Required reading to understand Grant Morrison's Batman

Here are a list of "suggestions" in the best order I can think of so you can see the hidden messages in Grant Morrison's Batman story.  Some books you may have to reread more then once, since they have a lot of depth and other clues in other books are needed to understand what is happening. Understanding Grant Morrison's Batman is not going to be easy if you want to reach those deeper levels.
This list is here to give a guideline.

List items

Posted by JairamGanpat

Man, I was just going to ask you about this. 
You've thought of everything...

Posted by Silkcuts
@JairamGanpat:  I am missing a few things.  Like The Black case book, which I don't believe was added to the wiki yet.
Thanks for the vote of confidence :D
Posted by Jekylhyde14

I wish I'd seen this list of yours earlier. I'm glad you included The Invisibles. If you've read and understood that then a lot of Morrison's work opens itself up to you. 

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@Jekylhyde14: Thanks for the back up


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Pretty good list should be attached to some of the boards on the subjects. I also think Leviathan debuted in Seven Soldiers Klarion.

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@johnny_spam: Thanks mate, I need to reread seven soldiers again, I think your right.