To be in a Cypher with Kanye would be a dream,
if that ever happened your boy would then be making CREAM.
Smooth like SILK being "Simply Irresistible Lovable Kevin",
and when I sin its in Seven,
trust me its better that way.
Like the hypocritical Catholic I'll save my soul when I Pray.
Get it? The church makes us Prey.
If you don't get it now you will one day.
"Charming Under the Situation",
my "CUTS" is a social evaluation.
So if you sting I cut you and I am not sorry,
You need to break the matrix cuz I'm playing you like Atari.
Yes I mean your easy.
You prostituted you integrity making you sleazy.
I know that money is the lover we wished we didn't need,
she caters to our greed.
The 99 feeds the 1 and we be pretend its not true,
Brand this brand that reapplying the social glue.
A society built on a totem of whatever value of it you want.
Like a Grant Morrison Invisible I see the truth and a flaunt.  

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