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@tximinoman: well seeing how gambit can look at something organic and blow it up just by looking that means he would look at deadshot guns and we'll deadshot Lmao it's a wrap. I hate trying to put supercharged mutants against human killers. Gambit whooped wolvie 3 out of 5 and beat so many that were killers . Gambits speed agility. The question is what gambit is this if we are going off any version then gambit is omega level mutant as new sun and then this fight would last mere seconds as he can turn air to poison, look at something and blow it up, heal himself , the reason he chooses cards are because anything bigger would be same as a huge bomb. He has already said after he was the death horseman that he was both death and gambit and signs of him still being able to evolve after brain surgery shows that gambit is amazing. I Ya and remember when he was the witness he was only xman to have survived onslaught shows how gifted he is . Just because they dumbed him down because he was basically becoming unbeatable. Gambit for the win all day.

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@jonny_anonymous: seeing how u think deadshot would win is hilarious . Dude gambit is a mutant deadshot is a human stamina would be a issue. Gambit full potential would beat most everyone and seeing how he defeated and killed dark Phoenix as new sun I don't see many dc characters beating him.

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@buckshot: @octagon_enigma: hmmm ya if he turned to death he could just look at him and he will blow up so he would be Wilbur everytime gambit turn air to poison manipulate things to acid as death to . Wouldn't have to get close just stare game over wolvie

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@matezoide2: lol gambit has higher than human durability . It is just poor writing gambit would giv cap problems.. Personally I think that whole death thing , they knew they made a beast had to dumb him down. I was 8 when gambit was introduced and on the 90s gambit was actually one of the most popular xmen characters if not the most besides wolverine. Hate how there treating him and look it up he has gotten the best of wolverine more than once more like 4. He is stilly fav character and coolest and at full potential incredibly cheating LOL. In fact Laura donner the producer for xmen movies even said she was scared to put him in movie with wolverine because fans would be mad if he didn't get his due and she took backlashing due to that horrible wolverine movie ..

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I don't see how's a matchup nightwing is human yes ok taught by bats. In the end gambit can blow anything up mutant powers give him durability, stamina a lot more than even bats (human) and reflexes like catch bullets , arrows from Hawkeye. This is just funny he has beatin deadpool , wolverine , Hawkeye, just to name a few all who I think will easily handle nightwing. Held his own with daredevil for f*** sakes and blade. And there's that thing called death the fourhorsemen gambit which was pretty much untouchable for anyone so there's just no way in Hell lol. Plus he just doesn't charge stuff look up powers nightwing its a wrap, Hell gambit as death can beat bats and nightwing by just looking at them lol.

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@zmicahh: hmmm ya but these are two diff realities . If we are talking about gambit full potential like in death mode he will destroy both.

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Wow you guys are crazy how the f*** can batman beat gambit no prep time . Dudes beat wolverine numerous times and caught hawkeyes arrow out of flight charged it and threw it bk. I mean when he was death he hanged with apocalypse by himself. And nightwing lmfao I watched superpower beatdown and laughed my ass off of how they had gambit plus nobody voted and dc characters mostly win on there so ya to that comment. And draw on physical wtf batmans a human I just don't get it gambit is stronger he is fast and reflexes are not of human nature as in humans aren't compared in there realm including bats. I think u guys got it twisted. Plus we talking pre brain surgery gambit when he reached maximum potential he could just look at shit and blow it up as in everything barman has idk. Truthfully gambit ftw. I don't even see batman getting past 52card pickup. Shit he look at batmobile blow it up anything bat throws blown up . Barman blown up lmfao u guys are crazy. Not even a contest no tome to prep either ya easy death by explosion .