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Well Apollo did call War "brother" so logically War must be Ares or on the off chance could be another lesser known God.

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@cattlebattle: Well the Reach did state they are interested in the Meta-gene, so perhaps they are capturing individuals with meta-genes. This could include the kids like Ty because maybe their meta-genes haven't been activated yet. Or they could need some ordinary test subjects to implant the meta-gene in.

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The feeling I'm getting is that they have so many members, that all of them won't get enough exposure. 11 members seems like too much. However I thought Alienated was a really good episode.

I like the fact that Kaldur has betrayed the team. It's giving him more personality which is good, as some people thought he was boring and didn't have a backbone.
However his betrayal doesn't seem to completely add up, and I have the feeling that he is a double agent for the Team. My theory is when Tula died and Black Manta was revealed as Kaldur's father, Batman realised that Aqualad would be the perfect double agent. Kaldur was said not to be seen for quite a while by most, not even his mentor, and the only one who knew where he is was Nightwing, who happens to not only be Batman's sidekick but also basically the deputy leade of the Team and now the leader. Conveniently Black Manta has just become a member of the Light. This comes after Ocean Master, an Atlantean villain, was taken down by Atlanteans. Bruce probably would have guesses that the villain who would replace Ocean Master, would be one associated with Atlantis, thus Black Manta. Because Kaldur had good reasons to defect, Bruce would have sent him over as a double agent.
Also I think this may be a teaser for Jason Todd!
The interaction between sideckicks and ment

ors was goog
It seems to be the crowbar. This coupled with the "Just don't die" seems to majorly hint at Jason's existence and hopefully he will appear.
However it does seem odd, that the object that killed a sideckick would be displayed to the public. You would think that Batman, of all people would keep it private. Maybe it's there to warn others not to become superheroes. Hopefully it isn't because the writers are making Jason's death out to be his fault, and so this is setting him as an example. However, it may just be there as a hint of things to come.

The interaction between sidekicks and mentors was nice to see. However Babs being there felt sort of awkward, because they haven't explained how she became Batgirl and why she joined the Team. In the comics, she started off on her own and only had minimal support from Bruce. I know that YJ has diverted from the comis, but it would be nice to know her origin.

Is it me or is Lagoon Boy really annoying now? The epic and emotional moment of Kaldur's reveal was utterly ruined by Lagoon Boy.

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He was underused for so long, and finally when he's getting exposure he's supposed to die. Man I really hate Bendis even more.

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@TAneT62: I know I've only joined recently, but you should probably censor yourself otherwise a mod may tell you off.

Anyway@Superdork: I don't think that would be a good idea. She already has a great powerset and is a very skilled fighter. Writers should make the most of what Diana has to offer, (which sadly most writers have not). If she were from another group that were stealthy (Eg; Hashasins), then yes. However she is an Amazon! She is a fighter and is probably the firercest ot of the DC trinity. Leave skulking around in the shadows to Batman.

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Young Justice.

Imo, the series has better story, better characters (personalities), and is geared to a wider audience with some darker themes such as

Aqualad (betrayal), Beast Boy (death of mother), Miss Martian (mind rape) and hopefully Jason Todd if that is indeed the famous crowbar in this picture

Tenn Titans was good but not on the level of Young Justice. of course that is just my opinion.

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@Dernman said:

Pre 52 Deathstroke wasn't all that. They say he was something more but was really just came off as peak human with a lot of PIS and WIS. New 52 Deathstroke though is a beast and stronger then Batman.


Pre 52 Slade wasn't really shown to be much stronger than Batman. Half (or most) of the writers stuck him as street levelers when in my mind he is above that but below people like Superman (I've forgotten the generic term). New 52 however he is shown to be definitely in the superhuman area for strength and perhaps speed.

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I personally thought the movie did have quite a lot of emotion but was more an action movie, which I am totally cool with as that's the reason I went.

The most emotional moment was

when Agent Coulson died. I shed a few tears. That being said I have teared up and cried in a few movies- Armageddon, the Notebook, etc. Heck, I bawled my eyes out in Bambi and still do. RIP the Son of Cool.

I went into the movie knowing it wouldn't be as philosophical and complex as the Dark Knight ( and the Dark Knight Rises hopefully will be), and I loved the fact it was a predominantly action movie. I also thought the personalities seemed right and meshed really well. Aside from some minor things (Nathasa not being Russian) and some major things (Hank and Jan's absences), I thought it was a great movie.

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@Deranged Midget: Like a boss.