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I have to hand it to SPock, while he's not the nicest hero around he certainly gets the job done. Though I can't wait to see how The Avengers react to Spiderman's minions and his Spider-Island II. I can't wait for next issue.

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Proof It's not martian manhunter

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Actually its not Martian Manhunter. As the man in the purple said her team mates are fighting Shaggy Man as shown in the last issue, and Martian Manhunter is with them. So whatever brought Catwoman back with boiling blood and glowing red eye should be really intresting.

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Ultimate Comics X-men



Young Avengers

Avengers Arena

Wolverine and The X-men

The Bounce

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I would think The Rouges or Gorilla Grodd

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I actually get why they would rush this up. Marvel already has a huge movie universe which will grow even larger with the next couple of years with a huge fanbase while DC has had trouble with making any superhero movie besides Nolan's Batman good, I mean look at green lantern. So yeah they are going to rush it so that they can compete with Marvel, that's basically what it is.

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If you've been reading cullen bunn's run on Venom you know he's been doing some really creative stuff with it, such as moving him to West Philly, His girlfriend Valkyrie and yesterday with the Venom Mobile, but now they have given him a sidekick. Announced in the september and August solicitations that Venom gets a sidekick, so who do you think it is, and do you think she will last long. Personally I believe its Andi, his teenaged neighbor but I could be wrong. Discuss in the comments.

VENOM #40 & 41



Issue #40 - • Marvel’s newest symbiote-powered character – MANIA – is on the loose!

• But is she a hero or villain?

• And who killed Daimon Hellstrom?

Issue #41 - • Venom and Mania tackle Lord Ogre... and Crossbones and the DOA!

• Flash and the symbiote have a heart-to-heart.

• And how can Hellstrom be in so many places at once?

32 PGS. (EACH)/Rated T+ …$2.99 (EACH)

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I have to admit that Cullen Bunn is really great at making Venom Philadelphia's primer(and only) hero. Also I hope they keep using the Venom Mobile idea, that was really funny and weird. I can't wait for next month's issue and also maybe for a crossover between this and Cullens other title, The Fearless Defenders.

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DeadShot Vs Unknown Soldier and Harley Quinn Vs Amanda Waller? Where did I put my wallet. But seriously this looks like a great issue and It looks like Ales Kot will have a great series on his hands.

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While green arrow is a great character and he's fun in JLA, Hawkeye has been a consistent good read while green arrow was not doing so well until Jeff Lemire took over.