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Rhinoceros Felix was a Jackal, one of the most deadly assassins on the face of the planet. He is known as the Rhinoceros due to his uncanny ability to charge through any danger, his blade, known as the "Rhino's Horn" hacking and slashing as he goes.

The reason he is a Jackal is due to the fact that his family were brutally slaughtered at a young age, and he himself was kidnapped. He was trained from the ground up to be stronger, faster, smarter, than anyone in the gang known as the Consortium. His favourite test of his strength was attempting to lift the wedge blade known as the Rhino's Horn. He was also trained as a gymnast, an acrobat, a hand to hand fighter, a medic, a scientist, among many other things.

Taking several knives to the chest

He was also trained in a number of more spiritual fields, such as meditation and study of the paranormal. Through use of his training, he can survive things that would take most men to the brink of death, and only come out stronger and more intelligent for the injury. He can take multiple knives to the chest and keep fighting. Through the modulation of his inner energy, or chi, he heals moderately faster from wounds, and can take more damage than most people. Through extensive torture scenarios, his tolerance to both physical and mental pain is incredibly high. It is believed in some circles that you cannot stop Felix unless you kill him.

We Are Legend

In an attempt to gain an army with which to fight the Consortium's seemingly endless crew of Jackals, Felix associated with the metahuman hero group known as We Are Legend. During his time with the group, he managed to save Feral Nova from the huntress known simply as Kratesis, wounding her in the process.


Strength - From training, Felix has what is considered low-grade meta human strength. His weapon, the Rhino's Horn, weighs forty kilos, and his coat alone weighs another five. He can effortlessly lift the Rhino's Horn with one hand, and is very quick and agile with it, often being seen as little more than a blur in close quarters. Felix often performs over one hundred one-finger pull ups while holding the Rhino's Horn in his other hand.

Speed - Felix can travel at speeds of forty miles per hour, and is very capable of turning at a moment's notice during a full speed attack run. His speed, strength and ability to turn whilst at full speed is what earned him the moniker Rhinoceros.

Agility - Felix is a fully trained acrobat and gymnast, and possesses a sense of balance and agility that would put most Olympic gymnasts to shame.

Stamina - Through intensive meditation, Felix has managed to decrease the rate at which his body produces fatigue toxins. He can exert himself at peak capacity for several hours before he begins to tire, and can fight for nearly a day, uninjured, before he has to retire due to fatigue.

Healing - Felix's body heals moderately faster than a normal human's due to his mastery of his inner chi, meaning he can heal from almost any wound, given enough time.

Pain tolerance - Through training, Felix has become highly tolerant to pain, both physical and mental. Through meditation, he can 'deaden' his body, making him almost completely numb to pain and injury.


Intelligence - Felix is learned in many fields of knowledge, ranging from acarology to zymology

Knowledge - Felix possesses a lot of what seems to be random snippets of information, but often helps in situations that he finds himself and his allies in.

Recurring enemies

The rest of the Consortium's Jackals often menace Felix, but he does not kill them, knowing that they do only as they are ordered.


The Melody is one of Rhinoceros' most irritating enemies, given that they are so physically equal, having been trained almost identically. His blade seems to be a stalemate for the Rhino's Horn. The blade itself, dubbed Requiem, is too large for one to swing with sheer strength. Melody instead likens it to a song, stating that you need to swing with rhythm, like any weapon. Given their many scraps over the years, Melody and Rhinoceros have a mutual respect for each other and seem to be in full realisation of the fact that their in depth knowledge of each other means that neither can beat the other.


Rhinoceros and Melody facing off against Tank
Grenadier living up to his name

Grenadier and Tank are rarely seen without each other. One utilises explosives, the other colossal physical strength backed up with cybernetics and mystical gauntlets that give him the strength of an Olympian. Although Felix can defeat either one on one, as a team, he cannot win a direct fight with the lethal tag team on his own. Tank's gauntlets are indestructible, and even the shockwave generated from a direct Requiem strike could not destroy, or even dent it.



Siren is one of Rhinoceros' most deadly enemies, her sound waves capable of destroying mountains could instantly score her a win against Rhinoceros, but she usually utilises her incredible hand to hand proficiency or her skill with throwing knives. She is also the woman that Rhinoceros loves, meaning that he can almost never bring himself to even try to fight her. He often tells himself that she secretly feels the same way, and she doesn't know what she is doing, but the truth is that she harbours a lot of hatred for Rhinoceros.



Swordsman is the single most skilled Jackal with a blade, his indestructible katana is capable of going up against the Rhino's Horn and Requiem simultaneously. He is fast enough to strike the fuses from Grenadier's bombs before they hit, strong enough to bypass Tank's durability, and agile enough to outclass even the incredibly gymnastic Squirrel. He is believed to be the most skilled Jackal in existence, and it is strongly believed that there are a handful of individuals in the Consortium whom can slow him down, let alone stop him outright. He believes that killing Rhinoceros is his right, and has been since the other rebelled against the Consortium



Umbra is the kind of boogey man children ask their parents to check the closet for at night. His ability to shadow step means that he can often dominate a battle, except in cases of bright illumination. The only time Umbra and Rhinoceros ever properly crossed blades, Umbra trounced him easily. He is the co-leader of the Jackals, along with Siren. He uses a large broadsword, and his fighting style is efficient and stylish.



Squirrel is the most athletic Jackal with the possible exception of the Swordsman. Combining his expert use of his clawed gauntlets with powerful leaps and gymnastic flips, wall jumps and rebounds off of surfaces, Squirrel shares none of the cute cuddliness of his namesake.


Mistress Necrodium

Mistress Necrodium was Rhinoceros Felix's inspiration. She once carried out a murder of a thousand armed men at once. Her weapon, the Shinigami's Hand, was the basis for the Rhino's Horn, but it is far more angular and she wields it far more expertly than Rhinoceros uses his own blade.


Weather Witch

Weather Witch is capable of altering atmospheric conditions to summon storms and can fire lightning bolts from her hands. She is unique in the Consortium for two reasons. One is because she is so young, only 19, and the other is because of her personality. Unlike most of the cocky assassins and cool manipulative badasses, she appears to be quite happy-go-lucky. She also seems to possess immortality, as being stabbed through the heart does not phase her.


Scorpion sparring with Weather Witch

The Scorpion carries a rapier with which he is very skilled. His fighting style with the Stinger is a series of lethal, point-precise stabs. His rapier is covered in a poisonous nerve toxin that destroys a person's nervous system. There are only three people in the world to have survived a direct stab from Scorpion's Stinger. Rhinoceros and Melody both seem able to purge the toxin through a few hours of meditation, and the immortal Weather Witch seems to brush aside any kind of injury, including Stinger's poison



The telepathic mastery of Psykick is second to none. He is one of few people considered powerful enough to take down Swordsman in a straight fight. He makes up for his lack of physical intimidation with a barrage of psychic attacks. His favourite maneuver is an "information overload", whereby he floods his opponent(s) mind(s) with a barrage if random information that makes their mind shut down. He is one of the most intelligent members of the Consortium, with an IQ approaching several hundred points, although it has never been accurately calculated.


Chain Lance

Chain Lance is a combatant who utilises a long spear which can separate into three sections, two small staff sections, and a spear section, allowing a combination of sharp and blunt trauma. Many have fallen to his unrelenting assault when he divides his spear into the composite sections. In terms of technique, only Swordsman can match Chain Lance, and in their sparring sessions, they are said to move so fast that their movements can barely be followed, even by other Jackals such as Rhinoceros Felix, or Scorpion.



Silk utilises ultra powerful cables to tie up and paralyse her enemies. The bladed spider-shaped graapple hooks at the end of the wires are tipped with paralysing venom, but Silk specialises in non-lethal capturing of enemies. She often teams up with Iron Arms. Her wires also serve as a kind of grapple hook, and she seems to carry several hundred meters of wire at any one time.


Iron Arms with Melody and Silk

Iron Arms uses a large pole arm, and is a match for a non-gauntleted Tank in strength. He has a murderous instinct and is the much more lethal partner of Silk. It has been stated that his strength is such that he could kill a good number of Jackals with a single punch. Even Swordsman respects and fears the might of Iron Arms. He is normally very controlled, but if Silk is threatened, he flies into a blind rage and kills anything in his way, apparently unable to distinguish between friend and foe.


The Executioner

The Executioner is a final end assassin, incapable of social interaction. He picks fights with everyone and everything, and then annihilates everything in the vicinity with his signature weapons, capable of stabbing, with double-sided blades, or beheading/dismembering, enhancing punches with the sharp metal ring. He is, however, lacking in skill, usually being used to demolish large groups of cannon fodder, or individual mid-tier enemies, while the rest of the Jackals fight high-end foes.


Six Shooter Satan

Six Shooter Satan's moniker comes from Umbra's denomination that he was 'a devil with a revolver'. Six Shooter Satan, (dubbed SSS by some) is incredibly skilled with the two six guns he wields, and somehow, the two guns never seem to require reloading. He is incredibly fast, one of the few people capable of keeping up with Swordsman and Chain Lance, and a lot more strategical. He also possesses a charm that makes him all but irresistible to the opposite sex. He often travels with a pair of 'girlfriends', but never the same ones twice.



Vocal possesses the ability of oral compulsion - that is, she can control all but the strongest minds with a simple speech. She also possesses an incredible healing factor as she has withstood punches to the throat from Rhinoceros, Iron Arms, Tank, Chain Lance, Umbra, and the Executioner (with his rings), and a telekinetic larynx crush from Psykick.



Legion's ability is to multiply as long as he is moving, without limit. As long as he is using kinetic energy, he can generate clones of himself, which allows him to overwhelm most enemies with force of numbers. He uses his twin swords with an incredible degree of skill, being a match for Swordsman in terms of sheer technique.



Flare is Vocal's dragon. Nobody knows where Flare came from, but the dragon is fiercely protective of its mistress, and is over 50 feet tall. It is capable of emitting a blast of fire that Vocal considers to be "hot enough to scorch suns". Flare has only been deployed twice, and both times, there have been no witnesses left to the incredible display of power.



Boomerang is incredibly strong and wields a massive razor-sharp boomerang that can carve through stone and metal easily.


The Rhino's Horn

The Rhino's Horn is a massive wedge blade that weighs around 40 kilos. Felix can handle it effortlessly with a single hand, and when holding it with two hands, is as deadly as his namesake, the rhinoceros. His style of fighting is a combination of an unrelenting attack, not only with the front of the sword and the serrated edge, but also the straight blades at the edge, along with using the large size of the flat of the blade to defend from blunt-force and area-based attacks such as Grenadier's explosions.



Felix's coat hides a series of metal plates that are completely bullet proof, with more flexible armour at the shoulder and elbow joints. In total, it weighs five kilos, and as such, Felix's muscles are well-developed from wearing it almost all the time as well as wielding the Rhino's Horn.

Felix's standard gear weighs around 45 kilos
Felix's knife sheathed behind his back

Knife - Felix wears a backup knife normally hidden by his coat.

Felix cutting Grenadier's fuse with his chain, and wrapping it around Grenadier's wrist.

Chain - Felix also has a chain normally kept up one sleeve, with which he can ensnare and capture his enemies. The chain possesses a sharp dagger at the end, which he has used, for example, to slice the fuses from Grenadier's explosives, or to give enemies superficial injuries.