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@Gambler: Busted or not, Alan Moore is too cool.
Great find tagging the Colourway.
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@daviegourevitch: Just got into.the game because of no man's land. Bat belt on John Constantine for the win.
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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

Wasn't sure is @Silkcuts and @aztek_the_lost where still around not seen them about. Yea I thought Azz would have said something

@Billy Batson said:


Well Silk still hasn't said anything about it so I don't know if he has even see it yet or if he's just sobbing <_<
Aztek did. You even replied to him. He also posted on IE's article with one of his alts (Jack the Ripper) :p
I also checked if Delano had said something about it on twitter and he did.

I have to be careful what I say, since one day I hope to write comics for a living and in the internet age it is easy to have things bite you down the line.  The truth of the matter is that the reality that 300 was the final issue was made clearer in each month that came closer too it. I guess my mourning started earlier than most.  I've made excuses my writing keeps me away from the review and the site, but maybe it was the 52 and the fact DC pissed on their own history by renumbering the series in which they are named from in Detective Comics. If the Trinity was not safe, I would be lying to myself if I didn't accept the fact that money/"exposure" could be the drive to promote all the characters.  John should of been the exception since he was created for the fringe. Moore took a series that was suppose to be canceled and made it a comics must. In that run of Swamp Thing, Moore created the King of the Freaks and Geeks in John Constantine. Removing him from his Vertigo roots completely defeats the legacy he as a character created and the magick in which made people like me love "sequential arts".  I only hope that Pete continues to please in the last remaining issues as his run has been a huge smile on my face.  In talking to the gods John needs to live on in at least OGNs under Vertigo, or the world did end metaphorically for me in 2012.  If Didio at crew honestly believe they made the right move to trade history for a more accessible series, I dare to compare quality issue to issue, arc to arc, and even how the series impacts a wrter's career since HB was the series many writers were on before "Exploding" and that is just assuming "Constantine" can even make it to 300.  Yes what guys like Morrison in Batman, Lemire and Synder in the dark Corner are doing are great and even full of depth, but much of that depth is lost to the casual readers anyway.  Hellblazer was my bible to what possible potentials can come from comics. The classic Vertigo voice is now dead. People seem now to have the need to be told what to read and how to read it. If the world loses Vertigo John for good, then the world lost a true Gem that the 52 version can never be shined enough to sparkle like.  Of course I am not happy with HB ending in 300, but I am not surprised. The pill is easier to swallow with so many of my loved Vertigo books coming to ends to early, now I can leave the imprint alone and be glad John at least has a solid number planned end.  I don't own the character, nor do I control the use of him. But those who know him best and loved him before the "Hype", know the Vertigo John lived and breathed in our world aging in real time, with our time.  I will miss uncle John. Maybe one day I'll meet him in a bar for drinks.  This might be the only response I make on CV about this topic.  I hope it was good enough.
 - Kevin "Silkcuts" Gorospe
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@Roxanne Starr: ^_^
looks like Wiki Time
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Thanks all!!!
Congrats to those on the list and much love all around.

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@The Poet: the ... makes me worry 
@poze: Drop.Jeffery a line. maybe he will like a pitch. Thanks for the kind words btw.
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@The Poet: I  did we follow proper rules? 
Hope you liked it.
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@Strafe Prower said:

Congrats Silkcuts!!

so sorry I missed this. thank you kindly.