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Ohhh that episode, Michonne finally showing up in all her badassery, more zombie action than the whole of season 2 (not that it's the main point of the walking dead, but it still doesn't hurt)

also glad to see they went the Dale route with Hershel, at least that'll give him something to do.

also really happy to see they finally gave Carl a gun, in the comics, he becomes useful much earlier and it was about time he could pull his own weight. i AM a little perplexed at one thing though, if they've barely been going in circles during the winter, where did they find an M16, an AK47 and silencers, i'd assume a military base would have those (minus the AK, don't know what kind of luck you'd need to randomly fall on one of those) but they didn't mention it.

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my favorite is Batman.

i read pretty much all batman comics, along with nightwing, although, i've only read a few detective comics and i dropped them. something about them i don't like.

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@Joelislegend: meh. i wasn't that dissatisfied with the ending, after all there's still some talons left and Thomas Wayne Jr as Owlman, i think we haven't seen the last of the court.

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i got my hands on it (and a the rest of the bats comics) today, i was frankly not amazed, i wasn't expecting something on the scale of year 1, but it just wasn't the ''prequel'' i was expecting. Like you said, it served mostly as a way to foreshadow the red hood gang's introduction in the future.

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@Skewer: oh great, now i can't unsee it, just today i went and bought my first nightwing comics, now all i see is stupid movie Robin! thanks man!

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yeah it's in my list as well... that list is getting bigger and bigger, comic books is turning out to be a more expensive hobby than i thought it would be

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march!? well that settles it, i'll buy single issues from now on because i don't see myself waiting months at a time for my batfix. and who knows reading the tie-ins might make me get into some other series as well.

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Joker? whilst i agree he's overused, i still think he has all the rights to be considered Batman's archenemy

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i might do that, i like the volume format a lot more but i want to find out what happens with the night of the owls so bad.

i guess i'll get single issues for batman 8 and 9, then i'll wait for the volume to read the rest.

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hello, now i am sorry if it sounds noobish, i am quite new to comics even though i have been a fan of the mythology for a while now.

i have recently read a lot of the earlier batman comics to get into the story and i just now got batman Vol. 1, the court of owls.

from what i gather vol. 2 will have night of the owl and the end of the ''owl'' storyline. i belive having heard they had finished it in separate issues.

my question is, anyone has any idea when the volume 2 will be released? i can't wait for it, and i also plan on getting all of the night of the owl issues from the other series to complement it.