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@Arik: this is a team rpg, but the team is still open.

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Victor and JJJ need to meet up SOON!

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Awesome, loved this!

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@Clara Mass: hahaha yea i do have a million dont I lol

And reading now, just finished my post for Damnation

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Paradise Plateau

As Victor is about to leave the room Serenity came up to him suggesting something else entirely. Deep down he did care that these men an women accompanied him to Hel. An he took her suggestion literally, turning back once more "For everyone who comes to Hel with me, they will be rewarded with 100 Demon Stones each. Each stone will give you almost limitless power, along with the stones I will make sure that each of you and any kin you wish to have here will live the entirety of their lives secured. They will never waver in life, and will find protection from Paradise wherever they go." With that he looked around watching as the groggy members eyes widened at the mention of endless riches forever. A smile came to his face, the first since the message from Stephanie. He paid attention to Impero and Clara more than any of the FEAR members. Their recent divorce had put a wall between them, something Victor enjoyed an entertained yet at the same time felt irritated by it. He hoped that it wouldn't interfere with the mission at hand.

He stepped into the Shadows and came out at the lowest part of the Underground. The very same room in which he came into this world, He hesitated for a few moments as he opened the door an was overcome by the intense amount of demon energy that washed over him. All five of his Demon Five were putting out every ounce of demon energy they could, they were preparing for the portal to be opened. Their powers would almost smooth over the area in which the portal would be opened, now all they needed was Victor to punch the hole. He stepped closer to Velik who eased with his touch, he put his hand on her shoulder and kissed her cheek. "You may relax my love, it is time." He put his finger into the area where the portal would be opened, it sliced at the finger as if fighting back. Cutting a slice of skin off he licked the wound, an spoke telepathically with his team "I am about to open our way in, for those coming be at the lowest part of the Underground. Jovik will lead you to me, now get ready." He knew each would be ready an rearing to go, so he closed his eyes and focused his energies into his right arm.

His arm coursed with pure energy, it bulged an pulsated as the energy built up. He could hear the first of his team coming into the cave, a smile came to his face once again. An with the first to follow he let loose, thrusting his fist forward and smashing a portal into existence The air around it shattered almost and a doorway began to break away and show itself, reality as it was began to crack and open. As the portal opened he could see the hordes of asgardians and demons below it, simply working among-st themselves. They knew nothing of the horror that was coming. With the portal opened Victor looked back, and then stepped through.

Hel-Hela's Throne Room

Hela sat at her throne, allowing a lowly demon to polish her boots. Suddenly she felt a wave of energy that nearly knocked her from her throne, she kicked the demon across the room and screamed at the power that washed over her. She licked her lips and smiled "About time he came, was wondering when that little dragon whore's screams would reach him." She pulled on a long leash and a squeal replied to the pull, in walked a naked Stephanie covered in scars and blood. She looked to Hela and spat at her newly shined boots. A mix of saliva and blood slid down the boot while Stephanie smiled "You know he's going to kill you right? But first hes going to torture you, you miserable excuse for a woman...." Stephanie stood proud and Hela pulled on the leash again and a surge of energy rocked her body. Hela sat amused an replied "Maybe, but I wont go so easily my dear. I wont be the little pet like you, I'm going to actually put up a fight..."

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@Clara Mass: hush i wanna rp too :(

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@Clara Mass: Victor walks into the room amazed that once again the Assassin Mike has infiltrated his compound once again. He looks to Clara "When you are done here Clara, I need to speak with you."

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gotta admit im loving this look for em all

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Alright anyone else have a post to make, because either tonight or tomorrow during my day off im going to make a post. So get your post out nows or early tomorrow because im going to be moving us all into Hel.