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A little bit confused by the ending but an obituary is the perfect thing to write for the end of Hellblazer. And these are my sentiments to the New 52 series. It can piss off for all I care.

an obituary indeed.
Only thing missing is allowing John to say C[_]/\/T. It is the only 4 letter word I am told by Carey John was never allowed to say.
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@MatKrenz … From what I understand I guess it's the last bar you stop at before you die maybe? Because in the background under the drinks you see people's names. So maybe it's where you go after you die? Someone explain tis please!

I'll do my best to explain the Meta, why because this book is riddled with depth for long time readers.  I will start with the cover, Biz bookends his run.  Biz join's the fun at issue #256. on the cover of 256 we see a shady older Constantine walking the streets of busy London. In his posture you can see life has beat on him. Biz is either one hell of an artist or ConJob planted that idea in his head, either way it is one of my favorite HB covers to date and I now know why. In the cover of the current issue, John's totem of the Cigarette is the focal point, is it a symbol of his life and now its at its end, maybe.  What I love most of the rest of the cover is the street from 256 is now just a side walk, less busy, less manic. We only see part of John's body, because it "death" something is missing.  I also love that John is walking into a clear open horizon. Again Biz is either one great artist or something magickal happened with his cover run.
 Most of the issue is tying up loose ends mostly from from Pete's run. Such Julian's obsession with John, Gemma's love for John, John's bloodline and his family he made with Piffy.  The cleaver writer in Pete explains a few things in what most people would see as tossed out one lines, such as page 30 3rd panel, 2nd bubble: "maybe I'll even learn to drive" Piffy calls him out. It is a explained con for us long time readers. John got driven around by Chas, was that a joke towards Moore since Moore cabs and doesn't drive? Maybe, but a lot of writers ran with that but lesser writers or maybe not as well researched ones of the past got John to drive. Which is cannon? Can or can he not drive. Issue #299, John is driving alone by the way, so it is a seeded John Pete so cleverly hid. So even after the big Con of John tricking the fates, he has one more Meta Con on readers like me... I almost cried I loved that Con so much. If aspects of the issues main plot are confusing then please read or reread Pete's run since he does a lot of detailed meta in the run, but the basic plot of his run I felt is pretty clear.  It is the best run on the book and I am grateful for it. So much reread value.
The last panel is the best way to end the book. That is how I would of done it if I wrote 300, or similar. And no way would I have written as well as Pete, so I salute him.  The final panel is really to please us who are "desperately seeking something", which is the name of issue #120 of Hellblazer. Us HB fan were desperately seeking something in a proper end and that is why the salute to Jenkins is the correct end.  It is not just a fun easter egg filled panel, it salutes all the history of Vertigo with the booze bottle's behind. With HB dying classic Vertigo is dead, it lost its true flagship, it is like DC losing Superman or really Batman. Sorry Superman fans. I will include the link to my review of 120: here to give more details on why that issue was the inspiration of that panel. So our monthly pub stories from John comes to an end and that is why the bar works as the true end of the series, extending the issue past 22 pages to accomidate the needed over sized end.
Hope my little chime in helped a little.
Cheers mate
 - Silkcuts
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Thank you for this review. I know I didn't have the strength to review it. I still might. Never know. Glad you gave a strong recommendation of the issue and it deserves it. I would of liked to think I helped push you to read the book, since I started reviewing it about two years ago, maybe longer, people can check when I joined.  I am glad Pete wrote the last issue, because I don't think anyone would of written it better. It is the right ending for the book, like you said opened enough so Bad Blood could still be his future, closed enough so the New 52 version has a chance to grow even if guys like me will never love that version as much as this one.  With 25 years of history, pete wrapped up a whole lot. Sure most of Jenkins run will never be touched again, but with the final panel, a homage to issue 120 is the only hat tip to Jenkins we needed.

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I love lists like this. Well researched and full of pride lists. I should convert the names I put on the Toronto wiki to a list like this. Portland has a lot of heavy hitters.

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@PDBL77: Ennis is a great writer, but I don't associate him highly with crime, more satire where he is aces.
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@Mr.Q: No Star Sapphire here. 
Just truths. 
She is my home girl and she knows it, but even local I don't spend much time with her.
I am glad she has you to chat with on a reg.
Honest, she is pretty cool, she deserves good friends like you.
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@Mr.Q: No jealously here mate. If you can be the friend I fail to be then cheers. Like the girl a lot, I get a long fairly well with her and would only want her to be happy. Life is about love man, I ain't going to toss hate into the mix.  Make your master plans, create your inside jokes, spread love mate. ^_^  She deserves it.
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@Mr.Q: You talk about her like you've hung out with her in Toronto. You were in Toronto with Spacey and Silk was not at the party?
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For such a pleasant girl who I have enjoyed the few time to hang out with, it still surprises me how much you know about  I don't think I can imagine you killing a fly, but I am sure you can tell me over a 100 ways to hurt it without completely killing it.
You know your stuff since you study hard, glad you only pretend to procrastinate and goof off when you talk about school to me.  Maybe I need to go to you for info, like Brubaker goes to Rucka.
- Silkcuts

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How do you find all the good John stuff before

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@BumpyBoo: Thanks