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Hey, you know I noticed something, where is Constantine in these promos. I know he survives trinity war and is around in Forever Evil due to solicitations of JLD but what is he up to. I know he recruiting people like Swamp Thing but I kind of want to know if he has a plan or not.

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I'm not trying to put anyone down, but if it sounds this way I am sorry. However I'm just saying people should try to give it a chance, because its a pretty good book. However I understand people may not like it and I'm ok with that.

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@titantempest Exactly, I love to read Marvel and DC. I love reading all the generic stuff like Avengers, X-men, Batman, and etc. but I'm still going to read original work or ideas to see if they are good and to make sure that the only comics that we have aren't all Avengers, X-men, Batman, and etc. If we never let new ideas originate then we will just be stuck reading the same thing years from now. There's nothing wrong with that but I'd like to see more creativity.

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I'm really loving this book so far, the characters are great and very diverse, they are fighting for a cause that most heroes probably wouldn't fight for, and while also making a great teen superhero book. The only thing wrong with this preview is that I question the choice to reveal Mouse's origin within the first few pages of the preview. I think that was something that was not really necessary, although I find it pretty cool how the rats looked like really weird disgusting puppy's while in the baby crib.

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Galactus had some awesome moments for the few pages that he actually showed up. Rick Jones also had some pretty cool scenes and its awesome to see him again after disappearing for a while. Can't wait for next issue.

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@black_arrow Yes that would be totally awesome. I would be good for really any new 52 animated movie except teen titans and Superboy.

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Well if you really want to know what its about here is the basic premise; in the aftermath of the trinity war all three separate Justice League teams(JL, JLA, and JLD) are supposedly dead with maybe a few survivors. With them gone the secret society of supervillians take over the world with an army of supervillians. This leaves heroes like Nightwing, the teen titans, and this new green lantern the only ones left who can stop them. There will be some villians who oppose the secret society and may fight back but beyond that there is nothing else known about the story. I hope that helped.

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@blkson said:

@squalleon said:

@blkson said:

Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz will now be the two Earth Lanterns. All the others are off planet so that makes sense.

I think this slogan is hinting at

I think that this is going to be a resistance team against the Secret Society. Based on solicits we know that Black Manta, Black Adam and Flashes Rouges do not want anything to do with the Secret Society. Dick Grayson is Batman and this is a resistance team while the JL, JLA, and JLD are "dead"

Which would explain why Batman is there.

I like your thinking! Geoff already said that Luthor will oppose the secret society.So it would explain why any of these characters are there

yea this is going to be really interesting. When you look at this team Sinestro, Lex, and Catwoman are somewhat anti heroes. So it all makes sense.

Well it did say that some members of the Justice League and Justice League of America survived in the October Solicitations, so who knows.

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I looked it up on this sight, her name is supposed to be Jessica Cruz. What I'm seeing so far in forever evil is that we have Nightwing, The Teen Titans, and a new green lantern as our main characters, not a bad line-up but probably won't be saving the world if you ask me.

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Wow, wait a minute. Is that the Female Green Lantern that was mentioned in Green Lantern 20 who will be trained by Simon Baz. Also I might have to buy forever evil and I was even planning on getting it. Though I could care less about Villians month.