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While GA Superman was a powerful ball of energy bounding around threatening and killing men who were powerless against him. I hate the idea of him being called a fascist but thats what he was. New 52 Supes is probably the closest we'll get to being that close to a GA Superman. He's quick to anger, he's not afraid to do some interrogating but he doesn't kill, like Batman he doesn't share that information with the people he's threatening. Take the scene in Action comics where he slammed a dude midway through a wall and threatened to burn the parts of the brain that made him do bad things, this is to a guy who killed a young girl, probably raped her before that and dumped her body.

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@CircularLogic: If you look at past Superman books by Grant you can see that really has a strong connection with the character. Action is New 52 book and DC really wanted to pull away from the previous incarnation of Supes and it seems that its just another interpretation of the charcter and its still pretty good (though supes seems to spend a lot of time being pissed off than he used to even if you look at the JL book he seemed to be punching first and asking questions later).

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1. Superman

2. Batman

3. Barry Allen

4. Dick Grayson

5. Morpheus (Dream of the Endless)

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He isn't a Superman hater. He hated the way the death of Superman was handled. His points very well thought out and also very true imo. I hated Supermans death too, it was a complete and utter mess.