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Here is a thread attached to my blog (Silkcuts) so I can monitor comments so we as a community can make sense of Grant Morrison's Epic which is Batman.  From past Batman related reviews I have gone into details of cryptic symbols and pop culture influences.  This thread is available for all to discuss on, please keep it relevant, I will reserve the right to delete and monitor this accordingly.  There are others who will serve as co-editors of this Grant Morrison Batman project: Amegashita, FadeToBlackBolt J1ml33 and SUPER-MAN 23.  Feel free to contact them since they were involved in this Hypersigil of a project from the beginning of me starting it. 
The talks and discussions on this thread will help to create other discussion threads and when more threads get created there will be a master list to link everything together.  Any ideas a good idea when dealing with this Batman run.  Grant Morrison puts things in his comic on purpose and we all have to come together as "Detectives" to figute it out.  We can figure each comic out if we come together.  Be not afraid. Enter freely and at your own will.
Here is to making Comicvine a place were the analytical mind can grown.
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I'll start:

Batman Inc #1

Page 3: Frame 1, store front, one of the Japanese characters looks like an Upside-down 4 and the other almost like a 7:
Possible meanings: The 4 is Chinese characters means death to most, and one one dies in the opening pages.  When the 4 is upside down I was told by a few Chinese friends it roughly means strength.  The "other character" that looks like a 7, may mean lucky.  Combine them and it is Strong and lucky.  
Coincidentally  frames 2-5 have another new character that will likely be important to the Batman Mythos. Is this page a sign of foreshadowing?
* The upside down 4 comes up a lot in this issue.
Final page Squid monster.  This could be a nod to H.P. Lovecraft.  Likely it is furthering the connection to Leviathan.  Leviathan is in Demonology one of the seven princes of Hell and its gatekeeper.  In The Satanic Bible, Leviathan is listed as one of the Four Crown Princes of Hell.  If we assume there are 4 crown princes, this is likely the direction Morrison is taking, since there are 4 Batman(s) prior to Inc: Bruce, Dick, Jean-Paul and Daiman in 666 anf 700.  In demonology, if there is 7 princes, there may be 7 new Batmen.  
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grant did great brings in a new generation. 
Posted by Silkcuts
@SUPERD96 said:
" grant did great brings in a new generation.  "
Sorry, not sure what you mean.
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Well dick Grayson was a great lone wolf Damian was underestimated, Tim had potenial, Cassandra was  confused, Babs had the natural talent
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@SUPERD96 said:
" Well dick Grayson was a great lone wolf Damian was underestimated, Tim had potenial, Cassandra was  confused, Babs had the natural talent "
that makes more sense.  Grant is making the other family members more important.
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Well yes but Tim's story sdeems to need more growth.
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Tim is the best robin.

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I guess we don't have to do it anymore.
Comicvine is paying someone else to :D

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