In Memory Of The Unknown Soldier

on Mr. Dysart's twitter he has confirmed The Unknown Soldier he is writing will end at issue 25 :(

"The gig is, literally, up. Since Rich Johnson posted the news yesterday that Unknown Soldier will end with #25 I’ve been swamped with loving emails from readers. The outpouring of affection and praise has been amazing. Thank you. The book may not have moved “enough” of you to keep it alive, but it moved enough of you for me. Thank you. I promise the book will end in an awesome, natural way and that when read in trades, will feel like it was always meant to conclude this way. I’ve been preparing for this cancellation for a while and have had plenty of time to sing it out right. I actually really, really like the way the series is going to end and feel like it should end this way. Keep reading! Five more issues!"

"For two years we executed a comic that flirted with both pulp nonsense & real-life genocidal truth. As far as I’m concerned, we won.  “If you’re gonna tell the truth, you better make them laugh. Otherwise they’ll kill you.” US wasn’t a funny enough book about genocide. My next book will be called WISE CRAKIN’ PROTAGONIST! Featuring a sassy talking puppy who experiences first hand the human sex trafficking trade."

I think this is huge on DC's part and it is a Huge mistake!  DC never seems to push his titles enough.  Swamp was cut short and now a huge criticial success in The unknown  soldier.  His could of been the series to put him on the map.  10 years he's been in the biz and not one publisher gives him the chance to go all the way.  :(
It is a share, this series could of been the series that made him blow up. 
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Posted by Caligula

Unknown Soldier is a great series and it's a shame that so many of today's readers don't take a chance on anything outside of Wolverine, Batman, and Hulk. Most comic readers aren't really comic readers anymore, they are simply fans of certain characters. And most of the time, it's the characters that the industry says is what you should be reading.
Most of Today's comic readers, are false. They only do it for the fact some reason comics have become "Cool". Don't get me wrong I'm glad we have seen an influx of readers. But most of them now just read the big leaguer titles.

Posted by Caligula

one other thing though. this should be in Unknown Soldiers forum.
and have you read the Showcase presents of Unknown Soldier. it's an awesome collective.

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

Just another story of a great series 86ed before it's time

Posted by Asymmetrical

you keep piling on the horrific news...I can't believe this title is being canceled, I'm encouraged that Dysart says he likes how it will end but I agree that both this and Swamp Thing should have lasted much longer, this is a great comic and I am pissed off it had to be canceled, why not cancel something that nobody needs like those Cartoon Network Books, excess Batman titles or something (no offense to anyone who reads those)...this title is what comics should be like