Jeff Lemire's Lost Dogs Back in print.

 Cover of Lost Dogs.
During the 2010 Toronto Fan Expo I was chatting with Jeff Lemire.  Being the "unofficial Lemire" street team I am, he hooked me up with juicy news.  Lost Dogs was picked up by a publisher. It is confirmed it will be back in print.  As for the Publisher, you will have to guess or wait.  I can't tell you where its new home will be.  I am just glad its coming back to print.
I reviewed my original copy of Lost Dogs, which you can read ( HERE)
For those who live in Toronto, I have a 2nd copy of the original printing.  If anyone is interested, it is for sale.
Posted by Palac

Hey mate, Dont know if the previous comment worked =\, But if you would be interested in shipping to Australia I would definitely be after that lost dogs 2nd copy you have!
Please let me know by email at
Thanks alot mate!!