The Many writers of John Constantine.

John Constantine was created by Alan Moore, given Depth in Hellblazer by writers like Jamie Delano and Garth Ennis. 
Here is a list of writers to have John at least featured fairly in works. Not in Chronological order, more like my favorite to least.

List items

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Wow!  Impressive.

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@Liberty said:
" Wow!  Impressive. "
thanks :D
I have to edit it soon. After reading City of Demons #1, Si Spencer looks like he will sky rocked higher on the list.
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I notice Doug Wheeler and Nancy A. Collins are missing

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@aztek the lost:  That is embracing, when I just updated with Johns and Tomasi
Thanks for pointing that out
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@Silkcuts: I think I noticed it when I was reading their runs, guess I forgot to point it puns for them?
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@aztek the lost:  a little lazy, I need to think of some.
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Cool list :)
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@TheGoldenOne: Cheers mate.

Means a lot

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Love Johns.

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@NerdsFTW: beat character in comics mate
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*best character in comics