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You know it still amazes me how much the Dark Titles have gained popularity, Like Dial H, JLD, Animal Man, I, Vampire, and Swampthing and they are amazing and great to read. I can't wait to see what this guy has in store for Swamp Thing

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Hey I just picked up this title, and I looked it up it says that he resigned from the Green Lantern Corps.

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You know I'm reading AA but I may have to drop it, that series will be afraid to kill off well known characters because of fans love for them but with this series they really can do the whole "only one will live" thing because no one knows the characters

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I have to admit that Dennis Hopeless is pretty bold making a title like this, Dan Slott switched Spidermans brain with Doc Ocks and the Internet yelled at him, Hopeless is going to kill alot of characters and make alot of people very unhappy, but on the bright side this seems like it will be one of my favorite new comics, being suspenseful of who get killed next.

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I love Earth 2, it is a really good comic book that is a good read for the replacement of the JSA comic. I really do love alternate reality comics because it shows us the characters we know and love but with diffrent qualites to them gives some intresting stories that the normal universe versions of those charcaters would never have to deal with. It's why i love Ultimate comics x-men and this series.
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When they said 20 avengers they meant 20 avengers. I wonder if its Superior Spiderman on the team.

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I see it as a cute novelty, People love cute animals so why not make some superheroes who are animals? I just think its a selling point for kids. It's not a bad idea though there have been some really good superhero pets and its sometimes cute to see heroes with animals like aquaman and aquadog, Damian Wayne with his dog and Batcow. Who knows people just love animals.

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To be honest I expect to end with spiderman and Doc ock sharing the same mind, Spiderman will fight back for control but being in Doc Ock's dying body he probably see that as a living hell besides he doesn't kill anybody, he had a chance to kill him back in ends of the earth. Thats how it will probably be him and Doc ock in the same body

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I never did like cyclops as a basically a mutant dictator, I always prefered Wolverine. However this new evilish cyclops who's decided to just protect mutants and be mean to humans, I like him. The whole heroish villian thing really works for cyclops.

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I like the idea of it but I would have to see how its written. For all I know it could be really good, or could be really bad but I am willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. Besides lately Magneto has been more than just a villian and more of a good person who has done bad things.