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I am assuming this is a What If? like the Punisher one (the name escapes me at this time).

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It suited him really well and I liked how he was basically the powerhouse of the team. I loved his tenure on X-Force and would like to see him back as it's also be good for the team to have a powerhouse. Otherwise it's just a bunch of assassins, which I get the fact that they're black-ops but some of the stuff they've been doing (Dark Angel Saga) isn't so much stealthy as hush-hush.

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Volswagen- Das Auto (The Car)

Die Hard 2 - Die Harder

Yogi Bear (The Movie) - Great things come in bears

Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants- Laugh. Cry. Share the Pants.

Silent Hill: Downpour - Let's Get Wet

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I think this should be in the Battle forums. You should probably PM a mod. That said Natasha would wipe the floor with Selina.

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Well it's not like she has spent most of her life in the US of A, she was raised in Themsicyra and I would think she should have an accent to vary up the voices of the Justice League. That being said I do think Diana has had some great voice actors in both Justice League and Young Justice, so I really don't especially mind the American accent.

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No, I would say that would suck but he doesn't get much exposure anyway. I wish he would join X-Force. He seemed to fit in really well with a black-ops squad and he had quite a lot of exposure. I would LOVE to see Remender's take of James.

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Yvonne Stravonski seems like a good choice.

Perhaps Charlize Theron?

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@Morpheus_ said:

The idea is funny and has merit, but you need someone behind the wheel to make it work, and I'm not quite certain Marvel has the right guy for the job. DC gave Aquaman to Geoff Johns, a writer that, for all his misgivings, has an outstanding track-record when it comes to revamping and remolding characters, to the point people will almost certainly buy (or at least try out) a book because he writes it, in spite of who the main characters are. From the top of my head, I can't find anyone comparable in Marvel. Hickman made he F4 cool again, sure. But he does not have the necessary "star power" so to speak, the ability to attract people just by the utterance of his name. Likewise so for someone like Slott or Aaron. The guys that can or potentially do that (BMB, Fraction, Loeb) would all be ill-suited for such a project in terms of quality. Brubaker is an awesome writer but his spin to MK would be more of the grim and gritty kind rather than anything else. Giving the project to lesser known (but good) writer would kind of beat the purpose, since the point is to get people to buy MK again.

Mostly brainstorming here, not anything substantial to provide, but it's an interesting thought.


I don't think it's about the fact he's a similar to Batman, but the continuity issues (powerset varying as well as source of power and other things) and the fact that he isn't given much spotlight. When he was on the Secret Avengers, he was overshadowed. Maybe he should be on a smaller team where he can be noticed instead of being in the background.

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@Shutdown said:

Was that the famous crowbar in the Hall of Justice? (It was wrapped in a red bow and was shown after Amazo)

PS: Hi everyone! I've been stalking CV for about 2 years and finally decided to join. I look forward to becoming a part of this community and talking to many of you!

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@YoggSaron: The problem with youtube is they get taken down and the ones that don't are mirrored. If you want some sites where you can watch them for free online, you can send me a PM.

PS- Love the username. I'm more of a Cthun man myself.