Greek Street Canceled at Sweet 16
Bleeding cool was the first place I dead about Air and Unknown Soldier. So I trust them on this one.
Vertigo is pissing me off!  They so did not Give Greek Street a chance.... the 2nd trade hasn't even come out yet.  The first trade reads weird without Cassandra complex... the editors suck and the management needs a change!
Greek Street could of been the new layered Vertigo classic, like Sandman and the Invisibles.  
Bloody Shame on Vertigo! Bloody Shame!

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Posted by danhimself

16 issues is more than enough time for a publisher to determine if a series is worth keeping around or not

Posted by Silkcuts
@danhimself: 16 issues is enough for something not groundbreaking sure.
Peter Milligan is a proven writer and like Grant Morrison needs time to expand his non-normal ideas.
Vertigo gave up to quickly on this.  Peter  Milligan re-did a greek story in Tank Girl and that was great.  This could of been a literary masterpiece if Vertigo had more faith.  This could of been a series maybe taught as universities.  
Many comic reader need to be told what to buy.  That is why Fables sells so well because it is recommend because it is accessible for all levels of comic readers.  Harder to understand books like The Invisibles are hardly ever suggested by local comic shops.
I am just pissed because the monthly sales for Greek Street was better then Unknown Soldier and Air, but those two had at least 2 trades and 2 years of comics, Greek Street doesn't even get that and Greek Street is a series from a big time writer.  Maybe Peter Milligan was too brave and should of had stories of Zeus and Hercules, those are more accessible character and easier to chew on.  Why push the envelope when Superheroes still own the market?
Posted by Crom-Cruach

sucks, greek street was pretty cool.

Posted by Silkcuts
@Crom-Cruach: The Ajax arc sold me.  I admit it was a hard read at first, but once the odious and Electra stories finished the story was finally making sense.
Vertigo gave up to quickly.  Greek Street, Award winning Unknown Soldier and Air... all gone.  No Faith...  Heck Unknown Soldier was acclaimed and award winning and it was not safe.... I don't think Vertigo wants to keep its reader who buy more then just Fables.
Vertigo needs more faith in Peter Milligan.  Human Target should of went more then 21 issues.  With the show a longer series in reprints would be crazy cash.  Thank God Shade is getting collected, at least Vertigo is showing him some love... not a lot.  But some.
Posted by Crom-Cruach
@Silkcuts: Personally i think someone in management with power is just being a douche ruining everyone's fun because even what is successful hasn't had the success of stuff like Sandman so far and thus they are killing titles before they get the chance.
Posted by Silkcuts
@Crom-Cruach: I think its time for Karen Berger to step down... new blood is needed.
Yes Sandman is the biggest success, but that doesn't mean can everything that isn't as big.  :(
I am sad now.  I hear it has to do with the co-publishers Jim Lee and Dan Didio being given too much power.  It is no secret Didiot wants the characters like Swamp Thing and Sandman back in the DCU... but Vertigo is an important line and I don't think he sees how important it is.
Posted by Crom-Cruach

It's stuff like this (amongst others) that nearly made me give up on american comics altogether. Good lines get canceled while poor ones go on forever and inferior quality is tolerated.

Posted by Silkcuts
@Crom-Cruach said:
" It's stuff like this (amongst others) that nearly made me give up on american comics altogether. Good lines get canceled while poor ones go on forever and inferior quality is tolerated. "
I don't know how much more I want to deal with this.... I agree on the inferior quality... Like Spiderman... really does even Joe Q really know whats happening there.  The series sells because of the character.  The story has been butchered and messed with so much, yet the Fans won't make a stand, because they are just happy new picture of Spiderman gets drawn 3 times a month.  Who cares about the story, its just going to have another "day" or "moment" or "Snap-Shot" or whatver....
Greek Street may of been the most different series out right now.  It was a breath of fresh air that someone was trying to teach us something.  Someones was getting us to think. God forbid that we must think, right?  It was nice not being spoon fed, I had to work a little harder on this series that is what made it great.  I wasn't like a Jonah Hex were we know people will die and how will they?  I love Jonah, but I don't think it ever made me think as hard as Greek Street.
Darn you Vertigo!  I think I am going to drop all my Vertigo Monthlies except Hellblazer.  Sweet Tooth just finished an arc... I am going to miss that if I drop it.  I, Zombie and American Vampire is still young.  Air and Unknown are wrapped up.  Unwritten I like in trade better any way.  DMZ and Scalped are trade of me.  Fables I can read in the library it doesn't need my money anyway.  I am losing faith in Vertigo.
Posted by Crom-Cruach

Best advice to preserve your sanity, grab trades and don't try to keep up. You'll sleep easier that way

Posted by Silkcuts
@Crom-Cruach: Its Vertigo, I know at average Trades is where the money is.  I was just really mad for the day.  It is weird this series was only given a chance at 1 trade.... So I feel it was never given a chance.
When it boils down to it, as long as Hellblazer is still in print, I can't complain.  I hear Swamp Thing is coming back.  There is a lot of good series still out there.  I just think Vertigo flips coins every so often to determine which comics get canceled. Sweet Tooth, The Unwritten, Madame Xanadu, the Brian Wood Books and the older books should still be okay *Cross fingers*
Coming into 2010 I loved the Vertigo roster.  It was a lot of titles, but I think all great for what they were with strong variety.  Now it seems Vertigo is slowly changing... and I don't know if I like the change.... Crime books are good but Young Lairs died... The remixed Superheroes don't sell as much anymore, hence Animal Man, Doom Patrol, Black Orchid, Swamp Thing and even some of the Endless are finding there way slowly back to the DCU.
Then series like Crossing Midnight and now Greek Street could of been very unique and wonderful experiences, but those are cut short because the mainstream didn't except it.  I like it more when Vertigo targeted the non-mainstream.  It looks like I need to start reading other companies a little more.. like Image, Chew is great and thank god its not Vertigo because I wouldn't want this canceled quickly.  Vertigo is hurting their image.  They use to be ground breaking and fearless.  They sold out their fans by not keeping true to this.
I said it above, Karen Berger needs to go.  Make her an adviser so something, but I don't like her as the head of Vertigo anymore.
Posted by Crom-Cruach

Which comes to my point, everything by Vertigo eventually stops even if the story isn't over. This is trademark for vertigo. That's why I suggested going for trades and not putting more effort then that. If you need to buy a few single issues after to complete your collection fine. But trying to keep up with Vertigo like a regular comic line is pointless.
This is one of the reasons I like european comics. They have a set number of issues in a self-contained story arc. All the arc gets published, then if it makes sense and they made enough money off, then maybe they publish a second arc.

Posted by Asymmetrical

WTF! I am pissed! I thought all the cancellation news was over for the year and now this? And 16 issues? I mean at least Air and Unknown Soldier were (according to their writers who were probably at gunpoint) given time to at least wrap up their story in a way they're happy with but we're mid-arc here and 13 have already come out with 14 and 15 already solicited with no conclusion hinted at. This is bullsh!t. Peter Milligan has written more titles for Vertigo then any other creator I believe and they just cut him like this? Given all the new switch-ups recently with executives at DC comics I can't help but cast seething glares their way.
But I'd be lying if I pretended this was something new, in one year they canceled Testament, Exterminators, American Virgin and Crossing Midnight...all tales that had plenty more to explore and I think would have reached new heights. Some big shots in DC need to start losing jobs.

Posted by Silkcuts
@aztek the lost: sorry I keep delivering the bad news... I hope Bleed cool is wrong, but they were write with Air and Unknown.
Berger needs to go!