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Heroes I'd like to see: Doctor Midnite, Johnny Quick, Crimzon Avenger, Starman

Villains I'd like to see: Johnny Sorrow, Doctor Polaris, Ultra Humanite, Icicle

Who is going to show up soon- Wildcat, Dr. Fate, Red Tornado, Commander Steel and someone else I can't remember

I love the book.

I'd like to find out what happened to some of the other heroes like Flash (does he exist or is Jay the first), Green Lantern (do any of them exist and does the Corps exist) and some of the other younger heroes like Dick, Jason, Garth and Roy. Were any of them taken in by their mentors? Are they still alive because wouldn't that make them around the same age as Alan Scott and the rest of the Wonders are?

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Not the right build.

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@cameron83: First take a chill pill and refrain from using profanity. Second, Earth 's history is still shrouded in mystery. We don't know if Dick Grayson, Jason Todd or Tim Drake (judging by this somewhat convoluted timeline) were taken in by Bruce. We know that Bruce was old enough to have a daughter who's in her early twenties.Thus Cass could theoretically exist and she would be older than some of these heroes that have been showing up like Jay. Of course we know she probably wasn't a hero around the time of the invasion because she wasn't listed as a part of the Eight Wonders (however there was one that wasn't mentioned, so it is unclear). Going by your logic Supergirl exists in the main earth and therefore she either cannot exist or would have been killed, but she is shown to be very much in the land of the living. Thirdly, many fans of Donna Troy (who you labelled as retards) are very excited for her return seeing as she was excluded form the New 52 and her existence seemed to be wiped. I know that for myself, being a fan of Wally West, that when they showed Daniel West in the 0 issue, I was excited as this could be showing his return. Last of all, if you want to make a point or remark try to be clearer, not use upper case, not swear and actually think about hwat you're typing. This way people will actually respect you and your opinion.

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Looks amazing so far.

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I'm still hoping for the rumored new wave for the DCnU to have Earth 3 as a solo book (maybe) or at least touched on. Grant might write about Earth 23 in Multiversity.

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Diane Kruger. I'm a big fan of Charlize but Diane seems to just exude a sort of exotic look that I think Amora should have. Plus her eyes kinda remind me of Tom Hiddleston's eyes.

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No it seems like they will never ever ever get back together.

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Series is amazing. Started off a bit dodgy but it definitely put all that suspicion to rest. Funnily enough, I would say the #0 Issue wasn't very good (Joker back up was weird) but don't be put off. Definitely at the very least, one of the top 15 DC books out now.

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Kinda knew that some of the Team would be captured due to Before the Dawn's synopsis. I think perhaps that Aqualad (and possibly Artemis) will be outed as double agents in Ep 11 "True Colours" just because of the name.

Interesting that this episode is "Darkest"and the next is "Before the Dawn". Darkest Before the Dawn. Possibly related to the Light and hinting at the invasion.