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Name:Victor Frenzy

Alias: Darkness Within, Sic Vic

Eye Color: Gold an Black mixed



(Explained in detail in Born Anew )

Powers (Mutegenic Based)

(More In Depth to Come)

Psionic Powers- Highly developed ability of Telekinesis and Telepathy

Heat An Cold Manipulation- Able to Control Heat an Cold

Electricity Control and Manipulation-Self explanatory

Healing-Able to sustain a great amount of damage without delay or death

Shape Shifting- Able to alter his appearance, depending on how others perceive him. In reality his shape shifting ability is a low level illusion. When people who do not have a high awareness see him, their minds project an image onto Vic. Making him appear as their minds choose to see him.

Durable Skin- Apart from his healing his skin is very thick. Nearly twelve times thicker than a normal humans.

Darkness-Able to call upon the power of Darkness. The Darkness is the void of light, able to become malleable and tactile. Used in various forms of offense and defense.


Ebony Blade- Given to him by Impero the blade is forged with Adamantium, one of the hardest metals on earth. It is always kept on him, as a show of brotherhood an partnership with Impero