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I do like that comics do try to diversify their characters more, and Alan Scott is one of my favorite characters to be honest I actually think its offensive that they forgot all about Sir Yistin(sorry if misspelled). I think it all depends on who is writing the comic to see if it feels genuine. However best gay couple of comics in my opinion is Apollo and Midnighter. Just my opinion though.

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Im ok with new characters but not with a new robin. I think i would prefer if they make a new batman title of all the new young heroes who want to be batman's sidekick without realizing all of the danger out in Gotham. I think that would be cool with Harper, Kelly, and whoever else they create and form like a Gotham teen titans. That's just my opinion though.

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I can't wait to get Larfleeze, he is a funny character and I love what Keith Giffen is doing with him in threshold.

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I really want these guys to fight Batman Inc. It feels like it would fit with this being a team of teenagers out to protect the poor and Batman Inc being a world wide franchise team of people dressed like Batman, who in turn is DC's largest comic franchise. I think it would be cool but that's just my opinion and who knows what will happen to Batman inc after Morrison's final issue this July.

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Well I think being an Avenger and a member of the justice league is a paying job, but I think most heroes either have a job or steal from criminals.

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I like the look of these pulp characters, gives me more to read as I try to read less marvel and DC. Probably will read green hornet: legacy, Black Bat, and Miss Fury.

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I honestly think a Uncanny Avengers/Uncanny X-men crossover would really work for quite a few reasons. 1.Cyclops and his group are fugitives from the law, if the Uncanny Avengers can hunt down Cable and his X-force they can find Cyclops and his X-men. 2.The Uncanny Avengers are lead by Havok, Cyclops's brother. That could end up as a pretty interesting conflict with cyclops hating the Avengers and probably thinks his brother has betrayed him. 3.Rouge and Scarlet Witch are on the Uncanny Avengers, Rouge being an old friend and teammate of Cyclops may have a hard time fighting him, and Magneto is with Cyclops, Magneto Vs Scarlet Witch is usually interesting. 4. We all know that wolverine will try to kill Cyclops on the spot, let's see how captain America will react with wolverine, a member of his avenger/x-men PR team, trying to kill a man who is viewed as a revolutionary icon to the public (as depicted in Uncanny X-men 1) However this is just my opinion, I just think it would be a good idea. Give your thoughts below.

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Hmmm, Two pranksters messing with the Spiderman who threw the Vulture into a "Spider-Signal" and nearly killed Boomerang. This won't end well for them.

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I like the hammerhead version, his original made him look human but his new look gives him a kind of creepy alienish look.

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You know it still amazes me how much the Dark Titles have gained popularity, Like Dial H, JLD, Animal Man, I, Vampire, and Swampthing and they are amazing and great to read. I can't wait to see what this guy has in store for Swamp Thing