I ask you all, backmasking in comics? Is it possible?

For those who do not know what backmasking it you can read up on it HERE a link to wiki about it.
I guess it is all the music that I've been listing to as research and reference material and it made me wonder if Backmasking can be done in comics?  Has it been done before and I never caught it?
I plan to explore the possibility and even have a secret pitch dealing with the idea.  I hope I can pull it off.
So I ask, has there been backmasking in comics?  Is it possible if it hasn't been done?
Comment back people!!!!!  
 - Silkcuts


Free Comic Book Day suggestion

If anyone is in the GTA, you must check out Stadium comics!  It is a Free Comic Book Day staple for me and I suggest you check it out.  In the past they had Leonard Kirk, Francis Manapul and other great artist.  Marcus To has become a yearly staple there with his return this year. 

  Well those lovely pictures are Marcus To Samples and Stadium's free Comic Book Day is not limited to him.  Store favorite Vince Sunico provided two advance covers:

And lets not forget IDW's Transformers artist Alex Milne's sample:    

Also attending the event will be Kalman Andrasofszky, Fearless Fred Kennedy, Cris De Lara, George Todorovski, Chris Hatzopoulos, Chris 
 Leung, Luca Baldassarra, David Bishop, Adam Gorham and Shaun Hatton!
I should be around sometime in the morning  till early afternoon of Free Comic Book Day at Stadium.  I will be wearing last years free comic book day shirt, blue colour.  I point this out since the back is all signed by guys I meet all day.  Stadium is where the tradition started for me and it is a must every year now.  If you see a guy with the blue Jim Lee shirt getting signed and/or sketched on with last years shirt on then feel free to say Hi.  Yes I do reply to Silk, Roxanne Starr uses that all the time. Cuts is what Turok called me when he was online more frequently. Silkcuts is fine too or if you think online handles are weird, simply Kevin will do.
Hope you all have a Good Christmas... I mean Free Comic Book Day.
- Kevin "Silkcuts" Gorospe

My two years are up soon. What to do?

So I set up a poll here you can check it out and vote.

If you want to go to the poll click here.

If you want to volunteer for a caper, let me know, so we can work on it in advance do it will be ready for the anniversary of March 19.

Also if you have any suggestions or ideas. Please share.


- Kevin "Silkcuts" Gorospe


Comic Capers Freestyle Heist Vol. 1

The most frequently asked question I've been getting is "Silk you done with the review?"  In honest likely not, but I have been on a Sabbatical to improve my comic writing skills and knowledge.  I can breakdown a comic, sure, but can I write one?  So that became my new goal, how well can I write comics.  For those interested I am considering of starting my own website from my reviews to my future webcomics and one of the ideas I had was licensed characters rapping.  I guess since the rap battle thread I went to often was a creative outlet.  Okay, no more of a wait.  the wonderful M.S. Feather gracefully agreed to adapted one of these rap scripts I came up with.  So here is the first installment of Comic Capers Freestyle Heist.

Comic Capers Freestyle Heist is a concept open to any artist on the vine.  Feather and I love Plas, so of course I had to give the exclusive offer on the script.  The idea is the arts who wants certain characters I work exclusive with them on that character to up hold a visual continuity.  The comic is as much mine as is the artist' since it is not profit and licensed characters in a "fan comic" and a collaboration. Any artist interested let me know who you want and we can bounce around ideas.  I have been taking my writing more seriously, so my personal projects will be my priority on how I see fit, just to mention in advance.  Comic Capers Freestyle Heist is one of the few webcomics I am looking into doing a a webcomic, so the more volunteers the better.  
In all honesty I felt the only flaw to this mini-comic would be my script.  Feather nailed everything I could of asked and made the right choices when I was not clear enough.  So please let us know what you think.  If you don't like it, we might send Woozy Winks on you.
- Silkcuts

My few minutes with Manapul.

My few minutes with Manapul is in Thanks to Francis Manapul for being him and also to my friends at Stadium Comics who organized a launch signing for the Historic Flash #1 Post-Flashpoint.  I call it Historic because it is after FLASHpoint and it is also the comic where I can officially refer to the great Francis Manapul as a cartoonist.  Flash #1 is where he wrote and drew the story, as well as hand-letter and colored selected parted.  This issue is historic because of the skill set Manapul showcases on such an important comic to DC's universe.  Enough of the speech no one wants to read, but before I show you the pictures, I would like to Thank Kev and Rob again at Stadium as well as Francis.  Cheers mates and all the best.

 Signed comic #84 of 150, with backboard sketch displayed.
 Signed comic #85 of 150, with backboard sketch displayed.

afierce's new Comic strip you should check out.

Last time I posted an afierce comic, it was her "Somewhere in Gotham" Batwoman story that really caught on: 

 She is back as artist and not a writer for another new comic I enjoyed: Tattered Remains
You can read the rest of it ( HERE)
Wishing her all the best and only really posting this because I remembered why I still use Comicvine, I use it because it has a great community a community I hope stays healthy forever.
Be Seeing You
 - Silkcuts

My String Theory

My only goal on Comicvine was to "inspire" depth in peoples souls.  It is a fight I feel I am losing since it seems every few months I write a blog like this.  Books like Jonathan Hickman's Nightly News are acclaimed because it is Hickman and no one now questions what he said.  Morrison is Morrison and again no one questions.  I however get a cross-breed of comments, some get what I do and some think I only "attack" without rhyme or reason.  I don't try to attack, I try to "inspire" and I do believe like some of the names I mentioned above, I am a form of mouth piece for the universe.  Synchronicity happens to often with me for it not to be. 
It seems my most recent "universal assignment" has been another mixed bag. I don't regret it since that is what the Universe wanted.  So take it up with the Gods.
I cleared my soul with the person involved in private and have no hate for her.  I do what I do in love, since love is a balance of sentiment and selflessness, that area between is an hypocrisy gap.  I tried to close the gap to bring a better balance.  Sure the place was "Kanye West level", but did it work?  We will see.  If I inspired a change, then I can say sorry it went down that road and mean it.  The universe decided that was the best mode and I am riding synchronicity.   
The best way I can explain what I do is this:

Accepting uninspired anything inspires nothing.   To allow the death of the mind’s muse is to let society downgrade to machines of the flesh and not spirits made flesh.   Forgive me if I don’t accept mediocre media and cancerous communication.   A virus is still a virus, so why let only certain ones live?
 - Silkcuts

The statement above was intended as my hypersigil. To accept anything not fit to pair allows the quality to decay and that is why society has the controllers and the controlled.  "Like you, I am a puppet on a string, the only difference I can see the strings."  Last time I made that statement someone replied "then cut your strings and fall".  In reply, "I intend to cut those strings, I just can't reach them yet. I rather crawl then be controlled."  If you question me, then good!  But please don't stop there, question everything if you are going to question me.
In words of Number Six (The Prisoner)
"Be seeing you"
 - Silkcuts

Canada had a great loss today. R.I.P. Jack.

Jack Layton was a great man.  Respected by all.  If Canada didn't have so many parties and if he was not the leader of the youngest and less supported party, he would have been leader of Canada at least once.  I respect him so much for leading the New Democratic Party (NDP), a party that culturally in Canada has a disadvantage since most people vote the original two of Liberals (Left Wing) and Conservatives (Right Wing).... well that changed when NDP came.  NDP is more left and Liberal is now more centre. Even with the three choices the classic two tend to battle out for real power. 
The point I am trying to make is a man died today at 6 a.m. Toronto time and he was a great man.  A man I had a lot of respect for.  He was the first man I voted for when I could vote and ironically with his passing was the last man I voted for as well.  There was something about Jack that made me trust him, most politicians I do not.  Maybe it was because he was a labour kind of guy, a man who supported the little man.  I came from a family that had little and he was the voice for people brought up like me. In some ways he was the people's champ and I will miss him.  I remember the ways he would bring us joy, even at his expense.  Below is a few video of an examples:

  He was a man in an age when men seems few and he is not just a loss for Canada, but the world.  It is a shame I never finished a script I worked on in College, it was John Constantine coming to Canada and I wanted him to meet Jack.  Praise Jack for being for the people and not like "the monster of Margaret Thatcher".  Not sure if I will return to that script now, its been many years and DC would never let me write John anyway, but I felt that I should tell you all that I would of had John meet Jack and that is now much Jack meant to me.  I wish Jack's family positive energy from the universe and I hope Jack has his well deserved rest.  I will miss you Jack.

Now cracks a noble heart. Good-night, sweet prince;
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

No "Cheers" but salutes.
I raise a glass one last time to you Jack, you will be remembered. 
 - Kevin

Very off Topic comment from Silkcuts: "Ne-Yo's voice".

A little thing most of you wouldn't know is that I hate the "singer" Ne-Yo.  Not hate in a hostile way, just in a way that when I hear him sing I find myself upset by the Whiny pitch of someone so rich for such an annoying voice. 
I was walking with my girlfriend down the street one night and the image to explain the whine came to me in clarity.  Just imagine a cute baby cherub, a little porcelain white baby, lamb curly golden hair, sky blue eyes and a smile to break anyone's heart.  Now when I hear Ne-Yo sing, picture that same Cherub, now with hands around its neck, don't matter the color, I am not accusing Ne-Yo of choking out the Cherub, I just picture hands around the neck.  Now picture those hands raising the cherub up by the neck choking it out so that the lamb hair rises on end looking like lighting in a storm, the eyes bulge out and veins pop out, the sky blue fades to storm gray and the smile now is a gape belting out a horrific pitch of discomfort.  To top off that imagine a cherub has wings, right?  Picture this once cute cherub flailing furiously in failure.  The wings beat to try to escape only to toss feathers around. Each feather falling down in slow motion to remind me of the lingering pain of the original noise, which was the whiny sounding voice of Ne-Yo.
I hope that metaphor was clear to explain the whine in which I hear.
 - Silkcuts