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Silly Willy,

The Comedic Criminal


  • Name - Willard Small
  • Age - 27
  • Height - 5"10'
  • Weight - 197
  • Race - Caucasian
  • Nationality - American
  • Occupation - Electronic Repairman
  • Gene - Mutant
  • Identity - Secret

Personality - Willard love to joke, more to the fact he is obsessed with joking to the point that it is a drug he is addicted to. His level of silliness may very but he will always have something whimsical to say. To him the jokes are on the verge of being hilarious but in fact they sometimes come across as cruel or sadistic. The only time he is not joking is when he is upset. At that point he is over come with rage to point of committing cold blooded murder!

Mutant Abilities - Willard's internal organs as well as his entire bone structure is much like that of a rubber chicken. Because of this his body is protected from most physical attacks as his body simply absorbs them. Plus he can fold and bend his body into different shape appearing as if he where triple jointed in every joint. This also allows him to be an incredible above peak human level acrobat.

The Criminal - Know to the world simple as Silly Willy, he commits crimes with a practical joke theme. He is usually out for his own personal gain but also likes to have fun. His own kind of fun which means playing jokes on unsuspecting people.

Intelligence - Willard is not a genius but he is a savant when it comes to creating his "special toys"

Standard Gear

Rubber Chicken - a club powerful enough to break through walls

Toy Gun - multiple functions that shoots anything from fire to ice

Megaphone - powerful enough to shatter objects, disorient opponents

Elf Shoes - grants the wearer to walk on any surface and levitate for a while

Chomping Teeth - able to bite through almost any material

Slinky - acts like a razor sharp whip

Finger Trap - expands to a nearly indestructible cage around others

Joy Buzzer - Shoots out electrical sparks

Whoopee Cushion - releases either a fowl stench, massive wind or both

Ball and Jacks - The balls are bombs, the jacks are throwing stars