  

The Book of Anger

"Many Jedi claim to have found serenity, and that through serenity they have overcome anger. Such arrogance is astounding. These fools have never faced their anger, and thus have no idea whether they have overcome it or not. True calm is only achieved through testing the limits of one's anger and passing through unscathed. The capacity for this ability lies within everyone, though most fear to test their own strength, and are thus considered at best weaklings, and at worst irresponsible. 
   When the Force is sensed and moved by emotion, from the very center of the body, and meditated from the lower vital centers of the being, it acts with the destructive power of a storm...and the savagery of a beast. 
   Anger is the most potent catalyst to this kind of power. And anger that becomes rage, when channeled through the "vital gate" in the center of the body, can unleash absolutely unstoppable potency through the body.  
   Add the exquisite control of a fine intelligence standing watch over anger, and one has aggression that can kill with precision, crush cartilage from afar...or murder opponents from a great distance.  
   I have learned that Anger and Will are the greatest power. 
   I have learned to meditate Anger and Will with clarity and precision, and I have learned to open the hidden reservoir of dark side Power. 
   Anger concentrated by Will in the vital center of the body creates a portal through which vast energies are released—the energies of the dark side of the Force. 
   Standing watch with the mind, in my meditation of Anger, I have slain my enemies from great distances through the dark side Power that permeates the galaxy. I have created lightning and unleashed its destructive fire. 
   Using this knowledge, I can unleash the dark side energies that are all around us, even to shatter the fabric of space itself. In this way, I have created storms
   Through a simple act of Will, I can generate Force Storms, energy storms that are vastly destructive and virtually unstoppable. Although triggering such storms requires mere thought and inclination, I admit I am not yet able to completely control the phenomenon. Among my goals is to perfect this control." 

The Weakness of Inferiors

"Inferiors continually endanger their own lives and the lives of others through poor decisions, reckless behavior, and simple inability to engineer the reality of their ambitious dreams. They are like children, crying in frustration because they do not comprehend their own limitations. These weaklings need structure—to be shown their place in the existing social order. It is left to the wise and powerful to provide that structure in order for civilization to survive and thrive in the galaxy. Those who cannot—or will not—accept that peace and order are far more important than their own selfish desires must be removed from society before they can inflict any lasting damage. 
  1. All power comes from outside the weak. The weak have never been known to believe in themselves or in their ability to wield power.
  2. The face of authority. The weak live as in a dream. All their thoughts, actions, and urges are governed by the face and the voice that controls this dream. The face and voice they have learned to obey. The face and voice of Authority.
  3. The law of fear. A consequence of the first two tenets is that the weak live in fear. The mere suggestion of violence from one in authority is enough to inspire their obedience. How can one who does not believe in his own powers stand against the power of another? It is impossible.
  4. The weak do not understand the Force. The Force is the ultimate means to gain authority over the weak. The weak do not understand the Force. The weak do not sense the Force, therefore how can they understand or use the Force? So it is that the weak are at the mercy of those who know and use the power of the Force. The proper use of the Force can inspire awe and obedience from the weak.
   It has been said that anyone who knows the ways of the Force can set her- or himself up as a King on any world where only she or he knows the ways of the Force. Any Jedi could do this. But the Jedi, fools that they are, adhere to a religion in which the Force is used only in the service of others. 
   How shortsighted of them. Is that not why they lost the galaxy to the dark side?"

The Creation of Monsters

"Although the Force can be used to create terrifying illusions, it is sometimes more satisfying to create actual creatures that are willing and eager to shred and devour one's enemies on command. Such monsters are most useful when maintaining discipline and anxiety among subjects and enemies while one's attention is required elsewhere. These creations must be able to follow basic commands, but should not be designed with too much intelligence or self-awareness. Their function is first and foremost to serve their master. 
   A novice might begin with a small herbivore that appears relatively defenseless, some simple-minded thing at or near the bottom of the food chain. The goal is to transform the creature into something higher on the evolutionary ladder and considerably more ferocious. 
   Examine the creature for any natural attributes and abilities that can be augmented for maximum destructive potential. If the creature lacks teeth and claws, do not refrain from adding such features. If its eyes are set on either side of its head, revise the configuration to enable them to face their prey head-on, or add an entirely new set of eyes. Strengthen muscles and bone, especially the jaw and along the spine. 
   Conquer the temptation to create specimens that are superior in every way. The danger of such monstrosities being turned against you is too great. Instead, focus on instituting controlling weaknesses into each and every beast you construct. Make it strong where you are weak, but weak where you are strong. It must have a fatal flaw that you—and only you—know how to exploit. And always, without fail, be prepared to destroy your most valued creation...or be prepared to be destroyed by it. 
   Do not disregard such practical aspects as whether the monster will be required to access standard doorways or travel upon floors which can only support a limited amount of weight. A large beast can make a wondrous thing to behold, but it can also make an easy target. 
   Alterations should not be merely cosmetic. A monster is most effective when it is hungry and in some degree of pain. Selectively sever or expose nerve endings and alter the creature's internal organs so it has the energy to maintain itself and can digest what it consumes. 
   Training is also essential. Test your creature, set it loose in a pit or cage with at least a dozen members of its original species, preferably blood relatives. Should it fail to meet one's expectations, either in the categories of efficiency or ferocity, yet emerge from the test relatively undamaged, you do not need to begin from scratch. Monsters can learn from experience, and can be fine-tuned by further enhancements and torture.  
   Of all the monsters I have created, I still regard Darth Vader as something of a minor masterpiece. No, he was not an entirely alchemical creation, but he was my monster nonetheless. Even though he failed to live up to his full potential, there was much pleasure in transforming Anakin Skywalker from a bright-eyed, tousle-haired youth into the greatest Jedi killer of all time. Yes, he ultimately turned against his Master, but that was my fault, not his. Given the opportunity to create Vader again, I would, and with zeal."
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Star Wars Characters and Battle Threads

Let me lay down a few scenarios. If a battle thread were created between X-Man vs Superman, would that be a good matchup? Or what about Nemesis with Creation blades vs bone claw Wolverine? Or Quicksilver vs Batman? Or Selene vs Luke Cage? The answer to all of these is "no." These are imbalanced battles.   

  • X-Man vs Superman: Nate wins easily. He can dominate Clark's mind telepathically and end the battle in an instant. Supes also has little hope of harming him due to Nate's intangibility. To top it off, X-Man can endure as psionic energy, with no need for a physical form. He could possess Superman.
  • Nemesis with Creation blades vs bone claw Wolverine: Nemesis cuts him in half with the Creation blades. Yes, it is that simple.
  • Quicksilver vs Batman: Quicksilver runs circles around Bats. Batman is incapable of tagging an opponent as fast as Quicksilver. All that would be needed for Pietro to win is a few punches, really. 
  • Selene vs Luke Cage: Selene drains his life force. End fight.
Horrible battles. These are completely one-sided and should never even reach the battles forums. Now, I use these as analogies as they have relevance to Star Wars characters (particularly in the EU). Replace X-Man with Darth Sidious. Replace Nemesis with Shaak Ti. Replace Quicksilver with Yoda. Replace Selene with Darth Nihilus. Now the matchups are as follows:
  • Darth Sidious vs Superman: Palpatine wins easily. He can dominate Clark's mind telepathically and end the battle in an instant. Supes also has little hope of harming him due to Palpatine's combat speed. To top it off, Sidious can endure as Force energy, with no need for a physical form. He could possess Superman.
  • Shaak Ti with lightsaber vs bone claw Wolverine: Shaak cuts him in half with her lightsaber. Yes, it is that simple.
  • Yoda vs Batman: Yoda runs circles around Bats. Batman is incapable of tagging an opponent as fast as Yoda. All that would be needed for Yoda to win is a few punches, really.
  • Darth Nihilus vs Luke Cage: Nihilus drains his life force. End fight.
See what I did there? I exchanged a Marvel/DC character with a particular attribute (energy form, deadly weapon, super speed, life force absorption) with a Star Wars character that possess a similar ability or item. This is the problem with most Star Wars battle threads. People fail to comprehend what an EU character is actually capable of. Now to be fair, there are people who will also place Spider-Man against Thor. So the misunderstanding of abilities is not exclusive to Star Wars, but it is heavily prevalent with the EU. Why is it so difficult for people to grasp what EU characters can do? I have no idea, but it happens.  
There are a myriad of reasons that Star Wars characters are misused in battle threads, but these tend to be the most consistent issues: 
  • Force powers are extremely diversified. There are powers for virtually any ability you could think of (to varying degrees, based on the user), and different Force sensitives learn different applications of the Force. There are powers for a super scream, flight, weakness detection, energy blasts, death stare, force fields, teleportation, accuracy, duplication, intangibility, pyrokinesis, illusions, and countless other skills. Some characters, such as Luke, are ridiculously versatile in their power sets. Others, such as Darth Maul, are more limited and only ever used a select few powers. Most Force sensitives, however, all share certain powers, including basic Telekinesis, Telepathy, and Force Jump. Star Wars characters range from street levelers to planetary threats. 
  • Essence Transfer = Terrible for battles. Darth Sidious is the one Sith out of the others who is most skilled with this ability. Essence Transfer is a dark side power in which the user exits their material body in their spirit form and inhabits another host, be it organic or inorganic. Under normal conditions, Sith can never use this power without preparation. Exar Kun is a prime example of this. He had to initiate a ritual in the Massassi Temple to anchor his Essence to it. However, Darth Bane is only required to speak an invocation, so to speak, in order to transfer his Essence. Nihilus already exists as an Essence inside his armor. Now, with Sidious, he demonstrated more than once that he can use Transfer Essence on a moment's notice, even after he was killed. He needed no outside aid or prep of any kind. The reason this power is a problem for battle threads with characters from other publishers and comic universes is because dark side Essences are nearly impossible to beat. Exar Kun's spirit had to be directly banished from the physical realm by other Force sensitives. Bane was merely resisted in his possession and was thrown into Chaos, which makes him more usable in battle threads as that is a much simpler method of defeat. But with Palpatine, he can just continue to project his Essence, and even if he failed to possess a given host (and it is very unlikely for him to lose a battle of wills), he was somehow exempt from most, if not all of the restrictions on Spirit Transference that other dark siders suffered from. He could roam as an Essence for months and even operate, to some degree, without a body. The question could be asked, "Why not just have an energy manipulator disperse the Essence?" One, because there is no way to tell how efficient this would be, as it has never been attempted (to my knowledge), but I doubt it would be that simple anyway. Sourcebooks, such as The Dark Side Sourcebook, have outright stated that dark siders' spirits are never fully destroyed. They are simply exiled to wander in the void that is Chaos forever. Two, because energy manipulators from other comic universes can do nothing to Force energy. If they were Force sensitives, then it might be a viable, but the fact is, they aren't Force sensitives. Besides that, Force sensitives needed to cast a spirit into Chaos, as was the situation with Freedon Nadd, Exar Kun, and Darth Sidious, among others. This is why Palpatine especially should be left out of battle forums, along with Jedi Academy Exar Kun as he is already a spirit. The way to circumvent this issue and still involve a character such as Sidious fairly in a battle thread is to stipulate that Essence Transfer is prohibited or issue a version of the character that had not yet learned that power. This way, he can still be usable in battle threads without the frustration of a cop-out ability.
  • Physical attributes need to be carefully considered. Unknown to most, Jedi and Sith tend to have very impressive physical stats, especially in speed. Strength and physical resiliency are crucial factors also though. There are characters who have supported hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of pounds. Usually, brute strength is portrayed in the EU by description regarding the power of the character's melee strikes, but there are definitive feats of supporting weight as well. With resiliency, there are no characters who can enter stars or black holes unharmed, but in comparison with many street level characters, some Jedi/Sith are fairly durable. A number of them have withstood high falls, being smashed through durable surfaces, energy bursts, blaster fire, etc. This is usually accomplished through Force Protection for resistance to blunt force and Force Absorption/Barrier/Deflection for resistance to energy. When it comes to speed, there are numerous Jedi and Sith who could make some moderate speedsters look slow. Luke and Sidious are among the fastest characters in the EU, based on feats, and have greater combat speed than even many powerhouse characters. As with all fights, the strength, speed, and durability levels of these characters must be considered before placing them against another character.
  • Lightsabers, although they are incapable of slicing through anything, contrary to popular belief, are still significantly powerful handheld weapons. When combined with the unique lightsaber combat forms only known to Jedi/Sith (which would make the fighting style with them generally unpredictable to characters from other universes), the raw physical power of the wielder (speed being the primary physical threa), and with abilities such as Lightsaber Throw (which allows the user to throw their lightsaber and telekinetically direct its path at an enemy or group of enemies and then return to the owner), lightsabers can end fights against characters without sufficient durability to resist them quickly. Now, against someone such as Captain America or Wolverine, who can deflect a lightsaber with an item (indestructible shield) or biological implants (adamantium bones), they could fight a Force sensitive head to head, assuming, of course, that this Force sensitive is only a street leveler (and there are Jedi/Sith who are only street levelers). Also, characters such as Silver Surfer, Superman, Thor, and others could just tank a lightsaber slash, due to their high durability. So the factor of lightsabers vs a character's ability to defend against it is critical for determining whether a battle is fair or not.
There are some other elements to be examined also, but just as a general rule of thumb, reading  material about a character and performing simple research before including them in a battle would help (this would eliminate most mismatches, truth be told).

So, in short, to avoid creating a mismatched battle thread with EU characters, ascertain the character's power level, remove Essence Transfer (unless fighting another Jedi or Sith), appropriate physical abilities, and ensure that lightsabers are fit for a situation (and if not, just remove them). And if all else fails, do your research.
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Star Wars Canon Classes

Star Wars canonicity is broken up into five canon classes. The reason for this is that George Lucas does not consider any SW media aside from the movies to be part of his universe. So all other information is, to a degree, separate from his movies. Any and all Star Wars material unrelated to the movies is canon in what is known as the Expanded Universe (EU). I will draw these canon classes out here and describe the meaning of each class and what each class is comprised of (in my own words). I memorized the canon classes a long time ago, but to others who are not so well-versed in SW canon, understanding what is or is not canon or what canon class different SW medium falls under is crucial. I also just grow tired of explaining this in threads. So here they are.

G-Canon: George Lucas Canon. This is the highest canon class. Under this class is any and all material of or relating to the six Star Wars movies. As well, there are certain events, characters, or concepts that Lucas has acknowledged as being part of his universe, such as Darth Bane and the Rule of Two. However, despite Bane's existence in Lucas's Star Wars, his backstory or any major information regarding him, or any other character/concept not mentioned in the movies, is unknown. Now, there is some question concerning whether the novelizations of the movies are G-Canon. The technical defining parameters of G-Canon include all material associated with the movies, but in general, the movies are the only source material regarded as G-Canon.
T-Canon: Television Canon. This is the canon class that involves any televised Star Wars stories, such as the Clone Wars. Although George Lucas has had some involvement in various Star Wars shows, they are not technically part of his universe and are reserved for this class. T-Canon is the second highest canon class and is the highest ranking class made up of EU information.
C-Canon: Continuity Canon. This is the main EU canon class. Beside TV shows, C-Canon constitutes all EU material. This includes novels, comics, video games, audio dramas, etc. Because C-Canon has the broadest scope of material under it, this will be the canon class most often referred to when citing the EU and is, as a result, the most important canon class, next to G-Canon.
S-Canon: Secondary Canon. This is a class defined as ambiguously canon. It includes anything that has yet to be confirmed as canon or material that may or may not be canon anymore.
N-Canon: Non Canon. This is fairly straightforward. N-Canon pertains to anything in the Star Wars universe of any media form that has been specifically stated as non-canon. There are a select few things that have been established as being universally N-Canon, regardless of what they originated from. The prime example of this is game mechanics (character upgrades, semantics of fights, etc.). Although the story lines in Star Wars video games are canon (barring alternate endings), game mechanics are always N-Canon. N-Canon is typically referred to in Star Wars media as Infinities.

Leland Chee, the Keeper of the Holocron for Star Wars continuity, is the one who developed this system. He has personally attested to its validity and described it in his own blogs.

The database does indeed have a canon field for each individual entry and for sources, though the canon level of the entry would overide the canon level of the source since it factors in other sources associated with that entry. When determining canon levels for individual entries, anything in the films and from George Lucas (including unpublished internal notes that we might receive from him or from the film production department) is considered "G" canon. A new level we recently added is "T" canon, comprising of the theatrical release of The Clone Wars and the television series, in addition to the planned live-action television series. Next we have what we call continuity "C" canon which is pretty much everything else from the EU. There is a secondary "S" continuity classification used for older published materials created when there was less attention to making everything in the EU fit with everything else in the EU. But, if it is referenced in something else it becomes "C". Similarly, any "C" canon entry that makes it into the films can become "G" canon. Lastly there is non-continuity "N" which we rarely use except in the case of a blatant contradiction. Any contradictions that arise are dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

If there is any doubt that EU continuity is recognized as canon, those doubts should be summarily halted. George Lucas explained in the introduction to the novel Splinter of the Mind's Eye that he allowed for expounding on his works because he sees the potential for storytelling. Lucas himself has also been involved in the production of the novelizations of his movies, which ted to be released before the film itself. As well, Lucas has borrowed characters, locations, and events from the EU and used them in his movies (Coruscant, Quinlan Vos, etc.).

It was't long after I began writing Star Wars that I realized the story was more than a single film could hold. As the sage of Luke Skywalker and Jedi Knights unfolded, I began to see it as a tale that could take at least nine films to tell—three trilogies—and I realized, in making my way through the back story and after story, that I was really setting out to write the middle story.

After Star Wars was released, it became apparent that my story—however many films it took to tell—was only one of thousands that could be told about the characters who inhabit its galaxy. But these were not the stories that I was destined to tell. Instead they would spring from the imaginations of other writers, inspired by the glimpse of a galaxy that Star Wars provided. Today it is an amazing, if unexpected, legacy of Star Wars that so many gifted writers are contributing new stories to the Saga. This legacy began with Splinter of the Mind's Eye, published less than a year after the release of Star Wars. Written by Alan Dean Foster, a well-known and talented science-fiction author, Splinter was promoted as a "further adventure" of Luke Skywalker. It hit the bookstores just as I was preparing to write my own "further adventure" of Luke, in the form of a script entitled The Empire Strikes Back.

It seems only fitting, after all these years, that Splinter would be republished as I prepare once again to write another further adventure set a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

--Taken from Splinter of the Mind's Eye

Further elaboration on Star Wars canonicity has been presented, as in Star Wars Galaxy #6, where a brief article describes the purpose of the Infinities logo and states that all stories without the Infinities logo are canon.
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